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Laika - The first dog in space

On the anniversary of the flight of "Laika, the first dog in space," an expert talks to his Italian barber.

The barber is impressed with 'Laika's' trip into space. Says 'alika this', 'laika that'. Not happy with dog being sent to her death.

Expert says, 'laika's not her name, it's her breed. She's NOT 'laika', she's A laika.'

Barber says no way. "She's-a no laika', he replies. 'she's-a have-a no choice.'

Source: unknown

In 2007, Nick Abadzis wrote a graphic novel called 'Laika' about the first dog to go into space. Later he wrote alternative endings with Laika coming home.These were commissioned by 'Big Planet Comics' who have a website.

Here is a short animation with a happy ending for Laika - the first animal and dog in space.

Dazzling Dogs in Space

©  Oliopi -

Space Dog with Jetpack
© Jeffrey Thompson |


By Julian Frost (Flickr ID: Newhaircut)

He has additional dog cartoons

Creative Commons License

Space Kid
© John Taka |
Flying Dogs
© Eric Simard |

Snoopy - the only dog to land on the moon

 Mission Poster - click here.

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Traveling Exhibit To The Moon: Snoopy Soars with NASA - click here.

Click here and here  to about an exhibit  which celebrated Snoopy's 40th anniversary of flying to the Moon.

Charlie Brown and Snoopy on the Moon - click here.

Podcast and transcription about Snoopy's moon visit is available on 365 days of astronomy website.

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