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The finest compliment I can ever receive is a referral from family, friends, and clients. Thank you so much,


Quotes Chris Johnson is an ideal representation of a top-level trainer and a one-man think tank of fitness knowledge. I am currently a manager at a gym and a client of Mr. Johnson's. I spent four years in the military and have since become somewhat of a couch potato, uninterested in fitness. After sustaining a few injuries that threatened my daily comfort, I decided to try personal training. I was in a professional position to evaluate the quality of personal trainers and Mr. Johnson was by far the superior choice. When trying to think of a single word to describe everything that Mr. Johnson is, I chose "connoisseur." Mr. Johnson has the ability to evaluate the needs of a client, use his intuition, which is backed by multiple degrees of education, and has a thorough understanding of the needs and expectations of each client. When you have a question of anything in fitness, skip the Siri and go straight to Chris. Quotes
Gym Manager & Veteran

Quotes Chris has been my trainer for almost a year now and I have been extremely satisfied with his knowledge, work ethic, and commitment to helping me succeed with my goals. After successfully running the Boston Marathon, I endured two challenging sports injuries that had been keeping me on the sidelines. Once I started working with Chris though, he developed a custom plan to rejuvenate my legs (and spirit) and get me back in gear. Definitely one of his biggest stengths is this innate ability to combine his vast experience and technical know-how with his understanding for the different body types and issues of his clients so he can be truly effective, not just preach a one-size fits all workout. Without Chris, I'd be back on the couch - Thanks for the help and coaching!! Quotes
Bill Jarry
Very Satisfied Client

Quotes "Chris is the best. He combines expert knowledge with a sincere desire to help his clients achieve results. Plus he's fun to work with, personable, easy going, and he makes what could be drudgery into a worthwhile and pleasant experience. I actually look forward to our sessions and that's saying a lot." Quotes
Doug Bailey
Proud Client

Quotes I have been training with Chris for the last 5 months, and I am extremely pleased and grateful to have him as my personal trainer. I have had other trainers in the past, but he's amongst the best. I'm 5-6', average built, and my goal is to have a well-toned physique. Having him has helped to realize my goals and understand the challenges involved in achieving them as Chris has written down a perfect set of routines for me to follow. He is extremely knowledgeable about his field and working with him has made me understand and appreciate the human physiology. He?s involved in a variety of physical activities, within and outside of the gym that is unlike most of the personal trainers. I would highly recommend anyone, novice or experienced, to have Chris Johnson as their trainer as there is always something new to learn from the one who is always ahead of the curve. Quotes
"Extremely pleased and gratefull"

Quotes I highly recommend Chris as a trainer! I am currently injured and needed a program that takes into consideration my injury while still being able to work out. Chris took the time to review my physical therapy program. Then he constructed 2*30min exercise sessions for me that I can alternate and do parallel to my PT. He provided guidance throughout the exercises, i.e. good posture, what not to do,... While an injury can be 'frustrating', I have renewed enthusiasm that while I can't do my favorite activities, I can nonetheless enjoy productive workout sessions. Thank you, Chris! Quotes
Monica R.

Quotes When you hold the expertise to recognize each individual's goals instilling within them personal motivation while skillfully teaching them to push beyond these goals, you have a true Master Trainer...You have Chris Johnson. Quotes
Niki Lew
Competitive Swimmer

Quotes Chris has a very unique way of approaching ones level of strength and conditioning. This approach was not only helpful in training me for soccer, but it is an approach that I strive to adopt into my everyday life. He is very honest with me; if I am not performing to the best of my abilities than he will not let me settle for it. His knowledge of the human body and the way that all the different muscles interact with both the brain and the heart is unmatchable. Along with his nutritional knowledge, I can guarantee that Chris will push you to achieve your goals; all you have to do is figure out what you want. Quotes
Kaeghan Kelly
College soccer player

Quotes Chris is a superb personal trainer. He is quite knowledgeable in his field and passionate about his work. I recommend him highly! I have lost 10 lbs and I feel great! Quotes
Wendy Santis
Satisfied Client

Quotes I highly recommend Chris for all of your fitness training needs! He will push and "keep you going" on those days when you do not feel like putting the most into training! Chris will make it an enjoyable experience for you! Quotes
Phil Parisi

Quotes Thanks for showing me all those excercises yesterday. My routine had become so stale and monotonous. I now will be looking forward to going to the gym rather then dreading it. Thanks, bro. Quotes
Seton Murphy
Author of The Running Waves