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Quotes The work is fantastic and you can tell the amount of love put in to make the little Snat. I am so happy that I can not wait to order more.^_^ Quotes
Handmade Craft Lover

Quotes This year for Christmas I purchased 4 figurines from Coyote's Blessings. I was loved them but what made them so awesome was how happy my nephew and 3 nieces were with their new "pets!" I will definitely be back for more!! Quotes
Happy Auntie

Quotes I absolutely fell in love with the little coiled-snake candle holders. I own a snake in real life, and when I saw there was a section for special instructions, I asked if one could be made in colors like his. What I got was not only adorable, the colors were *perfect*, even though they have never met my snake. Now I have the miniature snake sitting by the larger snake's tank, where he guards votive candles for me while I journal in the evenings. He's precious, I couldn't be happier with him or with how I was treated through the whole process. :) Quotes
Happy Snake Mom

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