"Where Love Makes the Difference"

 "Recommend Jesus" Album

The music ministry of Canaan Community Church has finished the recording process of their debut recording,  titled, "Recommend Jesus".  This recording will be an ecclectic mix of Contemporary and Traditional music.  

Our goal is to remind our community of Englewood, the city of Chicago and the entire world that we if we would like to see transformation happen we cannot do it apart from our faith.  As a church which believes that God's greatest desire is to see people and communities transformed with the gospel of Christ we recognize that there are many solutions to the myriad of struggles which face our communities.  However, we have noticed that as people present solutions they often want to leave out what we believe is the one component which cannot be missing... FAITH!

 Therefore, this album is our declaration that, even with all of the other recommendations being made for how transformation and restoration can happen, we still RECOMMEND JESUS!  We truly believe that when our communities reconnect to their faith the process of transformation can begin.  With soulful ballads such as "How Excellent" and "God Will Answer " as well as bold chants such as "The Last Say" we want to remind our neighbors that God has not forsaken our community he is with us and is waiting for us to call on his name!  Once again or best and final recommendation for our city is... JESUS!  


  copyright HSE Music Group 2015

1. How Excellent (feat. Pastah J)

2. Recommend Jesus(Englewood Vibe) [feat. Pastah J]

3. God Will Answer

4. Recommend Jesus (feat. Tanya Fields)

5. He's Able (Carry You) [feat. Kimberly Lane]

6. Celebrate Jesus

7. Proving (You Keep)

8. The Last Say (feat. Pastah J)

9. How Excellent (Instrumental)


You can download or purchase the album on any of the below apps or sites. 

The entire World is Looking at Chicago, she's been known in the past as "Rat a tat tat", the home of Al Capone...we've seen our Beautiful city build itself up from that Image to the Great Harold Washington, the cities 1st African American Mayor, to the Champion City that Micheal Jordan Built. We are now embedded deep in a battle on our streets that we have seen splashed in Headlines world wide. A deep city that is no longer Defined by our tenacity to build, our ingenuity, our teams, nor our music, but the violence on our streets.

This 9 track CD let's us know that there IS an answer, there IS a way, there IS Hope and that Hope is in Christ. Walk with us through a city and a neighborhood that WON'T be defined by despair, but by the Hope that lives in each of us and that Lives and Breathes and Walks through the Streets of Chicago.

Says Brian Dunn songwriter... "We started this project in Celebration of our 10 year anniversary...It started with The Last Say and it was an answer to making it through the 1st 10 Years, at least that was what I thought, but ain't it Like God to have His say and say ....NO, I was giving you an answer for the city, for this state, for this Nation, for this Planet... Recommend Jesus to the's a World answer to Poverty, to War, to Racism, and Class based society, it's an Answer to every issue we face..."

Our Answer to the issues of Violence is an Answer that will Heal not Just Chicago but the Planet..... We Recommend Jesus!