The Weight Stops Now

My Transformation from FAT to FIT!

     I am so proud to present my supplement company, Second Chance Nutrition!  We are founded on strong, unwavering principles of honesty, integrity and transparency.  I am committed to delivering the highest quality ingredients and the highest quality products available.  This endeavor may have recently started, but the ideas and principles behind it have existed for years now.  

     I began just like anyone else.  I was an avid gym goer with hopes of bettering myself.  Through various seminars, classes and certifications obtained during my transformation, I spent the better part of a decade researching and studying both sports supplements and general health products, as well as the supplement industry itself.  What I learned was that there are many supplement ingredients that have been clinically proven effective.  However, I quickly realized next to NO supplement companies were producing products that even came close to the effective dosages in humans.  A product might contain a few proven ingredients, but at such a low dose the user would not experience its full effect (see my write up below to explain how companies will hide behind Proprietary Blends and mask their lower dosages by including high amounts of fillers by labeling them under a fancy worded blend like, "Super Pump Max Extreme Supreme Hardening Agent Matrix" which ends up being nothing but caffeine and non-essential fillers!).  This is due largely to the cost of high quality ingredients.  The supplement business is a $122 BILLION dollar industry!  Large companies are only concerned with profit.  In fact, it is widely known that supplement companies will spend more on advertising than they will on ingredients themselves.  


     2nd Chance Nutrition was NOT created for profit alone, nor is that a main focus or goal.  I have no grandiose ideas of owning a giant corporation, nor do I want to.  Instead, I believe in letting the products market and sell themselves.  Once you try the products, I'm confident you will come back!  This is why I don't spend my supplement budget on marketing or flashy ads.  My focus is on the products alone, ensuring each person gets the best supplements possible to allow them to get the MOST out of the LEAST!


     So eventually I began formulating and creating my own supplements.  This way, I wasn't wasting my hard earned money on mass marketed products that were cheap, under dosed, and less effective.  And by creating my own formulas, I knew that what I was taking was appropriately dosed and did not include fillers or non-essential ingredients.  Over time, more and more people asked me about the products I was taking during my transformation.  I got a few odd looks when I explained I manufactured my own supplements from raw materials, but once I began sharing my product with others, I knew I wasn't the only one getting positive results!  The word spread quickly and before I knew it, people all over the US were messaging me about trying my products!  And with that, 2nd Chance Nutrition was born!     

Our pioneer supplement, Volu-MAX, is a pre-workout formula offered in both Stimulant and Non-Stimulant versions, both in our Blue Rage flavor!  See below for the official write-up.  

Our newest multi-vitamin & multi-mineral supplement, Ultra-MAX:M (specially formulated for MEN) and Ultra-MAX:F (specially formulated for WOMEN) are now available!  Read the official write up below!  

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High Quality Products-High Quality Results

*NEW*  ISO-MAX GF 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate

We are so happy to announce our newest product, our Whey Protein Isolate, 

from 100% Grass-Fed cows in New Zealand!  

Read the write up below!


Being a Police Officer for the past 10 years, I know all too well the issues and challenges we as first responders face each and everyday.  This is our chance to say THANK YOU for all you do! 

Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMT's and members of our Military receive 15% off ALL products.  Simply contact me with credentials and let me know what you'd like!  

Thank you again for your service!

Adam "The Transformer" Upton

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