The prices of Sues readings have had to change. All her single discipline readings( ie Tarot, mediumship, or palmistry ) remain the same as they have been for four years , but multi discipline readings have all increased by £5.
Hopefully this will mean that those who need a reading will be able to have one without too much difficulty
Please remember if you are booking from anywhere abroad that  Sues’ 
 appointments are made now under British Summer time , not Greenwich Mean Time , so they are an hour earlier .

Face to face, videolink, telephone and email readings are all bookable now, via this page.
Usually the next two days are fully booked, so please look for spaces after then, for your appointments.

All  plain white space is unbookable. Please move to the next week by the calendar links  above the week shown.

If you experience any problems booking  you can also do so by telephone on 01234 327090
Twenty , fifteen and ten minute readings are available through Video call in FaceTime, Zoom, Messenger And WhatsApp, also Google duo,  all these are also available as telephone readings; but you must submit a telephone number and email address at booking to be reachable . 
Sue can no longer split a reading if time is unused, for readings  telephone or facetime readings will probably take less time than you imagine, so  making the shorter booking  of your choice is always advisable. 

If you are visiting Sue in person, the advice is to write down your questions and bring them with you , as it’s very common for clients to have their questions go completely from their minds as they sit for their readings.