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                Minutes of the 7:30 PM February 19, 2013 General Meeting

Present: Irfan Sheikh (principal),Esther Kwok (Chair), Lisa Kilner (Secretary), Members at Large: Mei Chong, Fan Chun, Evelyn Guo, Elizabeth Chang, Irfan Sheikh (principal), Joe Hung, Julia Chen, Kim Miller and Karen Aiouch 

  1.  Minutes - Fan motioned to pass the January minutes and Elizabeth Chang seconded.
  2. Teacher Rep Report: Sue Inglis sent her regrets and was not in attendance.
  3.  Principalís report: Irfan Sheikh noted the following events of importance: 

  • improv team finished 5th in the lower mainland
  • Chinese New Years celebration at PG
  • mini band trip
  • jazz festival
  • finished Japanese exchange with our sister school
  • Point grey students hosted a celebration dinner at Musqueum
  • ESL support includes Saturday morning classes, support classes and transitional classes 
  • SWIS (Settlement Workers in Schools) workshop was attended. The Vancouver Board of Educationís Settlement Workers in School (SWIS) Program is a school-based settlement service that provides direct and immediate professional assistance to immigrant, refugee and eligible temporary resident students and their families after their arrival in Vancouver and registration in the public schools.
  •     There will be a dip in enrolment next year and consequently, 7-9 instructional blocks that may be cut next year. Last year 2 blocks were cut because of declining enrolment. 
  • The VPD ran a security audit at the school and held a code red drill. There was a list of recommendations that are being reviewed. 
  • Term 2 finished on March 6 and report cards were issued March 15. For parents, it is important to note that for any incomplete that was given, the teacher must inform the parents specifically what issues need to be addressed to improve the student's performance.
  • There is a very high level of achievement at Point Grey. A point was brought up as to whether the principal's list should be based on grades alone or whether it should be based on other criteria as well - parents' input is needed.
  • Anti-Bullying day is to be held on February 27th. All clubs will be involved and classes will be dismissed early to convene on the field. The grad committee will display a PG CARES sign. 
  •    Treasurer's Report - There is currently a surplus in the PAC account and a concerted effort is in place to distribute funds both from gaming grants and the general account. Currently, fundraising is under a microscope in regards to equity of access so we hope to have the funds distributed as quickly as possible. 

    Motion to adjourn, seconded, approved @ 8:45 p.m.

    For more information on the school events, please see the school newsletter at: http://pointgreysecondary.ca/files/9/March%202013.pdf