mind body & spirit

May I extend a warm welcome to you and congratulate you on  your progress on you life journey.   For we are all moving in the same direction just coming from many different paths and I honour each path, for none is more special than another.  You are a unique individual of the one spark of light and love, that is all there is.  Well done for coming this far, we are all truly blessed to be on the earth at this moment in time, an exciting adventure taking place as we move forward into our destiny.

My name is Linda Vickers and my world is: wife to Jim, mother to 3 very beautiful and amazing daughters, their lovely husbands and a very blessed grand parent of 11, 9 boys and 2 girls, plus our delightful dog Sparky and many. many bee's as we are bee keepers too.

A year of changes in many lives and this is what we will remember 2016, as the year of great change, the year we decided to take responsibility for our feelings, our thoughts and our lives.  Welcome change my friend, say yes to life and life will say yes to you, for when we are fearful of change we stagnate, we compress = giving the feeling of great weight, pressure, stress and more. Welcoming change into our daily lives brings joy, happiness, expansion, enthusiasm, a desire for life, adventure, to seek new ways to live and be. Be is different to doing, be is taking the time to sit in nature, absorb the sounds, colour, beauty, the energy, sit having a cup of tea, watch the children play or your pet and just enjoy that activity, take a walk, just be in the silence of the moment.

y story will be very much the same as yours a path of searching for the truth, who and what am I.

I delight in what I do: working as a therapi
st and teacher, watching the changes in my students as they expand, gain confidence and grow spiritually meeting many beautiful souls who become friends.  I attend fair's where I sell our honey and other items, engage in wonderful conversations with those I meet.  If you ever pop into one of the fairs, stop and say hello its a great place to ask any questions you may have.

Enjoy your life

Brightest blessings

Linda x