Spellboundsue app
now available for easier booking by mobile. copy and paste this link to access this.


Sues Evening readings
These are  available on every  Friday between 6pm amd 10pm.
They are at a premium cost of £10 above the price of Daytime readings. and must be prepaid to be accepted. Sue will only be doing half hour readings at these times, of  either Tarot, (Including telephone readings) Mediumship, or Palmistry, other types of reading should be booked for daytimes only.

Email readings will now normally be answered overnight for the day they are booked for, rather than for a specific time. If you get your email questions submitted by the submit email questions pages, they are answered most quickly. Please do not text questions, or submit them to any other of Sue  known email addresses or they may get overlooked. The submit email questions link is at the side of the website opposite

The 'how to...' guide to booking a reading on the app, or through the booking a reading webpage is shown below.

The pictures above show how to book on the app, first click booking, choose a reading, then scroll across the page to book.
The next page shows no spaces available, as the spaces are all greyed out . Click on a further week dates on the top date links, until you find coloured buttons showing availability. Click on a space which suits you and fill in the following form with your details.
These instructions also cover the websites book a reading page.