Bayani Warrior Martial Arts

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Atienza Kali is a contemporary blade fighting system that specializes in the combative use of blades of all sizes. 

The Atienza Kali system was developed on the tough streets of Jamaica, Queens New York City in the 1970s and 1980s. During this time, ambushes by multiple attackers was a very common occurrence. The Atienza family trained not for sport or competition, but to simply deal with the attacks they witnessed or were subject to on a regular basis in their neighborhood.

Atienza Kali curriculum is founded upon the use of the long-blade, such as a sword or a Bolo. The system also covers smaller blades such as knives and daggers. The aim is to instruct the student in how to utilize the blade as a tool to aid with the protection of the family. Training is focused on Multiple Attacker scenarios as well as fighting in a team setting.