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Tonya Kinzer

Adult Erotic Romance

XXX - Excerpt


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Under Her Command

Book 5

      Sondra stood on shaky legs and walked up front. The blonde with the ponytail followed her. Sondra stood under one chain and Alexis the other.
    Master Buck slowly walked around them and stopped behind Sondra. Warm fingers untied her halter knot, loosened it so her breasts dropped a great deal and retied the knot. Mistress Krystal stepped over to stand in front of her and then reached inside Sondra’s dress to lift both of her breasts so that the material was on the outside of each breast now bared for her viewing. Sondra took in a slow deep breath and kept her eyes lowered....forcing her to look directly at the full cleavage protruding from the leather bustier worn by Mistress Krystal.
      Nails flicked at each of Sondra’s nipples. “That’s much better, is it not?”
    A sharp nail dug beneath her chin to raise her face up, forcing Sondra to look at the woman. She knew not to look her in the eye unless directed to and this was certainly a firm directive. “Yes, mistress, thank you.”
     “Much better.” She released Sondra’s chin and stepped over to Alexis.
     From Sondra’s peripheral vision, she saw Mistress Krystal reach inside the sheer top and heard it rip. Mistress tore it down the length of her body and Alexis let out soft gasp. Her nipples were flicked in the same manner.
      Master Buck still stood behind Sondra. “Raise your arms.”
     She’d never been restrained in this position and Sondra tried to accept it as a learning experience. Firm hands took hold of one wrist and then the other. The metalic sound of each D-ring snapping into place over her head seemed to echo in the room. By keeping her gaze lowered, she didn’t have to see the expressions of those seated in front of her. She knew they watched every detail and that their stomachs knotted with every scream.
     Master Buck moved over to Alexis. Mistress stepped behind Sondra and quickly raised her dress to secure it above her waist. The material bunched below her breasts and tied in the back, with a strap connected to the back of her collar. Sondra tried not to be embarrassed that she stood naked in front of the other submissives.
      Would this ever get easier? She concentrated on what she might learn from this session.
Mistress Krystal stepped out front and stared at them both. “Very nice, sir. One more thing.” She knelt down at Sondra’s feet, pulled each one out to the side and secured her to a ring in the floor. Moving over to Alexis, she did the same thing.
      Now they both were helpless but Sondra knew to trust them, yet that did little in the way of relieving her anxiety. The spot lights let every part of her body be visible. Keeping her eyes lowered forced her to see that her own breasts thrust out in front, each nipple puckered in the cool room. She knew she was being punished for her struggle with Master Buck last night when he touched her.
     He stepped out front to stare also. “You may continue, Mistress.”
   She stepped over to the cabinet, opened both doors, rummaged in drawers and soon stood before Sondra. “I’ve been anxious to continue your training. I can’t wait to see how you do.” She rolled one of Sondra’s nipples between her thumb and finger and slowly squeezed harder with each roll. Sondra took in a sharp breath. “That’s it...a little at a time. Get used to it, accept it, let it happen.”
     A tweezer clamp with a small weight appeared in front of her eyes. Sondra tried not to show her panic but her heart raced out of control.
     Another sharp squeeze and then the cold metal was placed behind the fingers pinching her nipple. The clamp closed tight. Mistress let it drop and the weight pulled on her nipple. Sondra bit down on her tongue, trying to dispel the pain elsewhere, to no avail.  “Thank you, Mistress.”
     She moved to the other side. Pain ripped through that nipple as it was twisted, harder, and then the cold clamp applied and tightened.
     “Thank you, Mistress.”
     Mistress Krystal put her hand between Sondra’s thighs and her fingers easily separated her lips, touching her vaginal center. The ankle restraints prevented her from pulling her knees together. Fingers plunged up inside her to swirl around. The erotic sensations were overwhelming. Sondra closed her eyes and let her head tip back. Her inner muscles tightened around Krystal’s fingers, loving their manipulations.
     The woman knew exactly where to touch a female body and what would happen when the right spot got touched. Sondra cursed her body for giving in as warm fluid dribbled down her inner thigh.
       A wicked laugh came when Sondra’s knees buckled and the chain yanked on her wrists.
“I knew you’d be wet, you slut.” Mistress withdrew her fingers and suddenly they were in Sondra’s mouth. “Look at me. Taste how bad you want to be trained by me...suck all of it off.”
     Mistress Krystal’s blue eyes were like ice. Sondra slid her tongue over Mistress’s fingers as firm male fingers stroked her neck, forcing her to swallow. She gagged as the fingers hit the back of her throat.
     How dare her body betray her again! She realized the pleasure had momentarily taken away the pain in each nipple as Mistress slowly withdrew her fingers from Sondra’s mouth. She panted yet secretly wondered how good it might be to make love with this dominate woman.
     Male hands stroked her ass, gently squeezed each cheek and moved away.
     She waited. Surprise is what got a submissive’s attention and Sondra tried to be ready.
The snap of a flogger hit her ass and she yelped.
     “Mistress, please tighten the chain.” The deep voice toyed with Sondra’s needs.
     She thought her arms would pull from the sockets and stood on her toes to relieve a bit of the pain in her shoulders. While she thought of her shoulder pain, the flogger hit her again, but this time she knew better than to cry out.
     “You will thank me each time you’re struck.”
      Again the flogger snapped over her ass, the leather tendrils burning across her skin.
      She bit her lip before responding. “Thank you, sir.”