Work of the Soul

guidance and Tools
for transformation and Healing

The following story of how Kim found my website and her reading truly describes how the soul leads us.


Kim's story:

"It was divine intervention.  My dog's bed is near to my bookshelf and while walking by it one day last week, I noticed a book, The Artist's Way, had fallen (?) off the shelf and was situated prominently on the dog bed.  Certain this was a suggestion that should not be ignored, I took the book to my room and began to read through it.  I was leafing through the quotes and noticed the author of one was simply "The Magical Work of the Soul."  Intrigued by this, I began an Internet search for that book or author or body of work and found instead Mary's website, The Work of the Soul, in the early search results.  Happily detoured, I spent time reading about Mary, her approach, and enthusiastic testimonials.  After hearing her voice (kind, warm, and compassionate), I decided to contact her and am so glad I did.  That is how beautiful the universe can be, always supporting and directing (in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways) ready students to their teachers.


I felt so wonderfully warm and inspired after my session.  The process of writing to communicate with my own inner guidance was an interesting one to experience.  Though I doubted my ability to do it, it seemed to come easily after taking that leap of faith into its possibility with Mary's guidance and encouragement.  And everything that I received from it seems wise and useful. Another wonderful gift of my session was the introduction to my guardian angel.  Mary saw her at the beginning of our session and commented on how beautiful she was and said that she was there to help and guide but needed to be asked to do so.  I have thought much on that since as it is important to remember to ask for help.  I felt gratitude for her after being made aware of her presence.  I asked Mary if she knew her name and Mary guided me to begin a dialogue with her myself and ask her name, which I did.  Truly, that has been an ongoing gift from my session -- to remember that empowering place of connection to source and guidance we all have within. Below are some excerpts from the session. "  ~ Kim


Dialogue from session:


Q:  What could I begin to do so as to strengthen my own connection to my own being?

A:  Be in nature.  Be quiet.  Be still.


Q:  What can I do to release my past?

A:  Live only in the present and do not define yourself by your past pain.


Q:  How do I release myself from the pain?  What should I do?

A:  Baths and be engaged in projects that interest and engage you fully.


Q:  What can I do now to make and honor my own choice in my life for how I live it and earn a living?

A:  Honor your talents.  Use it.  Do it.  Be faithful to it.


Q:  Will I be able to support myself with this (creative) work?

A:  Yes, and more beautifully and abundantly than by not doing so.


Q:  What do I need in order to be more integrated (with creativity and making a living)?

A:  To let go of the mental battle.


Q:  What do I need to do in order to do that?

A:  To live from a perspective of oneness and not feel other work undermines artist within but instead supports her.


Q:  How can find a new relationship to work that is not of my soul but will support me?A:  To open your heart to people on their path.


Q:  Could you explain more about that?

A:  By realizing we are all on a path and not just the jobs we perform, so see "work" as agent of evolution/growing.


Q:  How can I connect on a more regular basis to this information?

A:  Take walks, be in nature.


Q:  What needs to be healed so that I can strengthen my own self-knowing?

A:  Reliance on soul-self as authority for life and not outer influence.


Q:  How can I strengthen that connection to my soul self?

A:  By writing, by being creative, by meditating with stillness to allow the soul to affect the personality, to infuse it with soul.