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Strategic Vision Limited

Advising & Assisting Business Leaders Acquire, Improve, Develop, Grow, 
Innovate, Present & Sell their Business. Providing Strategic Research, Analysis 
Innovative Thinking focusing on Customers, Partnerships & Value Creation.

Overhead Cost Reduction

Overhead Cost Reduction (UK)
We help you Analyze your cost - Identify where you can save money and -  Help you Implement these savings for free You only pay us an agreed % of the actual saving when your costs are going down

Only pay for results

  • We will do the hard work of analysing all your spendings to identify where you can save money on up to 150 purchase categories (including electricity & utility costs, telephone costs, stationary, rental cars,...) 
  • We will go through and analyse your purchase ledger and bills for the last year to see and identify where you can help you lower the cost for identical or even the same products
  • We will then present the estimated savings for each category based on the analysis of your bills and ledger.
  • You then decide what categories you want to focus on (i.e. office supplies, electricity etc.)
  • Once you have decided what categories you want to focus on we will help you implement these savings
  • You will only pay based on the savings that you actually make when you implement them and you see that your costs are going down.
  • We constantly negotiate do get you even better deals and lower costs

In Summary:
  • We help you identify and implement savings - as a result you reduce your costs, increase your profit and can focus on the revenue side and other areas of your business knowing your costs are going down

*UK Businesses Only

Contact us for a FREE initial meeting to see how we can help you Reduce costs and Increase profits.

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