Lemnos Island 1987




Today I went for a walk to the nearby village, alone. I made a telephone call that filled me with hope and after I took the road of return.


The full moon was rising. As I reached the last houses of the village somebody joined me and I accepted his company. He followed me all the way and did not talk. Just listened and with his eyes he was looking and it was like he was saying, courage there is an end to everything.


This way I felt a weight lifted from my chest and he was taking it without any complain. It was like he wanted to help the only way he knew, by looking at me and give me courage to keep going.


The time has passed and the time to depart company has arrived. I looked at him in his eyes like he did. He said courage, I said thank you.


As we took our separate ways we both felt that a bond was formed between us, the dog and me. He was looking for company and I was looking for somebody to listen to me and help me the way he did.


My friend, thank you. I will never forget you.


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