Donald G Dean

No time like right now to make a change.

Manual A Better Me For A Better Us


As a certified life coach I have been helping people for a good many years now.

Personal holistic transformation to better health in your life is what I am all about and like most of us if your not happy at home your health goes right along with it.

In this book remember if you will think about the different ways you have felt when you meet some one new, or even how you feel with those you already know when the intent for touch is good, because you are  more open even a simple hug as they come close to you can bring people closer in life.

I added these because I have personally been in thousands of homes over the years and have seen what peoples home are like and what they do in there personal life.

 As a massage therapist I have also had thousands of people on my table and when people feel safe they talk about there life.

Therefore, I feel I have real hands on knowledge for what is missing in the lives of people.

As I have had much success in talking and offering ideas to these people for what they can change in there lives and I have seen great changes in both there personal lives as well as there personal health.

I would say that for all the homes I have been in weather it was a large wealthy home or a cute little home or apartment most people do not create a place in there homes for what truly matters most, a place for them to share and have a personal relationship with there partner.

 It is because of this I have written this book.


Ebook by Don

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