Terrie Crowley


"It’s true.  I was doing well overall.  But I had also been starting to slip.  And a couple days before, found myself in the swampland of my humanity.  I needed help.  I emailed, Terrie.  And the precious information that God and the angels offered through Terrie was spot on.  Affirmation on what to keep doing and guidance on ways to pivot.  That  blessed feeling when you are being deeply seen and loved.   As well as gently, yet firmly encouraged to continue growing into your best self.  Terrie channeled countless things that she had no way of knowing.  Spot on, above and beyond.  I am so humbled and grateful.  And the follow-up call brought even greater depth and clarity.  I will keep it with me to refer to often as the precious guidance is perfect for the present and also timeless.  And it came at just the right moment.  All is well. Thank you, God.  And Thank you, Terrie, for so completely being an instrument of Peace.  My love and reverence,
Mary Kay"   -  Spain

Terrie Crowley has a uniquely beautiful relationship with Wisdom. She uses that connection to provide her clients important information and emotionally supportive perspectives the forward their growth and progress. Terrie is a wonderful source of inspiration! "   
Therese Rowley, PHD,, Chicago, IL

"From the first moment I spoke to Terrie Crowley, I knew she was meant to do this work. She is wise beyond her years and has an incredibly beautiful and compassionate spirit." Alison Baughman, Internationally Acclaimed Numerologist - Pennsylvania 

"Terrie's intuitive consulting is a rare gift....she's a 'change-agent'  Clarity and measurable results in light-speed time are available when working with Crowley."  Sheila L, Consultant

"Terrie was a great help on a recent set of meetings - both in facilitating a positive interactions between those in attendance, and also in articulating a range of valuable insights and advice. I wouldn't hesitate to use her again - or to recommend her to others." 
Dan Felix, Trust Administrator, Chicago, IL

I have known Terrie for almost 20 years and have worked with her in almost all aspects of her career. We have worked as peers, I have hired her to do consulting work on other projects, and have interacted with her as residents of the same community. In all areas, Terrie shines. She is uber-competent, resourceful, knowledgable, professional, and genuinely cares about her clients and those around her. She brings a calming energy to a group and gets the job done. I strongly recommend her.  
Eileen Campbell, Top 1% Real Estate Brokers, Winnetka IL

"Terrie is compassionate, wise and empowering. A woman of integrity, she offers her gifts with an open heart. She has read my numerology chart a number of times and the information she has shared has always been extremely helpful and insightful. She also is a wonderful support person/coach, offering true guidance and encouragement to live fully my life purpose. Her connection to spiritual guidance is genuine, strong and grounded in love.”   Kathleen R., Deerfield

"You are a gem in a vast mine of useless stones. Your sparkle is contagious and your integrity has such clarity. Thank you for the guidance that shown the true sense of compassion and the grace and honesty that leads to forgiveness and awareness. You are blessed with a gift, thank you from the bottom of my heart."   Kirsten, Calabassas


"I highly endorse Terrie Crowley. Her utmost professionalism and intuitive insight has lead her to create a network of high profile clients.”   Rosa P., Miami, FL

"Terrie's insight and wisdom provided encouragement, wisdom and inspiration to a close friend of mine during a time of stress and grief for him. Her work helped him get through a painful divorce.”  Charles C.,  Los Angeles, CA

“As a life coach, she has made negative in life kick to positive perception and motivation to proceed with a clear goal in mind! Whatever she charges to redesign your perception and help "stage" certain aspects of your life is never enough as her gift is priceless! Really, don't think about it, just do it!"    Shannon A., Sarasota, FL

“Terrie is one of those rarest of intuitive individuals. I have found her to be both impeccable in both word and deed. She has been incredibly helpful as I weighed out some difficult decisions. You can only benefit from her console. My highest recommendations regardless of the nature your interaction with her.”    Kevin K., Evanston, IL

"Terrie has a deep and detailed knowledge of personality and spiritual subjects and uses this knowledge to assist clients to achieve their goals.”   Ami M., Chicago, IL

"Terrie is not only enthusiastic with a high degree of integrity, she is warm and friendly and pays great attention to detail while keeping the ability to see the whole picture. Terrie is great to work with.”   Polly H.,  Deerfield, IL

"Terrie has been gifted with an amazing ability to connect us with our Angels, Guides and loved ones. In my opinion she is not like any other reader. Terrie is a clear vessel bringing forth clarity of message and vision so that we are able to understand its meaning.  I have had several readings from Terrie and each one brings me hope, guidance and love from Spirit. Terrie’s Angel readings are like no other reading I have ever had. They aren’t just a short sentence of “he says you are going to marry again” Terrie’s messages are full of guidance and wisdom that you can wrap your heart around. We are never alone in this life and Terrie brings this closeness of Hope to us from our Angels. You can feel the love from spirit in every sentence. I love my readings and take them to heart just as I love Terrie for being who she is.  I highly recommend Terrie!"

Deborah M., California


"Wow! What a remarkable gift you have, and how lucky we who have the benefits of your blessed gift truly are.  I am so energized by what you have shown."

 Gene,  Connecticut

"The gift that Terrie Crowley has is amazing.  Through her gift, she is able to provide inspiration, and comfort when it is needed most, as well as confirmation of what we all know in our hearts to be the truth.  It is not “hocus pocus.”  It is an undeniable exceptional spiritual connection that she has.  My Angels and Guides reading with Terrie was one of the most unforgettable events in my life.  It was so inspiring for me that I had Terrie provide readings to each of my children. I wanted their first such experience to be in the safe and comfortable environment that Terrie creates.  She was able to take each of my children through this process responsibly, and in a way that each of them could comprehend.  She maintains high standards, and holds herself accountable to be ethical, and honest. She is truly gifted!"

Cozette, Los Angeles, CA

"Terrie's ability to connect with the angels is exceptional and truly inspirational. The messages she receives are amazingly detailed and specific to each person. I am impressed with her unique spiritual style, lovely personality and caring attitude. I read my angel message over many times and I always find something new! The spirit energy seems to radiate from every word on the page and I immediately feel closer to my angels....I love it! I've had one reading from her but I will definitely have many more. I've learned so much about myself from just one reading and cannot recommend her highly enough! Everyone should have a reading from Terrie."