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Centre for Ecopsychology and Wellbeing

The Centre for Ecopsychology and Wellbeing was launched in January 2016. It was formerly the IAFPD Faculty of Ecopsychology and Wellbeing.

The Centre has been established to further research into the links between Ecopsychology, health and wellbeing. 

So what is Ecopsychology? 

Ecopsychology applies ecological and psychological theories and research methodology to study the relationship between people and the natural world. There is a focus on wellbeing. (Palmer, 2014)

The Centre for Ecopsychology and Wellbeing runs a facebook group and community for anybody with an interest in ecopsychology. We share links to research, articles and news items. We also upload or link to photos of nature that are uplifting. Please consider joining or following them. 

Facebook websites: Ecopsychology and Wellbeing Group

Ecopsychology and Wellbeing Community

The International Academy for Professional Development has developed a separate website for the Centre for Ecopsychology and Wellbeing to reflect the importance the Board of Directors place in this developing field that can inform both positive psychology and coaching psychology.

Researchers, practitioners and academics may be interested in reading articles on ecopsychology. There are a number of journals that publish papers in this area. See: a) Ecopsychology b) European Journal of Ecopsychology