UPDATE 3/21  - 

CONTACT: Adoptions: PH: (606) 723-3587 or visit the shelter directly at 50 Ginter Road, Ravenna, KY 40472

If you are with RESCUE and want to  help, please e-mail

If you would like to SPONSOR an animal in the shelter, you can send sponsorship directly to our Paypal account at with a note of which animal(s) you would like the funds to be applied to, or if you would like us to apply the funds at our discretion to the most urgent animal(s) in the shelter.

CTL 221 Chong Adult Male URGENT! HAS $50 SPONSORSHIP!  2 years old, 46lbs. OWNER SURRENDER Sweet boy - came in with 220 Mary Jane who was adopted from the shelter.  Good with other dogs. No cats!

CTL 224 Jax Young Male URGENT! HAS $50 SPONSORSHIP!  1 year old, 30lbs. OWNER SURRENDER Not putting weight on paw but no visible injury.

CTL 233 - Brandi Large SENIOR Female URGENT! 11 years old, 97lbs. OWNER SURRENDER! Sweet girl - not good with small dogs. She kept “breaking her chain” and going after small dogs - too big for elderly woman to handle.

CTL 238  Po Adult Male URGENT! 2 years old, 75lbs. OWNER SURRENDER. Sweet boy. GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS. Owner didn’t have big enough yard for him to run and play.

CTL 239 Kalie Adult Female URGENT! 2 years old, 57lbs. Stray. Sweet girl. GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS.

CTL 250 Buster Adult Male URGENT! 2 years old, 32lbs. OWNER SURRENDER. Sweet boy. GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS.

 CTL 255  Slick Young Adult Male URGENT! 1.5 years old. OWNER SURRENDER. Came in with 256 & 257.  Sweet boy. GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS.
CTL 262  Fefe Adult Female URGENT! 2 years old, 48lbs. OWNER SURRENDER Came in with 260, 261, 263-266. Sweet girl. GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS.

CTL 266 Bonnie YOUNG Female URGENT! 1 year old, 39lbs. OWNER SURRENDER Came in with 260-265. Sweet girl. GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS.

CTL 267 Sadie Young Adult Female URGENT! 1.5 years old, 41bs., Stray. Sweet girl. GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS. Owner arrested - may or may not be able to reclaim.

Frankfort, KY: NEED RESCUE ASAP! Transport help available. Mom & Four Pups Shepherd Mixes URGENT! Pups are approximately 4 weeks old. Mom had emergency c-section and spay. Okay to travel. CONTACT:

Winchester, KY: URGENT! NEEDS RESCUE ASAP! NO UPDATE AND NO LONGER LISTED... Transport help available. This lovely GSD/Husky mix female is about 7 years old. The owner is moving and unable to take her along. She is spayed and does well with small dogs. CONTACT: Email -

CTL 54 Domestic Short Hair Black Male ADOPTED AGAIN! ADOPTED AND RETURNED. LONG TIMER! NEEDS MEDICAL TREATMENT! Very sweet and friendly guy. Developing a little bit of eye funk.

Irvine, KY: NEEDS RESCUE ASAP!  Transport help available. Sissy Domestic Short Hair Tabby Female URGENT! PREGNANT! Sissy showed up in a neighborhood a few weeks ago and various people started feeding her. An older lady realized Sissy is pregnant and contacted the vet clinic asking for help because of her health issues she is unable to keep Sissy and they referred her to us. Sissy is young, friendly, good with children who petted her and comes when called. We have asked the lady to put a box on her porch since Sissy often sleeps there. This sweet, lovely girl needs a safe place to have her kittens. CONTACT: Email:

Irvine, KY: NEEDS RESCUE! Transport help available. Isabella Domestic Long Hair Female - Isabella was so skinny, one of our drivers took her home from the shelter.. She is coming out of her shell. She is even giving chirps and purrs. CONTACT: Email:

Cincinnati, OH: NEEDS IMMEDIATE RESCUE! Transport help available. George Young Adult Male - George was rescued from a life on the streets by a very sweet lady. He was starving and she took him in and got him the care he needed and had him fully vetted (combo neg). George is about 1.5 years old and is very sweet and laid back. He’s very easily picked up, is very loving - he even smiles and gives kisses. George is learning how to play and he does very well with other cats.  CONTACT: Email:

Irvine, KY: CAT NEEDS RESCUE IMMEDIATELY! Transport help available!  Kovu Domestic Short Hair Adult Male - HAS WOUND! FIV+ Fully vetted! Approx 5 years old. Kovu was brought into the shelter needing medical care. The Way Home Rescue Alliance took him to a local vet. His wound was cleaned and lasered - possibly an old abcess. He is friendly and a good weight. He has been given a convenia shot and treated with Revolution. It was determined he did not need fluids. The open wound is part of a bigger wound that has healed. Kovu has been FULLY VETTED
He is a very nice cat who happens to be FIV+.
CONTACT:  Email -

 Irvine, KY: NEEDS RESCUE! Joe Domestic Short Hair Adult Male  NEEDS RESCUE/ADOPTION! FIV+ - Approx 3 years old, NEUTERED. Very nice boy - due to his bad ear, we had him taken to the vet. He has a pea size growth in his ear causing an infection. The surgery was done to remove the growth in his ear. He is Fiv+ but this shouldn’t be held against him! Would be a lovely indoor addition.  CONTACT: Email:

Irvine, KY: NEEDS RESCUE ASAP!  Transport help available. Casper Domestic Short Hair White Male - FIV+ - TOTALLY VETTED (and bad eye removed) Casper is very shy but friendly - takes some time to warm up to new things. He loves to be petted and loves canned food. He is with a temp foster, if anyone else can foster please let us know. He is a very sweet and loving boy who happens to be FIV+. He is very laid back and gentle not to mention beautiful. CONTACT: Email:




POSTED 3/19 - Please do not think all the animals on our list are safe, they are not.


Homeward Bound Waggin is a transport group; we are not an animal control facility.  HBW posts animals in need of rescue on behalf of 4 different facilities in the areas of Quincy, IL and Hannibal, MO. All the shelters euthanize for space. All animals posted are sitting in a kennel somewhere.  They need rescue groups who offer adoptions to take them in if they are going to get any closer to their forever home. Transport help is available.

In need of rescue but not listed: Lucy

Rudy American Staffordshire Terrier Adult Male NEUTERED, ALL VACCINES.  2.5 years old. Rudy was an owner surrender for not getting along with the other dog in the house.  Rudy was an owner surrender for not getting along with the other dog in the house.   Rudy is a very nice guy and good with kids as there were kids in the home but he needs to be an only pet.  The biggest and number one issue we see with Rudy is he needs someone to teach him some manners.  He isn’t a bad dog but it is clear no one has worked with him. He is very food motivated so is quickly learning sit, shake, etc.   He is neutered, heartworm negative and current on rabies, DHPPL and Bordetella. He is now working on basic obedience training.

Sammi Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)/Rat Terrier Mix Adult Female - NOT IN NEW EMAIL AND NO UPDATE... NEEDS A FOSTER HOME/WILL BE A PROJECT DOG! SPAYED, M/C, HW NEG, ALL VACCINES.  2.5 yrs old, 40lbs. We sent Sammi to a rehab trainer and in some areas Sammi has greatly approved. Sammi was born in a shelter, has never been adopted and never truly lived in a home.  She now spends as many weekends as possible in a foster home and is working on housetraining but it is hard when she has to spend the week in a shelter. But she is learning how to acclimate into a home environment.   She is great with all dogs and cats.  Sammi’s issue is she is terrified of meeting new people.  This makes it very challenging to get her to be comfortable to go with anyone new. If she can avoid any contact with a new person she will.  She will growl, bark and snarl if the new person tries to interact with her as in the past she has learned by acting out she has been able to scare the new people away and it worked. We are trying to turn meeting new people into a positive experience but are limited on what we can do. She would do better in a foster home environment where she can get direct and more daily, consistent work.

Chance Bulldog Mix Adult Male URGENT! NO CATS! HW NEGATIVE, ALL VACCINES.  4-5 years old, about 40lbs. Chance was turned over to the vet clinic for them to do whatever they chose to with him for killing the cats on the farm.  So no cat and probably no small animals for Chance but he is a total sweetheart.  He thinks he is a lap dog and he is good with kids. He has not been officially dog tested yet but he shows no interest in the other dogs in in their kennels.   He is not neutered but is heartworm tested negative and current on rabies, DHPPl and Bordetella. 

Leo  Lab Mix Adult Male URGENT! M/C, HW NEG, ALL VACCINES, NEUTERED.  3 years old. Leo is one big goofy dog that is just full of energy. He needs a family that understands the importance of exercise, keeping him busy and basically just tiring him out each day.  He would make an excellent jogging partner.  If he passes his dog test he would do well with another dog to play with and/ or going to doggie day care.  He is not a couch potato dog.  If you have a family looking for an active dog then Leo is the dog for you!  He has not been dog or cat tested yet but he seems to want to play with the other dogs in their kennels.  
Dutchess Lab Mix Adult Female URGENT! NOT IN NEW EMAIL AND NO UPDATE... 2 years old, 58lbs. Dutchess was an owner surrender as her owners divorced and neither wanted to keep her.  She is very sweet, but very scared in the shelter environment and takes some time to warm up.   She is spayed and microchipped and will be heartworm tested and current on rabies, DHPPL and Bordetella prior to transport. She is good with cats and she has done fine with the dogs we have introduced her to. She does better with calmer dogs as she doesn’t seem to know how to play with other dogs and she doesn’t like dogs jumping on her.

Toby & Peanut Chihuahua Mixes Adult Males URGENT! NOT IN NEW EMAIL AND NO UPDATE... Toby black/tan is 5 years old and neutered. Peanut tan is 2 years old and intact. Owner surrendered due to having too many dogs. Both dogs are very scared in the shelter environment.  Not snippy if you go slow with them. Would probably do much better in a foster home situation.    Will be heartworm tested and current on rabies, DHPP and Bordetella prior to transport.

 Diamond Hound Mix Adult Female URGENT! OWNER SURRENDER! SPAYED, ALL VACCINES.   2  years old. Diamond was an owner surrender with her sister (Roxanne) as the owners didn’t have time for them. Diamond is pretty high energy and needs quite a bit of play time to get that energy out and some basic obedience training.  She is good with kids and dogs as long as she has slow introductions and ok with cats.  Diamond is spayed and will be heartworm tested and current on rabies, DHPPL and Bordetella prior to transport.

Frank Boxer Mix YOUNG Male URGENT! OWNER SURRENDER. NEUTERED, MC, HW NEG, ALL VACCINES. 1 year old. Frank was an owner surrender as his owners got divorced and neither took him.  He is very sweet and nice and thinks he is a lap dog even though he is extremely long legged.  He is neutered, microchipped, heartworm negative and current on rabies, DHPPL and Bordetella.  He is good with dogs and kids.  He may want to chase cats.   He does need basic obedience training as it is clear no one has really worked with him



UPDATE 2/28 -     Adoption fee on any available animal is $20. All rescues that are 501(c)3 tax exempt will not be charged a pull fee but must present a copy of their tax exempt status.

CONTACT: PH: (606) 256-1833   Email:



Trooper Australian Cattle Dog (Red Heeler) Mix Adult Male -  NO LONGER LISTED AND NO UPDATE... 2-3 years old. Shy with people. Territorial with other dogs.

Charlie Boxer Mix? SENIOR Male - 9 to10 years old. Friendly and gentle. Good with other dogs.

Teddy Terrier Mix YOUNG Male - 1 year old, 30-35lbs. Not good with smaller dogs.

Peanut Mountain Cur Mix YOUNG Male - 10 to 12 months old, old, 25lbs. Peanut is smaller than he looks in the photo. Good with children, even little ones. Friendly.  His coat color is beautiful. Peanut has been vaccinated for Parvo.

Ida Great Pyrenees Mix YOUNG Female - 6 months old, 35-40lbs. Friendly, but shy.

 Rusty Chocolate Lab Mix Male - Weighs 40lbs. Rusty is friendly and very active.


Rockcastle County Animal shelter
Mount Vernon, KY

POSTED 9/25   Shelter is rescue and adopter friendly in and out of state.

 CONTACT: PH: (859) 737-0053 Email: or Email:


Rose Beagle/Hound Young Female - 1 year old. Rose is precious! Very affectionate and loving. Good with children. Lots of energy, but smart and trainable!

Tank American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Adult Male -  2 years old. Neutered.

PD Hound Mix Adult Male - 3 years old. Neutered.  My previous owner chained me outside and let my collar grow into my neck then dumped me at the police department. I will have the scars to tell my story from now on.

Chloe Beagle/Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mix Medium Senior Female - 9 years old.

Ozzy Siberian Husky Mix (Shaved) Medium Young Male - 1 year old. Very loving, but would be best as only pet.

Tinkerbell Russian Blue/Domestic Short Hair Mix Medium Adult Female - $25 ADOPTION FEE! 6 years old. Spayed.

Persia Domestic Medium Hair Medium Adult Female - $25 ADOPTION FEE! 3 years old. Spayed.

Mr. Kitty Domestic Short Hair Mix Medium Adult Male - $25 ADOPTION FEE! 3 years old. Neutered.

Marcus Domestic Short Hair Mix Medium Young  Male - $25 ADOPTION FEE! 5 months old. Neutered.

5. Madisonville, KY: ADOPTABLE CATS & DOGS!
CONTACT: Email: PH: (270) 821-8965 

 Buddy Mac Lab/German Shorthaired Pointer Mix Large Adult Male - HW POSITIVE!  ADOPTION FEE SPONSORED! 4 years old, 63lbs.  He was very nervous when he first arrived as an owner surrender. He has warmed up but sometimes can bark at the fence which ends up making people walk away. We would be more than willing to get him out so you can see just how awesome and friendly he is. Buddy Mac is heartworm positive, so you would need to talk with your veterinarian about treatment options and pricing.

Piper Domestic Short Hair Calico Mix adult Female $30 ADOPTION FEE! 2 years old.  Piper was surrendered back in June of 2018, when her owners could no longer afford to take care of her. She is now spayed and up to date on her Rabies vaccination. She's a sweet laid back cat.

Charlie Boxer Mix Young Male - LONG TIMER! 1 year old, 64lbs. Charlie has been with us since April of 2018, and we aren’t sure why. He’s a big dog, but loves people. He does well with other dogs, but we always suggest an introduction before adopting with other dogs in the household. He’s heartworm negative.

Edward Domestic Short Hair Black Adult Male - FELINE LEUKEMIA POSITIVE! CAME FROM HOARDING SITUATION! ADOPTION FEE SPONSORED! 4 years old.  He’s considered special needs because he is feline leukemia positive. He would need to be the only cat in the home, or with other cats who also have this disease. We are doing our best to find him the home he deserves. Edward is one of the last few we have left from the 60 hoarding case we took in. He’s actually the first one who tested positive. We are hoping that someone will look past this and give him the second chance he needs. He is already microchipped.
James Hound Mix Large Adult Male - HEARTWORM POSITIVE! Are you looking for a partner who can see past your loud singing in the car, snoring so loud you wake yourself up, or maybe you just simply sing off key. Well James is the guy you’ve been searching for! As a matter of fact he loves to hang his head out the window, and sing at the top of his lungs. Honestly yes most of the time it’s off key. But you see it doesn’t bother him because he uses his selective hearing! Yup we believe he has us all fooled for a long time thinking he was deaf . He’s still an amazing boy who deserves his chance though.

Chase Domestic Short Hair Brown Tabby Adult Male -  CAME FROM HOARDING SITUATION! $30 ADOPTION FEE! Neutered. Chase is one of the last few we have left from the 60 hoarding case we took in back in April of 2018. He would do good as a barn cat, as he's a spunky guy who still likes to spray around sometimes.

Hopkins County Humane Society
Madisonville, KY




CONTACT: PH: (606) 298-4035  Email:

 Bianca Domestic Short Hair White & Black Young Female - Bianca is a year old and so, so sweet. She is a quiet cat that would love to sit in your lap and be your beautiful house cat. Her fixing is $45 and includes rabies shot. She has had her boosters.

 Andi Boxer Mix Medium Adult Female RESCUED! ADOPTED AND RETURNED! AT SHELTER FOR 3 YEARS! 45lbs.  She really is a sweet, beautiful dog. She never had a single accident in the house, seldom barked and loved riding in the car. She loves attention and wants someone to play with her. An active family with space for her to run would be an ideal home for Andi. If we had a fenced yard, she would still be with us. I am spayed, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated.

Hattie Domestic Short Hair Young Female - 5 months old. Hattie and her sister Haley need homes.

Magic Mike Border Collie Mix Medium Adult Male - LONG TIMER! HAS BEEN AT THE SHELTER AT LEAST 2 YEARS!   6-7 years old. Good with cats and children. Magic Mike is about five years old and a medium-sized dog. He is a small lab, in other words. Why this sweet, eager to be loved dog is stuck in a shelter is unknown. He is so adoptable and so cute! He likes kids and adults, but has trust issues. He also doesn't like other dogs, due to his hard life scrounging and fighting for food. He needs a home where he will be loved and appreciated. He has had shots. He weighs about 40 pounds.

Heath Domestic Short Hair Young Male - 6 months old. Just a small older kitten, not much taller than a treat box. Stocky and short. Health is sweet and loves being petted.

 Willie Feist Medium Adult Male - LONG TIMER! Good with cats, children and other dogs. What a cutie Willie is! He is about 1-2 years old and weighs about 35 pounds. He is a small to medium-sized dog. He likes to have fun and play and would make a great little family dog.
Willie likes to boss male dogs, but when he is neutered, this tendency will cease.He is a friendly, happy dog that needs a loving home.
Haley Domestic Short Hair Young Female - 5 months old. Look at those gorgeous stripes! Haley and look-a-like sisters have been at the shelter since they were tiny babies. They are sweet kitties who will make you laugh with their antics.

Jasper Domestic Short Hair Black Young Male - Jasper is a friendly black kitten, about eight months old. He and his two brothers have been at the shelter since he was a tiny kitten.He is very friendly, active, and love to run and play with his brothers. He is adorable! He has had two booster shots. He is good with other cats, dogs, kids and adults.

 Max Boxer Mix Medium Adult Male ADOPTED! LONG TIMER! Good with other dogs and children. I'm Max, a strong pit bull with a heart of gold. I came to the shelter with Cassie. We were removed from our home due to neglect. We were too skinny, had worms, and were tied up. We are much healthier now. I am friendly, but cautious. I like people and other dogs, but NOT cats. However, if another dog challenges me, I will challenge him back with growls. When I get neutered, I'll be more appreciative of other male dogs! I weigh 55 pounds. I am a family dog, not meant to be tied or penned up.

Johnie Pit Bull Terrier Medium Young Male ADOPTED! LONG TIMER!  Good with other dogs and children. Would prefer a home without cats. Johnie came to the shelter as a stray. He is still fun-loving. He likes everybody, is a baby really, and is good with other dogs. He is very handsome, and strong, but easily trainable. He would make a great companion for a home that can give him daily exercise and attention. He is a pet, not a watch dog - he is too friendly for that role-and not to be tied up. He belongs with a family who will treat him as the treasure he is. He weighs about 55 pounds.

Whatsa Domestic Short Hair Brown Tabby Adult Female - Whatsa has been at the shelter for almost a year! She is adorable, quiet and well-mannered, but loves to climb, run and play. She needs a loving home to come out of her shell. She is about two years old, had her boosters. Her spay and rabies is $45.

Opal Pocket Pit Bull Terrier  Medium Adult Female - LONG TIMER! IN FOSTER HOME! 6-7 years old. Opal loves people and wants all of their attention. She came from a very bad situation, where the police removed her and brought her to the shelter. She has been at the shelter for too many months.
  Storm Tabby/White Mix Female - Storm is a beautiful girl who has been at the shelter for a few months. She has large eyes, and is super sweet. She needs time to adjust to her new family. She is spayed and ready to go home.
Ozzy Tabby Mix Male - Ozzy is a shelter favorite. He is friendly and has cute white paws.

Peppermint Hemingway Polydactyl Young Male ADOPTED! I have grown up at the shelter, which is a shame. I am a male kitten, about 7 months old with extra toes on my front paws, so I am unique! I look like I have an attitude, but really, I love attention, and to play and have fun.

Biggie Smalls Domestic Short Hair Tabby Adult Male - ONE EYE HAS BEEN REMOVED! Biggie Smalls is a handsome tabby male with nice chocolate tabby stripes. He is about two years old and lives in a foster home with other cats. Unfortunately, Biggie Smalls had an eye infection when he was a kitten that required one eye to be removed. But, that doesn't stop him from playing and being an affectionate cat! He is best as a housecat, due to lack of sight on one side. He could get in trouble real quick outside. Biggie is also neutered.
Carmen Domestic Short Hair Female - Beautiful Carmen needs a quiet home. Carmen is very shy and needs to adapt to her new home at her own pace, but once she falls in love with her new family, she will be devoted to them.

Checkers Large Black and White Male - Rescued from a housing project where he was a stray. Checkers is a big boy and loves to eat. All he wants to do is lay around and be petted. Everyone loves Checkers because he is gentle, quiet and friendly. Great cat!

Charlie Brown Mountain Cur Large SENIOR Male - Humble, gentle and affectionate.  Neutered.  Good with other dogs, cat and children.

Martin County Animal Shelter
Inez, KY




CONTACT:  Lori at PH: (419) 788-8714

 Roger Lab/Chow Chow Mix Adult Male EUTH ALERT!  5 years old. Neutered. Stray found with Rita. Neither dog knows how to play. They don’t like being caged and are becoming more difficult to handle in their cages as time passes. Outside their cages they will run along side a human. Not aggressive towards other dogs and don’t care about cats. Roger likes to be petted and told what a good dog he is. Roger and Rita are not bonded, so they can go separately, but they play well together.

Rita Bull Terrier/Chow Chow Mix Adult Female EUTH ALERT! 5 years old. Spayed. Stray found with Roger Neither dog knows how to play. They don’t like being caged and are becoming more difficult to handle in their cages as time passes. Outside their cages they will run along side a human. Not aggressive towards other dogs and don’t care about cats. Rita likes to flop over on her back and lay with her head on your lap while you rub her belly. She is submissive around other dogs. Roger and Rita are not bonded, so they can go separately, but they play well together.

Hancock County Humane Society
Findlay, OH


1. Ft. Campbell , KY: ADOPTABLE ANIMALS!


CONTACT:  PH: (859) 356-7400

Owen Domestic Short Hair Orange Large Adult Male - If you have a thing for big, fat headed, chubby cheeked cats you’re going to love Owen.... And Owen is going to love you. This guy is a huge cuddle bug and he loves attention.

Eloise Domestic Short Hair/Calico Mix Adult Female - 3 years old. Spayed. Eloise knows where her bed is and she would like to spend most of her time there! This sweet girl may prefer a quiet, low-energy home. She does enjoy attention, but she likes to take the time to get to know you first!

 Plum Domestic Short Hair Tabby Female - Plum is an independent cat. When she wants attention, she will let you know! Her hobbies include investigating odd scents and sounds, following humans around, and occasionally playing with toys. She also doesn't mind other cats as long as they are polite!

  Delilah Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix) Young Female - Delilah is an adorable, spunky, playful, 2 month old 6 lb Chiweenie who wants to be your valentine! Since we know she will be very pup-ular, we will be accepting applications for her adoption until further notice to ensure that we find her the perfect match!

Casanova Mixed Breed Adult Male -  Casanova  is very enthusiastic about how much he loves people! He has a lot of energy, but he also knows how to relax when it's time to go inside. He is looking for an active family to fit his lifestyle!

Dove Domestic Short Hair Female  -  Dove likes people, but she also likes to be independent. She enjoys exploring new places, playing with toys, and rolling in catnip. Dove will ask for attention when she's finished exploring (or when she's hungry).

 Val Domestic Short Hair Female  -  Val is a little bit shy, but very friendly when she gets used to someone. For Valentine's Day, she would like a house to roam and explore. Val hopes to soon have a furever family who gives her cuddles most of the time, and space other times.

Liam Possibly Blue Tick Coonhound/Lab or Landseer Mix Adult Male ADOPTED! 2 years old. Liam is an energetic goofball! He loves to play fetch, running in circle around the yard, and major cuddles!

Nigel Domestic Short Hair Orange/White Male BACK WITH HIS FAMILY! Nigel's favorite place to be is on the couch, but he would love it even more if he could share it with his furever family! He would be perfectly content with sitting in your lap all day and binge watching Netflix with you! (he won't even complain about the shows you pick)

Mina Shepherd Mix Female ADOPTED! Do you like to run outside, or would you rather relax and soak up the sun? Mina does both! She loves her play time, but she's also a big fan of sunbathing. Now all she needs is a companion to do all of her favorite things with!

Raisin Domestic Short Hair Male ADOPTED! Raisin prefers the company of people over cats. He wants to be your sidekick and will wait patiently for you to sit down so he can climb in your lap (or on your shoulders). If you want to hold him like a teddy bear, he's cool with that too. He may have a crooked tail, but he knows he's still perfect!