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June 27, 2012

Love: Something Infinite


A poetic flow of story, dialogue and prose capture literary elegance in author Eddie S. Pierce’s body of work, ‘Love:Something Infinite.’

A brave writing, painting vivid imagery of a culture that causes so many to fight with themselves internally; in turn dealing with issues of self-loathing, indulgence, fear and ultimately, for some, acceptance.

Pierce unravels his vulnerabilities and insecurities with his first fiction novel, which offers insight into much of his personal journey.

Seron Wright, Jr. serves as the centerpiece of this literary identity crisis as he manages to runaway, yet still connect with a painful past in order to embrace a guilt-free future. It’s a journey of relationships, acceptance and being free in the authenticity of self.

Love: Something Infinite is tangled with a compiled list of issues harbored by one soul who is suffocating trying to deal with them all at once.

Total. Emotional. Overload.

Seron “escapes” to Las Vegas, where he still battles his spirituality but becomes more  in-tune with his sexuality. In Vegas, he builds his life as a writer and engages his identity without the feeling of being judged. He had no intention, any time soon, on returning to the metropolis of  Chicago, where his family and abandoned past still remain.

The call from a stranger urges him to return to Chicago because time is running short on an ill former-beau. This information causes worry and hesitation for Seron. On his 3-day return to Chicago, he procrastinates on visiting the hospital in fear that he infected his former love with HIV.

Seron has love all around him but needs to realize that he has to take a leap of faith and love himself first. His inner-struggles build a bridge between him and the outside world.

Author Eddie S. Pierce

Pierce brilliantly travels through the storytelling intertwining his poetry with present excursions, bittersweet reminiscence of a past that weighs heavily on forward movements, and a loving relationship with a man that refuses to allow him to sulk in his identity depression.

The poetic stanza’s emphasize the emotional breakage of the characters and endured situations.

There’s a valuable message to take from this body of work. While observing the effort it takes for he and his boys to go clubbing and “perfect” their appearance, the author writes: There is the futile search for love and acceptance from a majority of people who don’t fully love and accept themselves.

This statement, in all its holding power and relevance toward the fabric of this intelligent and liberal novel; acknowledges not only a valid point to the lifestyle of homosexuality, but that of us all – sexual preference, not included.

We become so focused on what the universe will say or do that we suppress our true maturation of self-expression and identity.  Our beings become not one of which we created, but one of which was formed and conditioned by the ideologies of society.

Message: Love. Self. First.

Eddie S. Pierce’s Love: Something Infinite just may be the read that will free troubled souls battling with identity, spirituality and self-acceptance.

To purchase a copy visit, www.rainbowroompublishing.com.




About the Author

LaToya Cross
N’DIGO’s Associate Editor, LaToya (Toya) Cross, graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in Magazine Journalism. Before joining N’DIGO in 2010, she was published in various publications, such as Blazinstreetz, Gloss Magazine Online (GMO), and InChiCity.com. She enjoys speaking with and encouraging youth as well as participating in media panels and speaking on careers in media. “N’Visions with Toya Cross”, N’DIGO’s most recently added section, engages all things creatively and artistically driven with sprinkles of inspiration.



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