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Psycho Circus Tour: 1998 - '00

Start Date: October 31, 1998

End Date: January 3, 2000

Shows: 62

Countries: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, USA.

Opening Acts: Big Wreck, Bionic, Buck Cherry, Caroline's Spine, Econoline Crush, Everclear, John Hayes Project, Junkbox, Lit, Los Villanos, Natural Born Hippies, Nickelback, Ozone Monday, PUYA, Rammstein, The Smashing Pumkins.

Average Attendance: 12,826

Line Up: Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, Ace Frehley.
After the hype and the hugely successful Reunion Tour was over, the band thought of new ways to get their next tour to be just as excited, they decided on making a new studio album, for the first time in 19 years with the original band members! Of course this gained allot of interest by fans and critics alike for their new tour!

But inside the band not everything was going smooth as Ace only expected to be with the band for the reunion tour and than continue with his solo band. Ace and Peter had to pretty much beg Gene and Paul to have any song of their creation on the album, Peter had no luck as he only sang lead on "I Finally Found My Way" that was written by Paul. Years later Peter stated the only track where the four original band members performed together was Ace's "Into The Void". in 2012 Stanley talked about why the original lineup didn't play on the record, and that's because so many lawyers were getting involved and they just got sick of it and told Frehley and Criss not to bother showing up for recording. But Stanley did not say whose lawyers were getting involved. Eventually the title song from Psycho Circus got a Grammy nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance!
A rare look at the Psycho Circus stage, strangely enough, not many pictures exist from this tour...

For the Psycho Circus tour the band used the same stage but made some changes, first now there were two KISS logo's present and a huge Imax 3D video screen in the middle, they shot the music video for Psycho Circus in 3D and the effect apparently was so impressive to Gene and Paul they wanted to use a 3D screen for the tour, bits from the Psycho Circus video would be shown and fans could watch it with the 3D glasses they got at the door. It was impressive but after a hour most fans didn't care anymore and took the glasses off. The show pretty much stayed the same as it was in the previous tour, the band did change costumes as they were now wearing Destroyer era replica's, only Gene's costume never seemed to looked right with the huge "shoulder pads". Ace came up with a new effect for his guitar, two actually, he had one silver Gibson Les Paul fitted with multiple lights at the end of the Reunion tour and he would could turn them on with a switch, the guitar was nicknamed the "UFO Light Guitar". His guitar was made by Steve Carr, someone who had made guitars for Ace since 1978!

Ace also added a fireworks spinner that he would activate for his solo during "Rock And Roll All Nite". Peter also had a change made to his drum riser, his riser would go up in the air during his drum solo, and than go forward over the first few rows in the audience, something many people did not expect! Sadly, that huge beautiful looking curtain with the two cats was no longer being used when the riser went up. Gene and Paul had no added effects to the show, Gene would spit blood and fire and fly to the rafters, Paul would fly to his little platform in the audience, but he did do something he rarely has done in the past or even in later tours, he would jump off the platform during the solo of "Love Gun" and shook hands with fans, he really wasn't kidding this tour when he asked if he ''could come over there''!

Also changed this tour were the flamethrowers, no longer did they use the small chemical based versions but went back to the good old fashioned gas based flamethrowers giving the big towers of fire as KISS had done in the 70s! The giant inflatable KISS dolls were also back, only this time they were printed with the Destroyer era costumes, as the band used these costumes for the Psycho Circus tour.

The tour was allot shorter than the reunion tour and cut short at the end as more shows were planned in Russia, but because of NATO bombings in Yugoslavia those shows were canceled. The band took a break after the American tour, Paul was busy with a project you would not expect from Paul as he played The Phantom in a Toronto production of The Phantom Of The Opera, he was playing the Phantom from May 25 to August 1, and later from September 30 to October 31, 1999, Paul did a great vocal job during the musical... And Gene was busy trying to finish up the Detroit Rock City movie for a late August 1999 premiere. Eventually a rumored US summer tour never came, Ace did tell in a interview he gave in the fall that the band would continue touring and it would be their farewell tour, but Gene stated in response that this was not true. But we all knew, this indeed became their farewell tour, but only as the farewell tour of the original band because when the Farewell tour was finished, the original KISS formation never came back together.

The Psycho Circus World Tour book, the Dodger Stadium 1998 performance also got its own tour book, but only the cover text was changed. The European tour book had live pictures from the first part of the tour.

The 3D glasses you could use at the shows.

Special Shows / Happenings:

- Los Angeles, CA, October 31, 1998 -
 The first show of the tour would start  with a bang, in a outdoor stadium,  allot of pyrotechnics were used like fireworks and the standard pyro. The show was aired live on Fox TV as part of the 1998 Fox Halloween Special, it was also aired lived on the radio via The Album Network and on the Internet by Pepsi, some special merchandise was made for this show, a special Dodger Stadium Psycho Circus tour book and a $1,500 bottle of wine.  This show eventually ended up on the dvd set Kissology III. Even though it was the opening show of the tour, it did not sold out, only 32,019 people were in attendance of the 40,000 capacity the stadium holds.

- Washington, DC, November 19, 1998 -
When Paul brought his prefixed guitar out to be smashed, he accidentally dropped it on the stage and it fell into pieces! He picked up the body of the guitar and smashed it against Peter's drum riser breaking it some more to keep the show going.

- Hamilton, OH, Canada, December 3, 1998 -
this was not a show, but KISS went to the Copps Coliseum to film concert sequences for the Detroit Rock City movie, the band wore their Love Gun outfits and a copy of the Love Gun stage was also used, 3,000 fans attended the shooting to be the concert crowd.

- Columbus,OH, December 5, 1998 -
After Gene's blood spitting act, he flew to the lighting rig as usual and when he was on his platform, fake blood still came down through a hole in his platform that reached the first couple of rows in the audience, roadies walked out to hand out towels to people being hit.

- Dayton, OH, December 11, 1998 -
A pyro effect used during "Rock And Roll All Nite" set a light on fire in the lighting rig that burned for several minutes, even making Peter point it out when he appeared on stage to perform "Beth".

- Terra Haute, IN, December 12, 1998 -
This show was recorded for a special six-track Extended Pay CD titled Live, eventually this limited edition CD was released in Europe on February 22. 1999 as a bonus CD to Psycho Circus.

- Omaha, NE, December 16, 1998 -
The motor used for Gene to fly burned out during sound checks and his flying act was not used until December 31. After "Psycho Circus" Paul had security pull a 7 year old boy out of the crowd who got elbowed on the nose, he was allowed to watch the rest of the show on the side of the stage and even met with Paul at the end!

- Madison, WI, December 27, 1998 -
No video screens were used during this show and Paul also did not fly, his flying rig was probably already stranded because of a snow storm as noted that for the December 29 show in Chicago, he also did not fly because of his flying rig being stranded because of a severe snow storm.

- Miami, FL, January 31, 1999 -
This was the pre-game performance at Superbowl XXXIII!

Göteborg, Sweden, March 5, 1999 -
Prior to leaving for the European leg of the PC tour, Paul underwent surgery to his left knee, explaining why he was wearing a big black knee brace for the rest of the tour. At the Göteborg, Sweden show Gene and Paul were in a real playful mood and this eventually turned into a waterfight that lasted through the entire show, taking turns dousing each other with water. Paul eventually won the fight by taking a mouthful of water, walked up to Gene who nervously sang the first verse of "Rock And Roll All Nite" Paul hovered inches for Gene's face and unloaded the mouthful of water on Gene's face.

- Berlin, Germany, March 7, 1999 -
Before "Rock And Roll All Nite" Paul sang "Deutschland, Deutschland, uber alles", not realizing this was a banned part of the German anthem and it had a affiliation with the Nazi era. Gene knew and quickly interrupted Paul but the damage was already as boos were already coming out of the crowd.

- Erfurt, Germany, March 11, 1999 -
While kidding around on stage, Paul asked Ace if he spoke any German, Ace replied with:
"Ja, ja, Deutschland, Deutschland, uber alles", Making the some horrible mistake as Paul did at the Berlin show.

- Bremen, Germany, March 12, 1999 -
The Bremen fire marshal prohibited the band to use any pyrotechnics during the show (looking at video footage, probably because the low ceiling), the band obliged, but at the end of "Black Diamond" the entire show' barrage of pyrotechnics were let loose giving one of the biggest pyro shows the band ever gave in a KISS show' finale. The fire marshal banned KISS for live to perform in Bremen! Footage of the show exists, Paul also explained before "Deuce" with the help of a German translator that they can't use the pyro's but "they can stop the fire, but they can't stop KISS!":

- Westwood, CA, August 9, 1999 -
This was a special performance for the premier of the "Detroit Rock City" movie for VIP's (
DRC cast and staff members, their guests, New Line people, and other industry assiocates) where they performed a small set, but allot of pyrotechnics and fireworks were used! This took place on a parking lot of the UCLA after the movie was show a block back back. Even though this was a 5 song performance, they brought out all the tricks for the show, pyro, fireworks, smoking guitar, lifts and even Paul smashing his guitar! The band even arrived at the premier in a monster truck limo!! A fan reported seeing Eric Singer in the back at the show.

- Los Angeles, CA, August 11, 1999 -
This event was at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame were KISS got a star! This had to be really exciting for Gene to have his band to receive a star amongst the many Hollywood stars (Lon Chaney)he looked up to...

- Las Vegas, NV, August 23, 1999 -
This was a special performance at the popular WCW wrestling show where they would lip sync "God Of Thunder" and at the end of the song debut a wrestler (The Demon) who would be bearing Gene's makeup. The performance was not wildly received by the wrestling fans (as a wrestling fan myself, they come for the wrestling, not for musical acts). Plans were made for a entire "stable" of KISS wrestlers with more wrestlers bearing KISS makeup, but this plan never came to live as in 2001 WCW was bought out by the biggest wrestling federation at its time, WWF (now WWE).

- Las Vegas, NV, October 29, 1999 -
this was a concert for a special event, called Pixelon's i-Bash '99 where many other musical acts performed as well, including The Who, Faith Hill, Tony Bennet. For some reason KISS was the only band that night that lip-synced, but it didn't make KISS look bad in the end. Pixelon, who organized the event, was one big fraud, the guy behind this fraud, named David Stanley (no relation to Paul), managed to get over 35 million dollars from investors for a brand new technology he so called invented that could send TV quality feeds over the internet (something that would only be realized many years later). He eventually ran when people found out about his fraud but surrendered over to the police in April, 2000. KISS and the other artists never got anything for their performance, because they got paid in worthless Pixelon stock shares.

- Vancouver, Canada, December 31, 1999 -
this show was recorded for a new Alive album called Alive IV, eventually this show was never released officially but it did end up on the KISS Alive! 1975 - 2000 Boxset for some reason, it was nicknamed Alive! The Millennium Concert.  "Rock And Roll All Nite" of the show was released earlier on the 2001 released The Box Set. It is clear why the show was never officially released, the tempo of the show was really slow, a audience making noise constantly that its way to obvious it was added in later making it sound really fake and also it sounds way too clean to be live, some songs had to be recorded at sound checks as KISS had done before on the previous Alive! albums.

Paul and Ace during sound checks in Mexico 1999.

Stage Props:

- Giant KISS logo curtain before show

- 2 Animated KISS Logos

- Gene Spitting Fire/Blood

- Paul/Gene Flying

- Ace' Smoking, Shooting Rockets, UFO Guitar, Fireworks spinner

- Platform Risers

- Paul Smashing Guitar

- Smoke

- Bombs

- Fireworks

- Pyrotechnics

- Drum Riser

- Confetti

- Big 3D Video-screen with 3D effects

- Big KISS Destroyer Inflatables

- KISS Army Banners

- Flamethrowers (gas based)

- Mirror Ball

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