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Water Ionizer

Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water is anti-oxidant, electron rich, restructured, micro clustered, active hydrogen saturated, oxidation reduced, and powerful living water. Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water is first purified, then given an electrical charge to recreate electron rich water.It's molecular formula shifts from H2O to H+ OH- In plain old English.... It's now living water again.Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water can Flushes Toxins and Neutralize Acidity in your body. Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water is water that has gone through a Special Electrolysis Process that changes the pH of the water to be highly ALKALINE and much, much more. First, it describes water returned to the state in which water was often found in nature before the earth became polluted. Second, it implies that it will help to return your body to its original condition when you were young. Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water is a powerful antioxidant, perhaps more powerful than any single food or vitamin supplement because Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water contains active hydrogen which supplies huge amounts of extra electrons to our body. The antioxidant potential of a single glass of Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water would cost several dollars to duplicate with vitamin supplements, and they would never be absorbed by our body the way water is.The Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water Technology has been approved for its medical benefits by the Japanese Ministry of Health & Welfare. (The Japanese equivalent of the FDA ). It's unique characteristics are recognized in medical fields for their effectiveness in assisting the body to rebuild itself from dehydration and the many types of illnesses and diseases that are linked to it.

Some of the areas that people have noticed improvements in their health include arthritis, chronic fatigue, leg cramps, migraines, diabetes.  Also heartburn, poor circulation, gout, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypertension, asthma, skin rashes, dermatitis, psoriasis, obesity,weight issues, diarrhea, indigestion, heart disease, allergies, constipation,stomach ulcers, hepatitis, cancer, and many more areas have had considerable results. 

It has 7 electrode plates to ensure sufficient power. It is easy to use and compactly designed.

It is possible to Produce an ample amount of electrolyzed water with the ORP value in the range of +1130mV and -800mV. This design is made possible by loading an electroytic cell with seven electrode plates that use electrodes made of platinum plated titanium. (Depending on the choice of resulting water and original water). 

The Kangen water contains alot of hydroxide ions(OH-) and positive ions (such as calcinm ions) produced by electroysis, and it also contains hydrogen.

Equipped with an electolysis enhancer tank.Stong Acidic Water and Strong Kangen Water produced steadily and continuously. The built-in tank for the electrolysis enhancer which is necessary to obtain strong acid water and strong kangen water, and allows you to produce both kinds of water steadily and continuously.

An injection of electrolysis enhancer (0.93pt) produces around 7.93 gallons of strong acidic water in around thirty minutes (this figure depends on the water quality.)

You will be notified by a large-sized lquid crystal display (LCD) and the voice prompted guide. A clear, large-sized LCD and voice prompts will inform you of the water being produced (kangen water, acidic water, strong acidic water, or purified water) and necessary information. The operation is very easy, because you only need to touch a button to power up or down or to select the type of water you would like to obtain.

*When you push the button for strong acidic water, the secondary hose releases strong acidic water and the flexible pipe releases strong kangen water concurrently.

Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water is also known to have small clusters of 5 to 6 water molecules, as a result of the electrolysis process. Making it a Super Hydrating water. You can taste the difference in your first glass. Tap water is typically 12 to 15 molecules per cluster. That is over double the size of Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water .

Tap water is typically 12 to 15 molecules per cluster

Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water is 5-6 molecules per cluster

Small clusters also mean that your body can readily absorb the minerals in this water into your cells in mere seconds. Reverse Osmosis, Distilled and tap water will slosh around in your stomach and often flush key minerals out of your body because they lack these important properties.
This is particularly important for your metabolism since smaller elements pass through cell membranes more easily and eliminate acidic wastes and toxins from your body more effectively. With this water, your body will enjoy the quicker cellular hydration and super waste elimination.
The electrical charge of Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water machine re-arranges healthy minerals that are naturally included in your tap water. As a result, Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water contains essential minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium, in an ionic form that can be assimilated immediately into your body. It is now a common knowledge that a lot of medical benefits come from anti-oxidant properties.
Dr. Otto Warberg received the Nobel Prize for discovering the cause of cancer - this being lack of oxygen which is low alkaline pH. No disease can exist in an alkaline environment. Japanese medicine has proven this over the last 15 years.
Oxidation Reduction Potential (O.R.P.) is a measurement of voltage. When it is measured as a negative millivolt this is life enhancing. (Electron rich) When measured with a positive millivolt it is life depleting. (Proton rich)
When you reduce active oxygen from the water you increase its power to slow down the oxidation process by eliminating "Free Radicals" safely from your body. This effectively helps to slow down the aging process.
Active oxygen is not healthy for the body and is what you feel if you have ever exercised too hard and felt your lungs burn. This is the type of oxygen reduced and removed from the water. Dissolved Oxygen is the kind that Dr. Warberg discussed and is what you want left in the water to create a healthy, strong body.
This ORP factor is perhaps one of the most important characteristics of Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water because this is what distinguishes it from any other water on the market.

The reading of mV indicates the millivolts of hydrogen electrons present in the water available to bond with the free radicals and flush them out.
These machines can produce incredibly functional waters, called Super Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water (ORP: below -800mV) and Super Acidic Water (ORP: over +1130mV).
While they are not meant for drinking, the power of these two waters, particularly Super Acidic Water, has been recognized and widely used in various medical practices in Japan for many years.

Uses for Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water : 

Flushes toxins.
Disarms Free Radicals.
Restores alkalinity in your body.
Increases stable oxygen in your body.
Enhances delivery of nutrients.
Cooking with Alkaline water improves the nutritional value and the taste of food and drinks such as, tea and coffee.
It makes acidic foods and drinks more alkaline. 

Ionized Electrolized Water has Many Uses
Strong Alkaline Water - used for food preparation and cleaning
Alkaline Water - used for cooking/healthy drinking
Clean Water - used for drinking
Acidic Water - used for beauty
Strong Acidic Water - used for disinfecting

Water Usage

With Alkaline Electrolysis technology, you can easily and efficiently make the water you want with the touch of a button. Electrolysis is the process that separates water into alkaline and acidic water.  The water's pH level decides which water type that is being produced.

Strong Alkaline Water - pH 11 & Up
Not Suitable for Drinking

Strong Alkaline water has a strong cleaning effect and help to preserve hygiene in your daily life.

Food Preparation - Clean vegetables and fish. Enhance the flavor of broccoli, onions, bamboo etc. by pre-boiling them in Strong Alkaline water.

Cleaning - Clean cutting boards and dishcloths. Good for cleaning oil and tough grime from vents, as well as for general cleaning in the kitchen.
Stain Removal - The extra strength, absorption power will remove coffee, soy sauce and oil stain with ease. Also great for getting out stubborn toilet bowl stains.
Dishes - Use less detergent when washing your dishes. Save on water bills, as only one-third to one-fourth of the usual amount of water is adequate for rinsing of detergent.

Alkaline Water - pH 8.5 - 10.0
Safe for Drinking

Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water makes your drinking water and dishes more flavored.

Drinking - Drink 2-3 cups of water first thing in the morning. Compared to tap water, Alkaline water has no unpleasant odor, tastes lighter, and has a pleasantly sweet flavor. 

It is important to include vegetables in your diet, when eating substantial amounts of acidic foods such as egg yolk, white rice, chicken, pork and beef, drinking alkaline water is equally important because it balances the acidic and alkaline effects of these foods.
Food preparation - Use alkaline water to remove harsh taste of onions, bamboo shoots or the like. Leave liver and other meats which have a bad odor to soak in alkaline water for 20-30 minutes to reduce strong smells.
Rice - Use it for washing and cooking, the result is delicious and fluffy rice.
Coffee and tea - For which taste and aroma are everything, you will be surprised at the improved color, taste, and aroma. And you can use less coffee or tea and still achieve a full rich taste due to the water's extractable ability.

Soups and stews - Alkaline water draws out the flavor of ingredients so they get tender and juicy. Therefore, less seasoning such as salt and soy sauce are needed, so this water is good for people that want to reduce their salt intake.

Plants - Use to water plants and flowers. Alkaline water extends the freshness and life of plants. Alkaline water with a pH-level 9.0 can also restore the health of sick plants. Alkaline water stimulates germination and improves seeding development.
Animals - Your animals' health will improve dramatically. Unpleasant body odor will decrease, as well as the odor of feces and urine.
Crafts - Excellent for dyeing cloths, as well as other craft projects. You will love the vibrant colors obtained when using this water.
Health - Through continuous use, the acidic tendency of your body can be gradually corrected to an alkaline constitution. Drink at least 2 liters a day in order to gradually change an acidic constitution to a slightly alkaline constitution.
Calcium: Continued use will replenish your calcium levels. Helps to reduce irritability, and improves the general health of children.
Colon cleansing: Warm the water to body temperature and use colon cleansing unit to remove accumulated debris and waste.
Other uses: One theory is what this water reduces free radicals. Recently, this water has been acclaimed as "Free Radical Water". It slows down aging, and stabilizes body temperature.

Clean Water - pH 7.0
Safe for Drinking

Remove chlorine, rust and cloudiness to create delicious drinking water.

The three-layered, high-powered water cleaning filter removes not only chlorine but also matters such as rust, impurities, and lead, and you will obtain delicious clean water that contains minerals.

Medication - alkaline water is quickly absorbed by the body so it's a good idea to use this clean water when taking medication.
Baby food - Use Clean water when preparing baby formula.

Acidic Water - pH 6.0 - 4.0
Not Suitable for Drinking
Weak acidic water is used for beauty.

Face wash - The astringent properties of acidic water are effective in toning and firming your skin. Pat the skin and leave to dry. Also excellent as a toner after shaving.

Hair care - Use instead of rinse after shampooing. Reduces annoying tangles and brings out a radiant shine.
Bath water - Add Acidic water to your bath to keep your tub free of bathtub rings. Bathing in this water warms the body and keeps skin beautiful.
Pet care - Great for grooming your pet, brush with it to obtain soft and shiny fur.
Rinse cycle - Soaking in acidic water before the spin cycle will soften your clothes.
Cooking beans - Various types of beans, such as kidney beans and green peas, will cook to perfection. Since using acidic will speed up the cooking time, take care not to overcook.
Washing vegetables and fruit - Vibrant colors of strawberries, red cabbage, asparagus and eggplants will not change when washed and prepared with this water.
Fried food - Fried food comes out nice and crispy.
Frozen food - Spray foods with Acidic water when freezing so that the food, including fish and shrimp, do not lose their flavor when thawed out.
Stains - To remove stains, grime and grease, leave to soak in water for 24 hours.
Dishes - When washing dishes and glasses in this water, they will come out sparkling clean.
Polishing - Polish mirrors, eyeglasses, glass objects and windows to a high sheen.
Housecleaning - Remove dirt from hardwood floors, ceramic tiles etc., without leaving a sticky residue
Fried food - Fried food comes out nice and crispy.

Strong Acidic Water - pH 2.5 & Below
Not Suitable for Drinking

Strong acidic water has excellent disinfecting power that can prevent food poisoning. Because hygienic is performed with water, there is nothing safer than this. Strong Acidic water is the strongest disinfecting power of its kind; it kills all known germs and bacteria on contact.

Cleaning and disinfecting - Sanitize knives, cutting boards, dish towels, and kitchen cloths, etc. Clean and disinfect in and around the kitchen, which is a breeding ground for germs. For a more powerful disinfecting effect, clean with Strong Ionized Electrolized Alkaline water before using Strong Acidic water. Because of the strong acidity, metal that rusts easily should be wiped with a dry cloth.

Hygiene - Disinfect your hands, your toothbrush or use the water to brush your teeth with or as mouth wash. Strong Acidic water was approved for disinfecting food products in June 2002, in accordance with Food Hygiene Law, under the name hypochlorous acid water. It is now used for a wide range of applications, including the cleaning and disinfecting of foods and cooking facilities.

Beauty salons, hair salons, food processing, nursery schools, daycare centers, farming (greenhouse), pet shops, and nursing homes, all benefit from Strong Acidic water.

Knowing the truth will not only set you free but you'll never drink any water but Ionized Electrolized Alkaline Water !!!

Enagic Kangen VS Other Competitors

If you look at water ionizers one of the most important components is the water cell. This houses the Platinum Coated Titanium plates that the water flows through. This cell is also known as the "Engine" or "Heart" of the unit.Look at the size of the units below, and keep in mind that Platinum is $1250 dollars an ounce. Does it seem reasonable that these units are exactly the same?  

Enagic Unit is on the Left, Jupiter Unit is on the right.

Enagic's water cell is on the Left, the two cells on the Right are from other competitors, and Jupiter is smaller than both of these.

Why would Enagic put so much more material and cost into their units? Just for the Heck of It?
How about performance, longevity, power, durability, and quality.

Only Enagic Kangen Water is scientifically tested and it's proven effective medical device. These are the official certificates and awards to prove the true power of water...for the well-being of all.

  • Certificate of Medical Device Marketing Authorization by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Government of Japan. License Number: 27B2X00070

  • Registration certificate of Kangen Water by United States Patent and Trademark Office. Registration Number: 2990706

  • Certificate of Registration of Copyright. The information on this certificate has been made a part of the Copyright Office records.

  • Proof of Endorsement Recognition by Geriatric Disease Preventio Association. Recognition Number: 1138

  • Certificate of ISO 9001: 2000.

  • Certificate of FDA Food Facility Registration for Kangen Ukon. Registration Number: 18161996856

  • Manufacturing license of Medical Device by Osaka Prefecture. License Number: 27BZ006010

  • Recognized as a member in good standing for the year 2007 by Direct Selling Association.

  • Proof of Product Recognition by Geriatric Disease Prevention Association Recognition Number: 1120

  • IEEU Environment Award by International Earth Environment University for the year 2004.

  • Certificate of ISO 14001: 2004

  • Certificate by Det Norske Veritas Management. Certificate Number: 3821-2007-AQ-NOR. ISO 13485: 2003


The people below are real people who shared their true story about their experience using the Ionizer Water Machine. 

 My name is Eddy. I live in Kansas City, Kansas. In August of 2006, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent surgery twice to have it removed and subsequently it was identified as an aggressive melanoma. Six weeks later the tumor grew back and I underwent a third surgery. While recuperating I learned about the health benefits of Kangen? water and started drinking the water.

I went to MD Anderson in Houston for another opinion. Upon reviewing the tests they stated that I had six months to live. The cure rate on this type of cancer was 20%. I returned home and continued the regimen of drinking Kangen? water and ate as nutritionally as I could. I also had 16 whole brain radiation treatments and chemotherapy. The last CT scan of the brain showed no reoccurring tumor.

All I can say is I know the Kangen? water has helped me. I don?t think I would be where I am had it not been for prayer and getting my body back in balance with Kangen? water.  

 My name is Franklin. When I was 10, I was diagnosed with Juvenile, Type 1 Diabetes (insulin dependent). I?ve been drinking Kangen? water for 5 weeks and my blood sugars are more stable in the 80 to 140 range. My parents listened to a radio talk showfeaturing Dr. Dave Carpenter who had a patient with Type 1 diabetes. His patient was able to get completely off insulin after drinking Kangen? water for 2 years. His Alpha (eyelet) cells regenerated and produced insulin again when his pH became more alkaline with Kangen? water. I know this can happen in my body, too.

I also have Aspergers Syndrome (high functioning Autism), which makes it hard for me to stay focused and follow instructions. My teachers and parents can?t believe the radical improvement in my focus and attention span since drinking Kangen? water. I didn?t like drinking water before, but I like Kangen? water. It tastes good!

 Jim: I have long-suffered with Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and a perpetual loose stool. I have tried many remedies in the past to alleviate my pain and symptoms and found nothing that would restore my physical functioning. My wife, Lois, and I began drinking Kangen? water 3 months ago. After 2 weeks of drinking the water, I was pain free. It even dissolved the fatty tumors I had on my abdomen and torso. I am still pain-free and getting stronger every day!

Lois: Even though I eat healthy and exercise regularly, my bad cholesterol (LDL) climbed to 178. My Doctor was ready to put me on a cholesterol-lowering prescription with many side effects. I asked my doctor to give me 3 weeks to try something natural (Kangen? water). He agreed. After drinking Kangen? water for 3 weeks, my LDL plummeted to 135. My doctor said he had never seen cholesterol lower so quickly in a woman! No prescriptions for me!! Yahoo!!

 My name is Lee Taylor. For years I have suffered off and on with arthritis. In the last year and a half it has gotten almost unbearable. This past summer I was looking at having knee replacement surgery, and had no idea what I was going to do with my foster daughter and animals as I would be incapacitated for quite a few weeks. The stress was almost more then I could deal with.

For the next few months I drank this water as if my life depended on it, because I really believed it did. Gradually I started noticing a change. My hands became more flexible. I was able to make a fist again for the first time in years. My knees were becoming pain free and as an added attraction, I lost 13 pounds and was feeling physically wonderful.

I can?t testify enough as to the changes in my joints. I am able to walk normal again. I forgot what it was like to go to shopping without having to get into an electric cart. I would dread going to the grocery store because the pain would be so bad I would be in tears before I could get back to the car. I can truthfully say that Kangen water has placed me back with the living again. 

 This is Priest Fr. Polinar visiting from the Philippines. He is diabetic and he uses insulin. He stayed for a week at a friends house and drank Kangen Water. During his stay he did not need his insulin. 

 I am Rebecca Goeres, 59 years old and have been drinking Kangen water for about a year. I have experienced many positive effects. I have a family history of high cholesterol. Both of my parents died of heart attacks at the age of 67. The most significant has been what has happened in my cholesterol results.

My first test was done on April 4, 2006.
My total cholesterol was 191, HDL (good) 31, LDL (bad) 141, and Triglycerides (fat) 112.
On April 3, 2007, here are my amazing results:
Total cholesterol was 194 (up 3 points)
HDL (good) was 93 (UP 62 POINTS)
LDL (bad) was 91 (DROPPED 50 POINTS)
Triglycerides (fat) was 49 (DROPPED 63 POINTS)
Even though the total number was up 3 points I had amazing improvement in my numbers. I believe the numbers changed totally due to drinking Kangen water, as I did not make any other changes in my lifestyle for the past year. I will NEVER stop drinking Kangen water. Drinking the alkaline water has removed my fear of death at the age of my parents. I plan on living a very long life thanks to just changing the water I drink.

 Tim: I contracted hepititis several years. My health deteriorated to critical condition and I was on the list for a liver transplant. My doctor told me there were no livers available for transplant which gave me about 18 months to live. I was bedridden when I took my first sip of Kangen? water. After 2 days of drinking the water, the whites of my eyes were no longer yellow? they were white again! After 5 weeks of drinking the water I was out rehabing houses again! Prior to drinking Kangen? water, I was on a ridiculous number of prescriptions. I am now 99% free of those medicines! Kangen water gave me my life back!

Natasha: I contracted Hepititis from my husband, Tim, 2 years ago. The doctors wanted me to go on interfuron, which would keep me mostly bedridden for a year. I prayed for help and God brought Kangen? water into our lives. After drinking the water for 3 weeks, my doctor re-tested and found no trace of Hepititis C in me!! I'm healed!!

 My name is Wes. I live in Overland Park, Kansas. As a child I contracted rheumatic fever causing damage to my heart. Three years ago, I noticed I didn?t have enough strength to enjoy my daily walks anymore. The doctor said I needed a pacemaker to keep my heart ticking. Two years and two pacemakers later, my condition was getting weaker as the bottom of my heart had increased in size in comparison to the top of my heart. After three months of drinking Kangen? water, test results show that both top and bottom parts of my heart are the same size. I have much more energy and am once again enjoying my daily walks. Even better, I am again out playing basketball with my grandsons.

In addition to my heart being healed, the results of my routine Prostate Specific Anitgen (PSA) test decreased from 14 to 11. This is great news, as I will not have to undergo a biopsy in a very tender area. Kangen? water has made a very positive difference in my life and I?m going to continue drinking it to realize even more health benefits.