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[Item 01006] Hand Loom and Beading Kit - Includes a pre-wrapped hand loom and shuttle,
additional warp  material ,  complete directions and photo instructions for  weaving projects and Indian beading.  $14.95


[Item No. 04006]  Pine Needle Basket Kit - Includes yarn for wrapping coil, 2 bundles of pine needles, raffia for stitching or decorating, a hand made needle and complete instructions for historical decorative stitching and weaving.  Also instructions for pine needle use and care.     $14.95


[Item 05006] Weaving sticks Kit - Includes warp  material for needles, 2 complimentary  weaving yarns, 4 handmade needles, complete directions and photo instructions for  weaving project.  $14.95


Portal to Florida's Past,

An Archaeology Adventure

ISBN:  978-1-61493-134-8  $12.95

Portal to Florida's Past is an adventure story about archaeology and Florida's prehistoric people.  Enter a portal to the past and take a journey back in time with Al the alligator and his animal friends.  On this virtual field trip, you will be a time traveler, dig for artifacts  and learn about native plants and animals.  When you have completed the trip you will earn a Junior Archaeology Certificate.

The suggested age group is 2nd - 5th grades and includes the state standards followed in the development of this story.  There are games including a word search, crossword puzzle, a word jumble, a tool scavenger hunt and an artifact scavenger hunt and spirit names to choose for girls and boys inserted between chapters.  Highlighted vocabulary words are included throughout the story with definitions, plus answer key pages in the back.


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