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Supervised tests

Cattell Culture Fair Test (CFT I, CFT I+II, CFT II A+B, CTF III A+B, CTF 20) (R. B. Cattell)

WAIS - R or III or IV (D. Wechsler)

AMT (Etienne Forsstrom)

Bonnardel (BLS4-2T, B20, B53, BA15, BV9, BV12) (R. Bonnardel)

Bonnardel Test de célérité perceptive et mentale (CPM 1-6) (R. Bonnardel)

GRE (V+Q+A) or (Q+A) (ETS)

SAT (Old) or SAT I (New) (College Board)

MAT (Harcourt Assesment)

Stanford-Binet - III or IV or V (Alfred Binet)

CMT - A or B (Lewis M. Terman)

Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) (Pearson Education Inc.)

American College Testing - ACT (ACT International)

Other supervised tests may be considered. Please send a proof of qualyfing score.

Unsupervised tests

ENSDT 20 (Marco Ripà)