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Good Husbandry = Healthy Hens

Products: We now do a large range of poultry products, please scroll down to view what we offer.


We stock Farmgate Layers Pellets and Growers Pellets which we can supply in large 20kg sacks or small 3.25kg bags.

Available now   

Layers Pellets 20kg bag  £12

Growers Pellets 20kg bag  £12

Chick Crumb 20kg bag  £15

Small 3.25kg bags of feed 

Available Now

Layers Pellets  £4

Growers Pellets  £4

Chick Crumb  £4

Mixed Corn  £4

Quail Pellets £5

Feeders & Drinkers


Suitable for chicks and growers and quail.

The drinker is 0.6 litre and the feeder is 30cm long.

Available Now    £10 the set


Suitable for Quail, growers or bantams or even a couple of hens. Consisting of a 1.5 litre drinker with a 50cm trough feeder.

Available Now    £12 the set


Medium drinker and feeder set

Suitable for growers, bantams and full sized hens

2.5 litre drinker

1.5 kg feeder

Sold Out       £15 the set


Large Feeder & Drinker set

Suitable for Bantams or full sized hens.

3.5 litre Drinker

1.5kg Feeder

Available Now    £18 the set


Brilliant Feeder and Drinker combo.

Suitable for Bantams or full sized chickens

7 litre Drinker

2.5kg feeder

Both come with attachable legs

Available Now   £25 the set


Very Large Feeder & Drinker Set

Suitable for Bantams or full sized hens

7 litre Drinker

6kg Feeder

Both come with attachable legs

Available now   £30 the set


A substantial set great for larger flocks or just replenishing less often.

12 Litre Drinker

6 kg Feeder with rain hat

Both come with attachable legs

Available Now  £32 the set

Chick Starter Kit


Clip on lamp with 2m cord & plug, 

2 x 60w heat bulbs, 



3.25kg feed

2 x bales of bedding

Available Now   £40

Quail Starter Kit




3.25kg micro Quail pellets

Bale of bedding

Dozen egg box

Available Now   £20


Cage Cups in four colours

Available Now   £2 each

Scoops in three different colours

Available Now   £4 each

Small 1kg Bales of dust extracted wood shavings. 

Perfect for the floor and nest boxes of Hen, Bantam and Quail housing as well as chick brooder boxes.

Available Now

£3 per bale

Larger 4kg bales also available for £8

Poultry Health Products

Healthy Hens
Pack 1

Keeping your hens in tip top condition is key to happy hens. This pack consists of a half kilo pot of Poultry Pep, a feed additive full of vitamins and spices and a 1 litre bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar for good gut health.

Healthy Hens 
Pack 2

Our second pack consists of a peck-a-block to keep your hens occupied, a 1.5kg pot of flint grit to aid digestion and a 1 litre bottle of Poultry drink full of essential vitamins to keep chickens looking and feeling great.

Essential Care Pack

These are the products all poultry keepers should have on hand during times of need. This pack consists of a bottle of scaly leg mite spray, a shell, feather and bone supplement for times of growing, moult or poor egg shell quality and an anti peck spray to discourage pecking in flocks.

Mite Buster Pack

Red mite are the bane of chickens lives and here we have a pack of two products to help. Smite DE powder in a puffer bottle to get into all those nooks and crannies and mite rescue remedy to aid the chickens recovery from a mite infestation - full of iron and other essential vitamins for a speedy recovery

Purple Spray

Great for using on wounds, bald patches, etc. It promotes healing and discourages feather pecking.

Poultry Care

Here at Hen House Poultry, our motto is, "Good Husbandry = Healthy Hens" and the products which we have hand picked here are all ones we use ourselves and are a part of what keeps a flock happy and healthy.


Flint Grit

Flint Grit is an insoluble grit and is essential in aiding the digestion of chickens. As they have no teeth, they swallow these grits into their gizzard which helps to grind up their food. All chickens should have access to this grit.

Oystershell Grit

This grit is a soluble grit which gives chickens calcium to aid strong bones and good egg shell quality. It does a completely different job to flint grit and both are necessary.

Chick Grit

Chicks need grit too and this grit is much smaller, just right for chicks, growers and Quail. It aids their digestion and is often overlooked by chick keepers.