There is always a time that we have to take some decisions about our life. The guide in such decisions must not be the past and what happened to us in the past. The past is gone. We must not leave an unpleasant memory or a bad experience to be our stopping in the chance that may appear in our life.


Of course there are the people that do that because they want to, because it suits them, as they do not have the courage or the will to fight for something better. They deserve what happens to them because as they say, everybody builds his own cell to leave in.


In order to continue, what it means that in a certain stage of our life we got hurt, for any reason and that is a good excuse to use to stop us and to blame for anything going wrong with our lives.


You do not have to search very far. Just watch the games for handicapped children. What they have to do? Hide in a room and never leave? Not only they did not do that but also they fight for a better life that we take for granted and we do not understand.


Obstacles always exist. Our target should be to overpass them and leave them behind us and not let them keep us down. If this happens then we have done the most difficult step, the first. On the other hand if we bow our head the only thing that we can do is to say thank you when we will receive the failures and misery that we are going to attract to our selves.


In life, if you do not fight then you are one with the sidelines and you must not have the expectation for others to treat you like you are part of real life.


Now you know. What you want to be? The victims that moan all the time or with the ones that move ahead and at the end manage to reach their targets. The decision is yours. On the one hand a tough road that leads to success and on the other a field of loneliness.


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