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The above image of Lady Portia was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall.com. All rights reserved.

Important Message to Read

Lady Portia – September 2020

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! In the upper echelons of the fourth dimension, a way has been cleared for the ascension of humanity to begin its movement upward. Many of you, the Lightworkers, are being catapulted forward into understanding more fully the role you have chosen to play. The way forward is being prepared. We must have a certain number of you willing to hold open the Ascension Stargate when that timing occurs. There is still a lot to accomplish before that event happens. More of humanity must make a choice at the most basic level – to choose love over fear.

All about you in the current timing, a battle rages, and discordant energies are rampant. Humanity’s triggers that bring about dualistic acts of separation and division are being tested and noted. These triggers are timed in a certain way to capture the unwary soul into giving their sovereign power and freedom away to the so-called ‘authorities’ instead of taking a determined stand for a new way, a better way. Taking a stand for a better way can often be unpleasant as it occurs. Saying ‘NO’ to something that a person does not believe in and is not at all willing to support requires courage and bravery. This is not always well received initially but during these times, this is what is required in many instances.

You are at the forefront of the ascension movement that is now gathering momentum and each of you is being called to move into position in the role you have chosen to play. It is important to speak out loud and verbalize what it is you are discerning in the external world that surrounds you. By speaking your truth, you are awakening others around you to see and comprehend what was not clear before. This is having a catalyzing effect in your sphere of influence and those people affected by it.

You are anchoring and bringing in the God Kingdom here on Earth as you stand in your Light and your truth. It is also a time for honoring Self as a being of love and reminding yourself daily of this Holy Light that you hold and radiate to everyone and everything around you. This Light joins with others and creates greater pockets of higher energy which attracts like energies and binds together as one cohesive field that can be drawn upon by the world’s people in many diverse and beneficial ways.

It is best to keep your daily life as simple and uncomplicated as you can make it. There is more than enough information flying at you in every moment and it is wise to give yourself enough space for quiet contemplation so that you can connect with your own guidance and truth. It is not necessary for you to jump on every train that is moving in front of you. Do not lose sight of Self and what feels right to you. Help where you can and let go of the rest. There are more than seven billion people living upon the surface of this planet and they are the ones who have to step up to the plate and make their choice and take their stand. Many new people are joining world-wide meditations that focus on bringing in the Light.

You, the seasoned Lightworkers have done all that you can for many decades. All you need do is the daily maintenance of holding the Light and your personal frequency and purity as high as it is possible here on Earth each and every day. You are holding the space for the 99% of the people on this planet to wake up and see and know the truth and act on it. It is their choice whether they want to live in peace, harmony and joy in the God kingdom for the next thousand years or not. Only they can do that.

I AM Lady Portia.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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