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Gas Chlorination



The S10K Chlorinator is an all-vacuum operated, direct cylinder-mounted unit. It puts the vacuum-regulating valve right at the gas source and reduces gas pressure to a vacuum.




Our V10K system is a remote vacuum solution-type feeder. Use it with four of the most common gases for disinfecting and treating municipal and industrial water and wastewater.




The Series V-2000 wall-mounted chlorinator is a more compact V-2000 than the floor-mounted unit with identical reliability and performance. The wall-mounted unit has capacity of up to 3,000 lbs. of chlorine per day.



  Series 55-400 Remote Vacuum Switchover

Wallace & Tiernan® Series 55-400 remote vacuum switchover unit provides unattended
switchover to a fresh gas supply when the on-line supply is exhausted. It provides for vacuum manifolding of multiple gas containers for high capacity feedrates up to 4000 PPD of chlorine or its equivalent. This unit is installed in the vacuum gas feed line between separate banks of vacuum regulating valves and the gas control unit of a new or existing gas feed disinfection system.