PROSTATITIS -bacterial and non bacterial

There are different types of prostate infection and prostate inflammation.  Bacterial and non bacterial.  Sometimes the discomfort is felt in the perineum, lower back and it hurts during urination and or during ejaculation.  But no bacterial infection is found in the urine. If antibiotics are given the pain and the discomfort still does not go away.

It is believed that this type of non bacterial prostate inflammation may have orginally started from an infection which has since healed but the immune system still behaves as if the infection is still there.

Or this symptom could be a muscular/neuro symptom.  The lower part of the body may constrict the pelvis tightening the psoas muscles which in turn inhibit the prostate causing pain.  The reason for this constriction in this type of prostatitis is thought to be due to stress - the fight or flight syndrome.  The discomfort can be helped by doing the prostate trigger point to relieve the anterior pelvic muscle which is attached to the prostate.  This can release the tension and the pull the pelvic muscles have on the gland and thus relieving the pain.

When doing the trigger point prostate pelvic you can feel tingling sensation on the outside the penile tips, testicles etc.  And some  people can feel this urge to urinate.  Interestingly this treatment can help those with chronic joint or knee pain.