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The theme this month at Friday Frights is 'Zombies, Fairy Tales & Nursery Rhymes', or as I like to put it, 'Night of the Living Fairy Tale'.

Let's see if I can pull this off. Enjoy!

~ ~ * * ~ ~

Jack Sprat could eat no fat.

His wife could eat no lean.

So when came the Apocalypse,

They licked the larder clean.

They boarded windows and locked doors,

Determined to survive.

For somehow, and they knew not why,

The Dead had come alive.

Corpses woke and walked about.

The Sprats ate all their meats,

Before the fresh stuff could go bad,
As zombies filled the streets.

They dined on steaks and snacked on hams,

While peeking out in fear.

Staying silent day and night,
Lest walking dead should hear.

“We’ll stay right here”, said our Jack Sprat,

“For rescue will be sent.”

So they hunkered down and waited

Trusting in their government.

But weeks did pass, no rescue came.

The larder became spare.

Water they had plenty of,

But not much food to share.

Eventually, as time went by,

And both were getting thin,

Jack found himself imagining

Different ways to do Wife in.

The axe would be too messy,

And of poisons he had none.

He had a rifle, but he had

No bullets for the gun.

“Could you help me dear,” she said.

Jack went to help his Wife.

But when he got into the kitchen

She came at him with a knife.

The larder door stood open with

The empty shelves in view.

Jack saw the hunger in her eyes

And knew just what to do.

“We’re out of food,” good Wife did cry,

“There’s no more meat or bread!”

Jack hefted up his empty gun

And thunked her in the head.

Then to work he set that knife,

A-cutting and a-carving.
“Sorry ‘bout this,Wife,” he said.

But I sure am a-starving!”

He carved her into Wifely steaks.

He fired up the grill.

He cooked them, medium well-done,

And then he ate his fill.

Hunger sated, Jack did sleep,

To never wake again.

For in the night dead Wife did rise,

To feast upon his brain.


~ ~ * * ~ ~

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