When life decides to play one of her games she does it in such a way that you don’t know if you have to feel happy or not about it.


You may reach a point that you believe that you have everything and of course feel happy with yourself and suddenly all is changed in a single heart beat and you find yourself in a position that you have to take some decisions the you did not believe that you will be ‘’forced’’ to do. Our story is like that.


Mr Melvin was one of the few remaining romantic ideologists in our today’s world. Maybe he did not belong here. Maybe he was forgotten by another era of the history when these things meant something. Well he was here and like everybody he had his dreams.


His dream; to live and work in the far east, were legends and mystery was the everyday life. On the other hand his heart was full with love for his country and the hope to find a person to share it with as well as his dreams. And so on the fight between the dreams and the heart was keep on going. But dreams are beautiful because we shape them the ideal away and they can only be good. The heart on the other the very few times that it believed that it found what it was searching was brought very harshly back to reality. So the battle was ending always in favour of the dreams.


The heart have not stopped hopping and was always looking for a sheltered port to stay there for ever but you will ask what would have happened to the dreams if this happened? Well sometimes dreams better remain dreams, this way they do not lose either their beauty or their magic.


And so on life decided to play her own game. After a series of ‘’failures’’ the efforts started yielding results, at least at the professional life as in his personal life he remained alone. So when one day suddenly his job decided to send him to the far east at their branch there for a small period of time he believed that he will finally live his dream and everything become even more happy when someone, even at the last moment said that will wait for him to come back.


That was it, heart has won at the end and the trip took another shape. The one that he could live his dream and satisfy his dreams, put the hopefully good memories in his bank and after share them with a person that said that will wait.


So Melvin believed that he managed to achieve something that many would envy him. And hat was that? To make his dream reality and also follow his heart. At least he knew inside him and that was the basic thing that he did not give up, he moved forward inspite all the obstacles and at the end he reached his peak.


Only he reached it alone because the trip was prolonged and the person ‘’could not wait’’ proving for one more time that true love is hard to find.


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