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Whoopie Cookies    

If you like whoopie pies, then you will love the Whoopie Cookie. This scrumptious cookie sandwich is made from two of our delicious homemade cookies and filled with a rich, creamy filling. Each comes individually wrapped but is big enough to share.

Original- Chocolate sugar cookies filled with vanilla filling

Double Chocolate- Chocolate sugar cookies with chocolate filling

Mocha- Chocolate mocha cookies with a light mocha filling

Peanut Butter- Chocolate sugar cookies with peanut butter filling

Oatmeal Cream- Soft, chewy oatmeal cookies with vanilla filling

PB Oatmeal Cream- Soft, chewy oatmeal cookies with peanut butter filling

Pumpkin- Soft chewy pumpkin cookies with cream cheese filling

Chocolate Chip- Our homemade chocolate chip cookies filled with a creamy vanilla filling

Cookie Pops, Candies & More!

Edible Cookie Dough Pops-  Who doesn’t like to eat the cookie dough before you bake? Our edible cookie dough is egg free and safe to eat. Our cookie dough pops are rolled into balls, then dipped in your choice of milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate.

Chocolate Chip 

Party Cookie Dough

Cookies n Cream

Peanut Butter

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Triple Chocolate Chip

Rocky Road 

Monster Cookie Dough

Cheesecake Pops-  Delicious balls of real cheesecake, covered in chocolate or caramel and served on a lollipop stick.




Salt Caramel

Bark Cookies-  Layers of velvety bittersweet, milk or white chocolate with topped with candies, nuts, dried fruits and more. Like a candy bar, shaped like a cookie!

Chocolate Nut Cluster 

Cookie Dough

Chocolate Peanut Butter 


Monster Bark 

Rocky Road Bark


Caramel Sea Salt

Peanut Butter Cups                                                       Nut Clusters

White Chocolate                                                         White Chocolate

Milk Chocolate                                                             Milk Chocolate

Dark Chocolate                                                            Dark Chocolate

Marshmallows Pops                                                     Candies Pretzels

White Chocolate                                                          White Chocolate

Milk Chocolate                                                             Milk Chocolate

Dark Chocolate                                                             Dark Chocolate

Caramel                                                                         Caramel

Chocolate Covered Oreos

White Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

Dark Chocolate