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The Perfect Horse Gift

We offer various equine photography packages starting at R800 for shoots in the Pretoria East area. Please contact me for availability in other areas. Download a price list here.

Photographer and Equestrian

Nicole has been a keen equestrian for many years and has combined her photographic skills and "horse sense" to be able to bring you excellent results in a safe and efficient manner. Understanding how horses are going to react to a particular situation is a key factor is being able to achieve a good result.  

What to expect from the shoot?

Firstly its going to be a lot of fun! Secondly its actually quite a nice bonding experience for you and your horse. The actual shoot takes about 20 - 30 minutes, but we do allow up to an hour (or more depending on the package you select) as animals are often unpredictable. Being under pressure does not yield great images. 

Preparation for the shoot?

Below are some tips for getting great images on your shoot:

  • Wash the mane and tail, you do not need to wash the body of a darker coloured horse as the natural skin oils make the coat shinny
  • Teach your horse / pony to stand still even if you move 1 - 2 m away.

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