Member of Clear Focus LLC


Member of Clear Focus LLC


Attorney at Law 

Steven Yeh is licensed and admitted to practice as an Attorney and Counselor at Law  in the State of New York.  Legal services are independent of and not affiliated with Clear Focus LLC. The Investment Center, Inc. or IC Advisory Services, Inc.

Estate, Trust, Charitable & Legacy Planning 

Last Will and Testament; General, Durable and Special Powers of Attorney;  Health Care Proxy and Living Will; Inter-Vivos, Testamentary , Special Needs, Legacy, Charitable, Insurance and Education Trusts

Estate planning, inter and intra-generational gifting, spend-thrift planning
Income, estate and gift tax planning, preparation and submission services

2013 IRS private letter ruling reinvigorates Nevada Incomplete Gift Non-Grantor Trusts (NING) for reducing state income tax burdens, offering some creditor protections while also preserving the step-up in asset basis at death- especially attractive for estates below the $ 5.45 million Unified Credit

Business Formation, Financing & Expansion

Business formation including LLCs, LLPs, Professional organizations, domestic and foreign corporations                                                                      
Business structure, intellectual capital, non-compete, financing, contracts for capital raising and funding.

Business & Personal Liability Protection

Partnership and entity cross purchase, buy-sell, key person, overhead, contingency and insurance planning

Information security, operations, regulatory policies and procedures

Using multiple LLC-structures for personal assets and business liability protection

Estates and Trust Education Resources

  • Domestic Self-Settled Spendthrift Trust: A self-settled spendthrift trust allows individuals to put assets beyond the reach of creditors while retaining some control over and access to those assets.
  • Dynasty Trust: A dynasty trust allows individuals with significant wealth to provide for multiple generations of descendants.
  • Estate Planning and Income Tax Basis: Income tax basis can be important when deciding whether to make gifts now or transfer property at your death.
  • Family Limited Partnership (FLP) or Limited Liability Company (FLLC): If you own and operate a family business, an FLP or FLLC could become a vital component of your estate plan.
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT): An ILIT is a trust primarily set up to hold one or more life insurance policies. The main purpose of an ILIT is to avoid federal estate tax.
  • Key Estate Planning Documents You Need: The five estate planning documents you may need.
  • Leaving a Legacy: To ensure that your legacy reaches your heirs as you intend, you must make the proper arrangements now.
  • Personal Document Locator: This Personal Document Locator is simply a detailed list of where you store your important records and papers and who your primary advisors and contacts are.
  • Planning for Incapacity: Planning ahead can ensure that your health-care wishes will be carried out, and that your finances will continue to be competently managed.
  • Revocable Living Trust:  A revocable living trust (also known as an inter vivos trust) is a separate legal entity created to own property, such as a home or investments.
  • Trust Basics: Whether you're seeking to manage your own assets, control how your assets are distributed after your death, or plan for incapacity, trusts can help you accomplish your estate planning goals.

Legal services begin with a confidential, no-obligation consultation to determine suitability. 

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