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Gouache - Class Description

LEVEL: Intermediate and 12+

PRE-REQUISITES: Drawing 101, Painting 101, Watercolor 101


Join the old masters in a study of Gouache. Learn to put your watercolor painting on a canvas. Paint romantic landscapes and styling still lifes, even painterly portraits. While gouache can look like acrylics, it retains the ease of watercolor's water based clean up and reactivation. 


Recommended gouache paints from Michael's store. They carry Reeves Gouache paint set for about $15 (less with coupon). If the budget allows, Windsor Newton's Designer Gouache is far better quality ($10.99 per tube, $5.99 with coupon). Both will work. Hobby Lobby carries watercolor canvas for under $10, less with online coupon (acrylic canvas will not work). Watercolor brush fine.

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