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1976 The Entebbe Blitz is a fictional solitaire war game inspired by the events that took place on the 4th of july 1976 at the airport of Entebbe - Uganda, where a group of terrorists. Who had hijacked an Air France Boeing, were holding prisoners, inside the airport premises, the crew and the Israeli passengers of the civilian air plane. The operation, run by Israeli special forces was a complete success. The mission ended with the rescue of the hostages.
1 sheet of 1,5 cm x 87 counters and markers unmounted printed on A4 200 gsm paper.
2 x D6 dice
1 x A3 size premium quality paper 160 gsm. folded playing board.
1 x A3 size premium quality paper 80 gsm. folded playing board.
Color Rules Booklet A4 size
Plastic zip folder

1976 The Entebbe Blitz, a Brascogames Production:
Game Designer: Marco Campari
Art: Richard Taylor
Executive Producer: Nello Cozzolino for Brascogames London U.K. 2019

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