POSTED 1/11 -   Pull and some transport help available! 

CONTACT: Email - Holly Cichelli at, or J'RieElliott - - call the shelter at (859) 498-8751 or please stop by the shelter,115 Adena Dr. Mount Sterling KY.




#362 Kennel 3 Cody Labrador Retriever Mix Adult Male EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER!  HAS $160 in PLEDGES! 1-2 years old, 40lbs. UPON INTAKE: Handsome, sweet boy. Friendly, good with the staff and volunteers. UPDATE:  He was okay when he came in but has digressed to a point where we cannot handle him. He is not friendly or good with staff and volunteeRs. He is human aggressive and we don't take him out of his kennel. He will need to be an only dog.

 #171 Kennel 4 Pepper American Staffordshire Terrier Adult Female ADOPTION PENDING! LONG TIMER!  3 years old, 45lbs. Very playful and affectionate dog.

 #342 Kennel 5 Oliver American Staffordshire Terrier Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER!! HAS $100 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 45lbs. Sweet loving dog with lots of energy and a playful personality.

#412 Kennel 25 Chance American Bulldog Mix Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS $102 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 65lbs. Friendly and playful boy who loves to play and be petted on.

#367 Coal American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Adult Female URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS BEEN AT SHELTER SINCE JUNE 2018! HAS $140 in PLEDGES! 3 years old, 60lbs. A girl from a troubled background, but making tremendous strides. Did very well having her nails trimmed.

  #273 Kennel 10 Nell American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS $140 in PLEDGES! 4 years old. NELL DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE! Spayed. Owner surrender. A friendly girl who loves to walk and play. She is a little overweight and could use some good walks. Sweet girl who deserves a second chance.

K12 #663 Tuk Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mix Adult Male URGENT! AT SHELTER SINCE OCTOBER! HAS $105 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 30 lbs. High energy guy who loves to play.  He is not dog aggressive; but he will have to have a slow introduction into a pack. He also is a grumbler, so he grumbles whenever he does anything.

 #656 Kennel 14 Howard American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Adult Male - HAS $120 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 45lbs.

 #3 Dawn Beagle Mix Adult Female - Tri color. 2 years old, 20-25lbs. Dawn is a happy, happy, happy girl!

 #785 Kennel 15 Roslyn Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Female - HAS $75 in PLEDGES! 1 year old, 40lbs. Brindle and white. Has heterochromic eyes - two different colors!

 #807 Kennel 33 Earline Beagle SENIOR Female RESCUED!  OWNER SURRENDER! BONDED WITH OPAL! 9 years old, 15lbs.

 #806 Kennel 32 Opal Beagle SENIOR Female RESCUED! OWNER SURRENDER! BONDED WITH EARLINE! 9 years old, 15lbs.

Cage 1 James Dean Domestic Short Hair Black Adult Male RESCUED! LONG TIMER! FELV+    James Dean is a sweet and loving boy who needs a special needs home due to his FELV+ status.

Cage 18 Nora Tortoiseshell Adult Female -  HAS $10 PLEDGE! 2 years old.

Cage 19 Luna Tortoiseshell YOUNG Female  FERAL?  HAS $10 PLEDGE! 1 year old. Luna loves her wet food and a good head scratch.




UPDATE 1/18   HEART STICK SHELTER! PLEASE HELP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!  Serves two counties: Clinton and Cumberland Co. KY.  Transport and short term foster possibly available based on space availability. Adoption fee is $65 with approved application for Dogs & puppies Rescue pull fee is $15 for adults & $10 for puppies.

CONTACT: PH: (606) 387-0943 or message Jamie Scott-Cross via Facebook 

Lucky Mixed Breed URGENT! HIT BY A CAR! NEEDS MEDICAL TREATMENT! Update: We have named him Lucky (that he could walk some after his bloody tumble) He is currently at the vet, however donations are on hold until Lucky can be seen and the office has an amount to deduct from. Please give us time to get the information your requesting.

Starr Mixed Breed Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER!  3-4 years old. Starr was adopted in a different state brought to Kentucky and left abandoned in our shelter after a break up. Very sweet, loves puppies and small dogs that she thinks are puppies... She is aggressive towards dogs she considered adults. Very sweet with people. Loves walks, & drying off with a warm towel and playing with her milk bones.

Christopher Mixed Breed Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER! Set out at the shelter in pouring rain on Thanksgiving Day!  4-5 years old. He is very sweet and easily intimidated. He is a very sweet boy.

Nipsy Mixed Breed Adult Female URGENT! LONG TIMER!  1 year old, 41lbs. Very playful and hyper. Very friendly with people.  Very sweet, not dog friendly gets excited and gives love bites... not suited for small children, but is willing to learn. Nipsy  is full of personality and sweetness, just seem to not have been taught manners. Not good with other dogs.

Reba Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! LONGEST SHELTER RESIDENT!  1-2 years old, 57lbs. UPDATE: Has been with us far to long! Very hyper, very loving. Came in dog friendly but has since then developed a change in personality. She is very sweet and that sweet pet is still in there under the hyperness of being stuck in a small kennel for months! Reba is truly a sweet and loving girl with plenty of energy to keep herself busy with the right toys. Reba needs a little bit of leash training and needs to learn manners around other dogs... but don't let that fool you this girl is an absolutely amazing dog... so loving and  playful and will have you rolling on the floor with her silly antics.

BC Mixed Breed Young Male URGENT! LONG TIMER! 1 year old, aggressive towards small dogs, but very people friendly and very sweet. Possibly a Collie/Short Haired Border Collie Mix. Owner surrender. Likes to play.

Tan Adult Female URGENT! 2 years old, stray. Found close to the shelter looking for food. She is sweet. Needs an environment where she can learn trust and confidence.

Lab/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Male URGENT! Skinny!  Has a cry that will break your heart. Sweet boy.

Mixed Breed Young Male URGENT! Owner surrender. 1 year old. Very sweet and interested in learning.  Owner stated he had never been exposed to other dogs, but he truly is just a giant puppy that runs from his own shadow.

 SENIOR Male URGENT! SICK AND EMACIATED! This old guy is skin and bones and after a short time if being with us we realized he is also very sick. We have consulted with 2 vets regarding treatment but would like to ask for you to keep this old guy in your prayers the next few days as we try to get him over whatever has him down.

Mixed Breed Young Female - URGENT! 1 year old. Recently had puppies, but no information about them. She is very small for her assumed breed. Weighs about 30lbs. Very friendly with people.

Tan Pup Young Male - 3-4 months old. Very sweet and shy. Needs to know love and to build trust.

Older Mixed Breed Small Male - Appears to be well fed but unclaimed so far. Weighs 25-28lbs.






CONTACT:  PH:  (317) 327-1397  Rescue: Email: Adoption : Email:

#284140 King Pit Bull Terrier YOUNG Male EUTH ALERT! MUST HAVE RESCUE BY 6:00pm! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $745 in PLEDGES &  SNSI Neuter Certificate for an Indiana Rescue! 8 MONTHS OLD, 44 lbs, heartworm negative. King is a super handsome, friendly and playful pup who was surrendered by his owners because of cost. King is urine and fecal incontinent and owner could not afford vet care. Owner docked his tail when he was just 3 weeks old (herself) and this could be the reason for his incontinence but we can't confirm. King runs and walks normally and is just like any other pup his age for the most part. He will need further diagnostics to see if anything can be done to control his condition. His previous owner changed his diaper a couple times a day and kept his rear clean with wipes. She stated the vet recommended an MRI. If his condition cannot be corrected, he just needs someone to keep him clean, as his previous owner did.

Here are the notes from King's dog test: King seems to have no idea what to do with another dog, nothing aggressive, just lacks social skills. He wanted to meet everyone in the kennel, sometimes vocally. With the dog in the room he was a little stiff but met okay. He would need a slow intro and probably a tolerant dog friend to teach him the social skills he lacks.

#285292 Romy Boxer/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male MEDICAL URGENT! HAS AT LEAST THREE PELVIC FRACTURES! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $70 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 65 lbs. Romy was hit by a car on Christmas Day. He has at least 3 fractures on his pelvis. He has been very sweet with all of us despite his pain and is getting around better and able to bear weight. Our vet thinks surgery may be needed because of multiple fractures to his pelvis but there is a chance he could heal with crate rest. Our vet staff say he is just a DOLL! Romy is HW negative.
# 277703 Wren Pit Bull Mix Adult Female MEDICAL URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS **HOME Scholarship - Gift Bag + $150 Training Certificate! 7 years old, 48 lbs, spayed. heartworm negative. Wren has been on our adoption floor but recently has developed enlarged lymph nodes, and we are not sure why. She needs to have further diagnostics. We did do bloodwork and chem panel, and all were within normal limits. Wren has been here since September and was here a short time over the summer as well. She was returned by her adopter because of apartment living and was not doing so well without a yard. She has small prey drive so should not be around small dogs or cats. We did test her here with other dogs and she was anxious and forward. Wren is very tired of being here and has developed some mouthy tendencies when walking on leash.

#Gody Pit Bull Terrier SENIOR MALE RESCUE ONLY! HAS $70 in PLEDGES!  14 years old, 46 pounds, heartworm negative. Gody was surrendered when his owner moved. Owner said he is house broken and is crated when they leave the house. He isn't crated at night. He is said to do well with other dogs and children but has not been around cats. The right side of his face seems a little saggy, and he has a stiff gait. He is a little wobbly in his back end, and our vet recommends he have his back and hips x-rayed and evaluated. He's thin and really could use some overall TLC. He's a happy, spunky guy who jumps up for affection and grabbed a toy to play with when I visited him. He has an endearing goofiness about him that you can't help but love!

#284576 Fiona May Mixed Breed Adult Female URGENT! RESCUE ONLY!  HAS $135 in PLEDGES + $500 for Medical to an All-volunteer, Central Indiana Rescue + SNSI Spay Certificate for an Indiana Rescue! 2 years old, 40 lbs. Fiona May was found in a ditch and an officer brought her back to shelter. She arrived with severe punctures all over and her muzzle and leg were very swollen. Punctures were new as well as some older healing ones. I would guess she had been attacked by another dog, or in a dog fight of some sort. Fiona has been staying in our medical room and has been very sweet with vet techs and staff. I visited with her and got her picture to post. She was easy to handle and seemed happy to have some attention. X-rays revealed she has a broken metacarpal, which is the bone on the forelimb that connects the “wrist” to the toes. Fiona May is HW positive and will need treatment. She seemed very interested when meeting a friendly dog, seemed to want to engage, met okay but then snapped at him with no warning. She should be an only dog.

#281639 Winston Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Male MEDICAL URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $100 in PLEDGES + SNSI Neuter Certificate for an Indiana Rescue! 1 year old, 36 lbs. Winston was left behind by his owners when they moved. We were called out and found him injured, skinny and in need of help. He has been eating well here and looking better. He was not bearing weight on his front left leg. Xrays revealed small fracture on proximal epiphysis of humerus. We thought he just needed crate rest, but he is still having some issues with his leg after spending time in foster.
He will need more diagnostics than we can do here at the shelter, so we need to find him a rescue ASAP! Winston is HW negative.

#284047 Willis Mixed Breed Adult Male MEDICAL URGENT! HAS BROKEN PELVIS! HAS $190 in PLEDGES  + SNSI Neuter Certificate to an Indiana Rescue. 7 years old, 55 lbs. Willis was found as a stray after having been it by a car. He has a broken pelvis that our vet thinks will heal with cage rest. Willis is able to stand and walk, however slips around on our floors here and seems very unsure of his footing which is no good for his healing process. He is limited to cage in medical room with potty breaks, but would do best in place with floors he could feel more secure-like carpet etc. Willis is a friendly boy outside of his kennel. He seems happy to visit and likes affection. He has become protective over his kennel when you reach in, especially when food is involved. He is fine at the cage front and not cage aggressive when visiting, but we open cage and let him walk out on his own, rather than reaching in. Willis seems fine when other dogs are nearby. Willis should be considered URGENT and in need of placement ASAP. HW negative

#276171 Tsunami Joe Pit Bull Terrier Adult Male RESCUED! 5 years old, 43 lbs. Neutered.Tsunami was adopted from us in May and returned last month as a stray. He was not reclaimed by his adopter. He has been difficult to handle while at our shelter inside the kennel area. When he is leashed or "tied out" during cleaning, he sort of has a meltdown and will snap at the leash and become extremely mouthy. Staff have had several incidents in the past month per notes in our system. I am told that once he is out of the kennel area-like going for walks or hanging out in quiet rooms-that he is friendly and easier to handle. I passed him when a supervisor was on a walk the other day and he greeted me nicely and seemed to be walking well on leash. Tsunami lacks manners, self control and bite inhibition per supervisor. He will need to go to a foster based rescue and not another kennel situation unless training is in place for him. Tsunami scored well with other dogs on his temperament test and is food motivated. Handling and training are his issues keeping him from our adoption floor here. He is HW negative. He must find rescue by Monday 12/10!

FRANKLIN SENIOR Male MEDICAL ADOPTED! 11 years old, 4 paw declawed. Franklin was surrendered by his owner for house soiling. We suspect FLUTD. We did paw rads, but we didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Owner said Franklin does well with dogs. but has never been around other cats or children. He is a friendly cat but prefers not to be picked up.

 #283388 Shirley Domestic Short Hair Calico SENIOR Female ADOPTED! 9 years old, spayed. Shirley arrived as a stray in October. She has been under the weather since her arrival and has had URI on and off for more than a month. We have done a blood panel, and she has elevated kidney values indicating kidney dysfunction. She is also missing several teeth and not grooming well. Her appetite fluctuates as well as her hydration. She needs some further diagnostics and rescue ASAP. Shirley is a timid cat but easily handled.

Barred Rock Rooster ADOPTED! We have a rooster at IACS in need of placement. Barred rock roosters are known for their calm temperaments! No issues with other animals, including other roosters. Wonderful and gentle

#284213 Iris Shepherd Mix SENIOR Female RESCUED! 12+ years old, 33 lbs. Iris was wandering as a stray when our officer was out on another call. She was weak and limping but friendly. Iris is an old gal with some muscle wasting and is very thin. She has a BIG appetite so i imagine in time she will gain some much needed weight. She is getting around fine though is weak in her back end. Once she rested, she was no longer limping. She is currently hanging out in our directors office and has been a very good girl. She loves attention and affection. She is housetrained and eating well. Iris is HW negative.

#283894 Buttons Mixed Breed YOUNG Female IN A FOSTER HOME! 1 year old, 38 lbs. I saw Buttons in the kennel a few days ago hiding in the well under the water bowl so shut down and scared. She has to be carried or coaxed out of the kennel area and even then, doesn't seem to want to relax and open up. She hasn't been any trouble with handling but just frozen in fear most times. She does not seem interested in treats. Buttons was surrendered by her owners after killing their chickens and rabbits, and she recently went after their goat. Buttons is said to do well with dogs though. She has lived with younger children and has been good with them. She should be considered URGENT and in need of rescue ASAP!! Buttons is HW negative.

#284104 Hunter Shih Tzu Small SENIOR Male RESCUE ONLY! 12 years old. 25 lbs. Neutered. Hunter was brought to the shelter after his owner was hospitalized. Owner has not come to claim so we are now seeking rescue. Hunter is a funny, confident little man. He loves to go for walks and will proudly strut down the hallway. He has a mass on his leg that has been bleeding on and off and he continues to lick and bother it. We have placed an E-collar and bandaged his leg. He has another unremarkable mass on his back. Hunter is HW negative.

#282731 Alison Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Female - POSSIBLY HAS DEMODEX MANGE! GOING TO A FOSTER HOME! ! 10 months old, 46 lbs. Alison came in as a stray. She looks to have demodex mange, but the medical notes are not clear so can't confirm. She is crusty and itchy and has some scabbing. We have treated with bravecto and she will need time to heal. Alison is happy and social and just like a big puppy! She seems to be fine when passing other dogs and loves all the people she meets in the hallways. Alison can be fostered through IACS or pulled by a rescue.

Indianapolis Animal Care and Control Services
Indianapolis, IN
Facebook: IACS Rescue -




CONTACT:  Kristie Jones PH: (502) 331-3644 for Rescue or Adoption or Shelter PH: (859) 734-5154
There are 40 dogs at this moment and NO room for more. We desperately need fosters for large dogs!

Shelter now has cats that are spay/neutered, vaccinated and wormed that are free to a good home. Many of them are great barn cats, a couple would make good house cats and 3 are feral!!
Mercer County Animal Shelter
Harrodsburg, KY



CONTACT: PH: (606) 526-6925  - Email:  To Adopt/More Information: Email 
Shep Shepherd/Husky Mix Young Male - ADOPTED AND RETURNED! 1 year old. Shep has a gentle personality and a lot of loyalty to give. He needs room to exercise and would make an awesome family dog. Shep has an extreme fear of thunder storms. He’s neutered and up to date on all his shots.
Blossom Terrier Mix Young Female - 4 months old and as sweet as can be.
Joe Pointer Mix Young Male - FULLY SPONSORED! 1 year old. Joe’s an incredibly sweet boy. Neutered.
Miss Piggy Young Female - ADOPTION FEE PARTIALLY SPONSORED! 1 year old. Miss Piggy went on a hiking adventure this weekend. She had a great time but what she wanted most from this adventure was love. She’s been at our facility for sometime and has a little heart of gold. She has a great temperament.
 Wilson Domestic Short Hair BABY Male - 13 weeks old. Wilson says it’s tiring being this cute all the time so he needs a good home with a luxurious bed to rest from this 24 hour a day job. He has many friends at the shelter awaiting their forever homes as well.

Ethan Domestic Short Hair BABY Male - 12 weeks old. Ethan wants to say howdy everyone and let you know he is looking for a forever home!! Ethan is 10 weeks old and loves to play!!  He has many friends at the shelter awaiting their forever homes as well.





CONTACT:  PH: (270) 759-4141 Email:
Dixie Lab/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Medium Young Female - 7 months old. House trained and good with other dogs and children.

Rosie Labrador Retriever Adult Female - 2 years old. Spayed. House trained and good with children and other dogs. Rosie is an all around nice dog!  Owner surrender. She has never lived with cats.

 Sheba Shepherd Mix Large Young Female - Sheba was found as a stray dog running near a local restaurant. She was very shy but is coming around. Sweet girl who is quiet and loving.

Birdee Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Young Female - Found as a stray on Murray State Campus.  Sweet. Wants to be petted.





CONTACT: PH: (502) 633-0009  Email:

Spike American Pit Bull Terrier Medium Adult Male - Neutered.

 Sawyer American Pit Bull Terrier Medium Adult Male - Neutered. Not good with cats, other dogs and children.
Shelby County Animal Shelter
Shelbyville, KY