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Updated 8-16-16 @ 11:56 pm

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Project Selection Process:  

Firstly, I would like to thank each and every one of my many clients since 2006.  Without you, my artistic pursuits would not be realized and for that, I am eternally thankful.  Please understand that the following "rules" are now in effect to make your experience with me better.  I strive for EXCELLENT client care and quality of work. In order to facilitate said synergy the following guidelines are in effect.

The manner in which I will accept new commissions must be changed.  Philosophically, I am not comfortable sitting on people's money for extended periods of time, nor am I comfortable making people wait for long periods of time.  Finally, I really hate finally getting to a project only to find that the client has disappeared into the great beyond internetz after I have all their parts on hand.  So, to rectify this I have created these policies.  There are limited spots for various types of projects.  If the type of project you want is full, then I will not take it until a spot opens up.  Period.   I typically have 25+ people waiting for me to accept commissions. 

How do I pick the projects that I will accept?  Well, I have to feel them.  I am done taking projects that I can't put my heart into.  If I decline your project, it doesn't mean that it sucks, it just means that it doesn't move ME.  Art is like that.  My long time clients already know this about me and now is the time that the rest of you do as well. You know before you come to me if you like my style and if you do, then don't be surprised if I am opinionated about your project.  I have done this well over 1000 times now.  I know what I am doing and I will not steer you wrong. If I say it will look bad...it will.  If I say it won't work...it won't.  Finally, I reserve the right to "jump around" my build log as I see fit.  I don't do it often, but sometimes I get "blocked" and need to clear my head by working on something else.  If you commission me, do not complain about this.

If you commission me, you are gonna have to trust me or we cannot work together.  I will not steal your money, nor will I simply disappear (barring an accident or act of God).  If it turns out that I cannot finish our business together (my fault) then I will refund your deposit money in it's entirety.  If you spaz out/back out, I will not refund you unless you find someone to buy you out (and it will be minus the paypal fees).

So, in summation...you want me to do a project for you,   #1 you read my Services & Policies page so that you understand my guidelines/policies.  Finally, #2 you webform or email me and we discuss your project.  If you miss any of the above steps, I will tell you to read my services thread/tab before we move forward.

As always, you are free to message or email me questions, but make sure you have actually looked for the answer here first.




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