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PREGNANT CAT! This big beautiful girl is in need of foster or rescue. She is pregnant and soon ready to deliver. She has beautiful medium length hair and is in great condition. Her personality is excellent. Such a love!

  Mallory Dilute Calico Medium Adult Female URGENT! Good with other cats and dogs. Mallory is a very social young adult. She is playful and easy to make new friends. She is also good with other pets with her outgoing personality.
Clay Pit Bull Terrier Mix Medium Adult Male URGENT! House trained. Clay was found in the middle of town sitting in the doorway of the local newspaper. He was believed to be injured and in bad shape. He had suffered neglect which affected his immune system and he had temporary hair loss but, has made a full recovery! He has an old hip injury but only a slight limp results. He is doing wonderfully well and is the prettiest boy. Clay is grateful to be safe and loves people and other dogs. He is gentle, content and has a happy spirit.
 Zelda Mae Retriever Mix Large Adult Female URGENT! Good with other dogs and children. House-trained. Zelda is all about fun. She likes new people and new adventures. She is playful, likes toys, and retrieves. She is estimated to be 2-3 years old and her size is about 45-50 lbs. She is good with other dogs and is also chill to hang out at your feet. She loves toys, retrieves and is cool with cats. Zelda is a shelter FAVORITE!

Marta Rottweiler Mix Large Adult Female - Marta is a big friendly gal. She has a sweetness and greets you with a smile. She is good with other dogs and eager to engage. She is 2 years old and her size is about 68 lbs. She arrived with a sister, Isabelle.

 Jubilee Domestic Short Hair Calico Mix Medium Adult Female URGENT! Good with other cats, dogs and children.

Rumor Calico/Tabby Mix Medium Adult Female URGENT!  Rumor is a very affectionate girl and good with people. Other pets she may show some initial aggression. She is bright in color and in great shape. Her favorite thing is to rub against you and get her ears scratched.

 Joaquin Terrier Mix Medium Adult Male URGENT! Good with other dogs and children. Joaquin is a young adult likely 1-2 years old. He would do great with an active lifestyle. Me is very social, friendly and open to explore new things. His size is about 45 lbs. He has a happy personality and is loyal to hang by your side. He loves attention.

 Elliott Golden Retriever Mix Medium Adult Male - IN FOSTER CARE! LONG TIMER! Elliott is good with other dogs and very friendly with new folks. He has a sweet happy nature. He is about 45 lbs in size and an adult. He had some neglect in his past but has been seen by a vet and was given meds which are improving his coat.

Blossom Domestic Short Hair Buff Tabby Young Male - LONG TIMER! Blossom is a treat! He is a super playful adorable kitten of about 19 weeks old as of August 25th. He was found with a broken bone near his should in the leg but, it is now hardly noticeable and it doesn't slow him down. He is social with all people and pets. What a little monkey kitten? No one has more fun than Blossom!

Colby Domestic Short Hair Cream Tabby Young Male LONG TIMER! Colby is a young male about 19 weeks old as of August 25th He has had his first vaccine and worming. He is in foster care and is social and outgoing. His foster family has young people and his is spreading his wings!





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Jericho Shepherd Mix Medium Adult Male - If you're looking for a loyal, driven dog, Jericho is the guy for you! Jericho has been raised in an active lifestyle and is used to getting lots of exercise. He loves toys and could play fetch all day. He is VERY smart and knows lots of commands that he loves to show off for treats. Jericho loves people and can become protective of his owners. He would do best with a home without young children. He can get nervous when he's approached too quickly. Jericho is house and crate trained.

 Sampson Domestic Short Hair Black Medium Young Male - Sampson is a sweet, adventurous guy who'd make a great indoor/outdoor cat.

Ginger Boxer Large SENIOR Female - Ginger loves to go for walks! She doesn't pull on the leash and stays right with you. Ginger still has energy and loves to play! She knows the commands sit and paw and listens very well. She loves people so much, that she would like to be the only pet in her new home so she doesn't have to share your attention.

Jaggar Coonhound Mix Large Adult Male - This long-legged, floppy eared guy is Jagger! Jagger is a big baby and loves to try and climb in your lap to cuddle. He loves to play with his toys and enjoys having other dogs around to play with.

Malia Domestic Short Hair Tabby Mix Large Adult Female - Malia is very laid back. She keeps to herself but will always accept some attention.

Ashley Beagle Medium SENIOR Female -  Ashley and Mary Kate are two senior ladies that love each other! They enjoy exploring outside but are known to wander, so they will need to be contained in some way.

   Mack Domestic Short Hair Grey and White Medium Adult female - LONG TIMER! Mack is a special cat. She loves attention and will demand it from you when she wants it. She loves catnip and is very playful. She can get over stimulated at times and takes a while to adjust to new situations. She would do best in a home with no young children.

 Addie Domestic Short Hair Black and White Tuxedo Medium Adult Male  - LONG TIMER! Neutered.  Addie is a shy, quiet cat. He would do best in a quiet home without any other animals. He will need some time to adjust in his new home. While Addie was very shy at first, we learned his weakness: TREATS. Addie LOVES treats. He is much more social now and will come out to get treats and loves to be pet now. He will definitely need time to adjust but we think he'll definitely come around and be a sweet, loving house cat.

Campbell County Animal Shelter
Melbourne, KY




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 Lucille Domestic Short Hair/Torotiseshell Mix Medium Adult Female - LONG TIMER! LUCILLE is a friendly girl with interesting markings. It looks as if someone put a calico AND tortoiseshell cat together and blended them. She plays well with the other kiddo's in the play room, and enjoys having her own special place to nap.

Chance Labrador Retriever Large SENIOR Male ADOPTED! Chance just loves to meet new people and always offers his paw for a hand shake. He is a slow speed kind of guy and is friendly with other dogs of the same energy level, no rough housing for this gentleman. He is about 6 or 7 years old, walks great on a leash and weighs 69 lbs. Chance is up to date on his vaccinations but unfortunately he was not given monthly Heartworm prevention and now he needs lifesaving treatment. If you are interested in adopting Chance or helping with his treatment please contact us.

Vixon Pit Bull Terrier/Affenpinscher Mix Large Adult Female - HEARTWORM POSITIVE!! SEEKING RESCUE!! Say hello to our pretty lady Vixon. She loves to go for short walks, sun bathing and enjoying a back scratching roll in the grass. She is a low energy kind of gal that dreams of evenings on the couch with her family. Vixon is up to date on her vaccinations but unfortunately she was not given monthly Heartworm prevention in her past so now she needs lifesaving treatment.

 Tilly Domestic Short Hair Medium Adult Female - Tilly is a calm little girl. She loves to be petted but can make herself happy just watching everything going on around her. She usually finds herself a place up high in the cat room so she has a good view. She will make a great pet for a family.

General Lab/Hound Mix Large Adult Male -  General is fun and active and would love to meet you. He is dog friendly but he does need to cat free environment. He is up to date on his vaccinations and monthly preventatives and will be neutered upon adoption.




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Fawna Boxer Mix Medium Adult Female - This sweet girl has been at the shelter since the beginning of September. She continues to get looked over and passed by no matter how good of a girl she is. She's getting depressed and doesn't take much interest in her toys any more. There has to be someone out there looking for a beautiful girl line Fawna. Can you take a minute to share her picture and story? Let's help this homeless dog finally find her forever home. 
Moonbeam Domestic Short Hair Black and White Medium Young Male - 10 months old. Neutered.
Mona Domestic Short Hair  Medium Adult Female - 1.5 years old. Spayed.




POSTED 5/24 

CONTACT: PH (270) 969-1054 - EMAIL:
Chance Terrier Mix Small Adult Male - Chance is a really sweet little guy. He came to the shelter when his owner could no longer keep him. He is very sweet and will make a great companion.
Roxie  Labrador Retriever Medium Young Female - 1 year old. Friendly.

Audrey Domestic Short Hair Gray Medium Adult Female - 3 years old. Audrey is so scared. She came to the shelter when her owner became ill and had to go to an assisted living facility. Audrey is declawed and has been neutered so she needs to be an inside kitty.

 Brutes Rottweiler Mix Large Young Male -  1 year old. Brutes came to us when his owner could no longer keep him. He is very friendly and he will make a great pet. He has a bobbed tail and has a beautiful black and tan coat.

Skye Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix Large Adult Female - 1.5 years old. Very friendly and gentle. Skye is a wonderful girl who needs a forever home. She is very calm and she loves to be petted.

 Lou Lou Shepherd Mix Medium Adult Female - SPONSORED! 7 years old. Spayed. Lou Lou needs your help finding a forever home. She is a really sweet girl and she will make a great pet.

Chance Lab Mix Medium Young Male -  9 months old. Chance‚Äôs family could no longer keep him. He is a playful boy who needs a second chance.  He is young enough to learn all of the things you want to teach him.

Reba Redbone Coonhound/Treeing Walker Treehound Mix Large Adult Female - 2 years old. Stray. Reba is beautiful with a distinctive white paw. She is a good, sweet, gentle girl.




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CONTACT: (859) 986-9625  (Fax) 859-985-5875 
Midnight Boxer Mix Young Female - 6 months old, about 25lbs., but will get bigger. The lady upfront says that I am such a pretty girl. She's nice and gives me treats. I am good with cats, other dogs and I love kids. They just had to get rid of me and I don't know why? Will you become my new family?

Haku Lab Mix Small Young Male - 1 year old, about 30lbs.  I'm on the small side of the lab mix. I'm good with cats, dogs and kids.

Madison County Animal Shelter
Berea, KY