NSW Late Models points system for the 2017 to 2018 race season will run as follows.
30 turn up points for all cars in the pits as at the time our first heat takes the green flag.
NO drop your lowest round at the end of the season.
NO 5 point bonus for highest point’s scorer prior to A Main
All NSW Late Model sanctioned events will be point’s rounds, including blue ribbon events, postponements and added events ( providing that all members have been given at least 14 days prior notice to added events)
Drivers will have until the next race meeting to dispute the points from the last meeting.
If you do not finish a race being a heat or feature race you do not get any points for that race.
If a race meeting has more than our standard two rounds of heats on any night then points will only be allocated toward the annual point series from the first two rounds of each cars heats.
The points allocated from the heats and feature races will be allocated as per the schedule below

Heats     Feature

1ST     20     85
2ND     18     76
3RD     16     72
4TH     14     68
5TH     12     64
6TH     10     60
7TH     8       56
8TH     6       52
9TH     4       48
10TH     2     44
11TH     0     40
12TH           36
13TH           32
14TH           28
15th            24
16th            20
17th            16
18th            12
19th            8
20th            4

Valvoline Raceway:
At the request of promotions, highest points scorer of the night to start off the front in A Main, this will be reviewed by the promoter and second option is a redraw of the top 40%. There will be no inversions