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On September 7, 2013, Tara Greene joined Beyond Worlds Tarot Tribe to teach us about astrology within the tarot deck.  That episode can be found HERE.

Tara Greene is a professional  Intuitive counsellor, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Psychic workshop leader, corporate adviser and metaphysical teacher living in Toronto Canada. She has consulted for over 28,000 individuals world wide for 22 years. Tara is a transformational Psychotherapist, Shamanic healer, self-taught Astrologer, certified Tarot Reader. Tara loves to write about Astrology and the Tarot and is writing a book and producing Cd’s and classes. She will be leading tours to Sedona and Italy.

Learn more about Tara by visiting her website at  

Tara will be discussing 12 of the major Trumps as they relate to the 12 astrology signs:


Sign                      Major Trump             House            Quadruplicity         Element           Planetary Ruler


ARIES                 #4 the Emperor          1st house           Cardinal                 Fire                    Mars

TAURUS             #5 The Pope               2nd house           Fixed                     Earth                 Venus

GEMINI              #6 The Lovers            3rd house           Mutable                 Air                     Mercury

CANCER            #7 The Chariot          4th house            Cardinal                Water                 The Moon

LEO                    #8 Strength                 5th house            Fixed                     Fire                    The SUN

VIRGO               #9 The Hermit            6th house            Mutable                Earth                   Mercury

LIBRA                #11 Justice                  7th house            Cardinal                Air                      Venus

SCORPIO           #13 Death                   8th house            Fixed                     Water                  Mars & Pluto

SAGITTARIUS  #14 Temperance        9th house            Mutable                 Fire                     Jupiter

CAPRRICORN  #15  The Devil          10th house            Cardinal                Earth                   Saturn

AQUARIUS       #17  The Star            11th house            Fixed                    Air                       Saturn & Uranus

PISCES               # 18 The Moon         12th house           Mutable                Water                   Jupiter & Neptune


The 12 COURT CARDS govern Astrology Signs- shadings of each personality card

Understanding the astrology decans each card rules helps us to understand the subtleties of each personality illustrated.


Each Astrology sign is broken down into 3 parts called decans of 10 degrees each.


The 1st decan represents the 1st sign of its element.

1-10 degrees of any sign- for ex. Aries is the 1st  Fire sign it express these qualities.

The 2nd decan expressed the 2nd sign of its element 11-20 degrees of a sign –Leo, 2nd fire

The 3rd decan represents  the 3rd sign of its element 21-30 inclusive degrees of any sign- Sagittarius in the 3rd sign for the element of Fire and so on.


The Queen of Wands- last decan of Pisces till the 2nd decan of Aries March 11-April 10

The Prince of Disks - last decan of Aries until the -2nd decan of Taurus April 11- May 10

The King of Swords- last decan of Taurus until  the  2nd decan of Gemini May 11-June 10

The Queen of Cups-last decan of Gemini until the 2nd decan of Cancer –June 11-July 11

The Prince of Wands-last decan of Cancer until the 2nd decan of Leo – July 12- Aug 11

The King of Disks- last decan of Leo until the 2nd decan of Virgo- Aug. 11-Sept 11

The Queen of Swords-last decan of Virgo until the 2nd decan of Libra-Sept. 12- Oct. 12

The Prince of Cups- last decan of Libra until the 2nd decan of Scorpio- Oct. 13 – Nov. 12

The King of Wands-last decan of Scorpio til the 2nd decan of Sagittarius-Nov 13- Dec 12

The Queen of Disks- last decan of Sagittarius til the 2nd decan of Capricorn- Dec 13-Jan 9

Prince of Swords-last decan of Capricorn til the 2nd decan of Aquarius- Jan 10-Feb 8

King of Cups- last decan of Aquarius until 2nd decan of Pisces- Feb 9- March 10