Since ancient times, Taoists have sought to tap the power of sexuality to heal the body, deepen love relationships, and achieve elevated states of enlightenment.  The Chinese have the oldest texts on the art of improving lovemaking in the world - surpassing that of karma sutra.

There are two kinds of Taoist sexual cultivation -Wai dan Gong.  One such type is medical methods focused on improving bodily health - chi kung movements or self massage, herbs receiving massage acupuncture, or moxibustion for sexual dysfunction.,  This medical sexology improvement focus on balancing the kidney and liver energy functions. 

The kidney energy which rules the prostate, testicles, bladder, blood and bone  marrow is responsible for generating sexual vitality and the liver energy spirit regulates the genitals and expresses sexual chi.  This practice can be done along and is called "single cultivation".  Even masturbation on your own is also known as "single cultivation".

The other type of sexology improvement is the bedroom technique cultivation - fang zhong shu.  This type of practice involves a partner and is called "dual cultivation".  This sexology method requires the exchange of physical fluids and subtle essences with a sexual partner.

This practice focus more on the kidney-heart relationship as the axis of sexual volatility between two lovers.  This alchemical water-fire - Kan and Li if done properly can allow one to attain enlightenment and supreme bliss due to the union of the inner male and female essences.

Sperm is the male storehouse of sexual energy of jhing chi which according to Chinese theory is lost through excessive sex and ejaculation.   Modern science offers some confirming evident:  a single  ejaculation may cost a man between 300-500 spermatozoa, which could be used for rejuvenation using Taoist methods.  A scientific study showed that male nematode worms lived twice as long when they were biologically altered to prevent sperm loss.  For a woman the main source of female energy loss is the menstrual cycle.

The Taoist definition of "excessive" ejaculation depends on the body type age and health and climate.  Ejaculation has less impact on a young healthy male because of his abundance of jing, or sexual essence.  But all men must be careful during the winter, when kidney - chi moves inwards rather than outwards.  In spring it is healthy, to ejaculate more.,  The main Taoist practice is to delay ejaculation as long as possible during
sex so that men can draw out the spirit essence from their sperm and recycle it around their body to nourish other energy centers or chakras and the 5 main internal organs as well as their partner.  

These practices include testicle exercises massage pulling drawing and testicle Breathing.  Another core practice is "Drawing Up the Golden Nectar" a method of internally sucking sexual jing chi up the spine as if it were liquid in a straw.  These techniques can revert sexual energy to nourish the brain and to rejuvenate the practitioners making them look and feel young again.  This practice can encourage a disease free and a very long healthy life. 

It is not necessary to become celibate to gain the benefits of recycling and rechanelling  sexual energy.   Taoist sexual energy cultivation with a partner or solo through masturbation allows one to  satisfy the need for sexual pleasure or for stress release without sacrificing male life energy to the demands of the body having to constantly having to  produce sperm.  The Taoist methods of conserving seed essences simultaneously transmute that essence into internal spiritual processes.

The main goal of external sexual alchemy therefore is to shift from a limited genital orgasm  to a whole body orgasm.  Slowing or stopping ejaculation does not prevent a man from having orgasm or multiple orgasms. 

From Taoist viewpoint of cultivation sexology orgasm is defined by the pulsation of sexual energy and is not to be confused with ejaculation which releases seed essence out of the penis.  Intensification and circulation of sexual chi can cause the rest of the meridian and organs to pulsate in unison.   But the practitioner must stay relaxed focus but not overly focus and not getting obsessed with withholding ejaculation.

The danger for beginners holding their seed is they may also stop the chi pulsation that creates orgasm.   What works best is to focus on opening up the chi channels and redirecting and recycling sexual chi before during and after orgasm.

So the  best is to practice first and to accomplish through "single cultivation" or solo chi kung training prior to attempting dual sexual energy exchange with a partner.