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The DEPOLOX® 400M ANALYZER is applicable in drinking and process water industry.

​The analyzer can incorporate up to three well proven measurement parameters: a disinfectant such as free or total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, or potassium permanganate, pH or fluoride and temperature. The analyzer is available with two amperometric disinfectant measurement technologies: DEPOLOX 5 C flow cell which utilizes the fast reacting bare electrode and the VariaSens™C flow cell which incorporates the membrane based amperometric sensor technology. It is possible to utilize the older style DEPOLOX 5 flow cell and VariaSens flow cells with the new electronics.

The DEPOLOX® 400M analyzer uses a 4” color touch panel for an intuitive user interface and an LED lit flow cell that can be programmed to change color in case of an alarm condition. All measurement parameters are shown on a single screen.


The Wallace & Tiernan Products Depolox® 3 plus residual analyzer continuously measures free or total (combined) chlorine in drinking water applications. Utilizing proven and universally accepted amperometric measurement technology, this analyzer directly measures chlorine residuals and provides an isolated 4-20 mA output signal for control or recording purposes. Integral alarm relays are included. The analyzer is also available in a dual input arrangement for measuring pH or fluoride, along with chlorine.




The Wallace & Tiernan Products Micro/2000 Residual Analyzer is the industry’s most versatile,accurate and reliable on-line instrument for continu-ous measurement of oxidant residuals. High accuracy and the ability to mea-sure low residuals down to 1 PPB bring a new level of efficiency to the disinfec-tion process regardless of the applica-tion. From potable water and wastewater treatment to cooling water, swimming pools and industrial processes, the Micro/2000 Analyzer helps you control your entire treatment process from pre-treatment using Potassium Permanganate, Chlorine Dioxide or Chlorine to distribu-tion residual monitoring of Chloramines or free Chlorine.




The Wallace & Tiernan Products Deox/2000 Dechlorination Analyzer is the most effective on-lineinstrument for accurate measurement of both SO 2 and total Chlorine residuals in waste-water plant effluent. With its "center zero" residual analysis capability, con-trol to an SO 2 setpoint is achievable and ensures complete dechlorination at a level to support compliance with dis-charge permits. Costly SO 2 overdosing is eliminated. The Deox/2000 uses a unique process to measure sulfite residuals. It is based on the principle of biasing the sample with an iodine source which is unaffect-ed by sample quality. With a stable "iodine bias", SO 2 or Cl 2 residuals are automatically determined from the measured amount of iodine reacted with the sample.




“The MFC Analyzer/ Controller offers a broad combination of drinking water analysis and disinfection/chemical control in a single piece of equipment. Up to four water quality parameters, such as free and total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, fluoride, conductivity, redox, pH and temperature can be measured by a single or multiple wet sides. A variety of flow cells are available, including the proven Depolox ® 5 bare-electrode measuring cell for free chlorine and the VariaSens™ flow block for utilizing the proven membrane-type oxidant sensors. Integral control functions, such as flow proportional, direct residual, compound loop and set-point trim are standard for controlling the output of a chlorinator or metering pump to maintain a set desire level of disinfection and water quality.”




 The SFC analyzer/controller is a highly flexible measurement and control system for use in disinfection and water chemistry control applications.  Its versatility includes single water parameter analyzer, proportional controller, compound loop controller and single parameter analyzer with control capabilities.