Event horses need supplemental Omega-3 since today's modern agricultural practices made key fatty acid in forage virtually disappear. Omega-3 is that essential fatty acid which is undeniably important to your horses health. Without it your horses bodies are put in a constant state of inflammation. Essential fatty acids are called "essential" because they must be ingested through the diet, as the body cannot manufacture them.

If you are already an Omega-3 fan, you might be into flax-seed oil, but quality, palatable fish oil like the one found in Wellpride is a much better bet. Unfortunately flax-seed oil is not very effective since the body needs to convert it first before it can be of any use. Many times that conversion is hampered severely and over 90% of the flax-seed oil is lost during that process, whereas Omega-3 from fish oil can be absorbed by the body as is.

This allows for much lower dosages and a much better price per effective dose. Just one ounce of Wellpride replaces 2-3 cups of flax-seed oil. 

Several studies have shown that when horses are not receiving fish oil, their Omega-3 index is very low. Fortunately, after as few as 4 to 6 weeks of supplementation with Wellpride, your horse's Omega-3 levels can increase more than 50%. The benefits most observed are overall reduction of inflammation, joint improvement, shiny coat, better disposition, greater manageability, superior mental focus, improved endurance and a radical improvement in hoof health. 

Wellpride's omega-3 EPA/DHA promotes a sound and healthy immune system and has been associated with reduced stiffness and greater agility. It also economizes precious glycogen stores by naturally encouraging fatty acids to be burned instead. 

One 30 oz bottle - $49.95

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Feeding Instructions

One ounce per day for an average 1000 lb - 1200 lb horse


High quality, palatable Omega-3 Fish Oil (EPA & DHA) with citrus flavoring