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This website was damaged by software changes in November, 2016. This had become much worse in March, 2018. I intend to keep this site running as best as I can for as long as possible. As of May, 2019, websites that present too much truth and have a large enough audience are being shutdown.

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Various Links to Infowar Websites

Alex Jones explains in a plain speaking manner the situation with the fearsome New Wor1d 0rder like no one else!


The link to listen on1ine to Infowars is on the upper right of the Infowars h0me page. It runs on a 24/7 basis. 

Give PrisonPlanetTV a try! The URL is at: http://tv.infowars.com/

Additional-subsidiary Infowar websites: 




Some key websites pertaining to the incredible Billy Meier UFO case:

The Future of Mankind website

Billy Meier Wiki (a wikipedia-like site on Billy Meier)

(The c0mplete raw URL is given below in case the link above is not w0rking) http://futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Main_Page

The Pleiadian/Plejaren Contacts Reports of Billy Meier are a very important subsection of The Future of Mankind website above, and this is why I include a separate URL for it here:

The Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports 

http://ca.figu.org/ (That's the Canadian site for FIGU)

A very good USA based website: https://www.creationaltruth.org/  

http://theyfly.com/ (Michael Horn's large USA based website)

http://au.figu.org/  (A very good site from Australia)




Real Truth Websites and Webcasts

 Internet Radio show of special focus: 

This hard hitting talk show called the X22 Report focuses on the ongoing worldwide econ0mic co11apse, especially here in AmeriKa. 






Red Ice Creations pretty much reports anything the state-run lamestream media won't. There are MANY Internet radio shows originating from this website. 


Waking Times describes itself as focusing on natural hea1th, living with awareness and elevating consciousness.





The Moon, Mars and Time Travel

The Living Moon website

(aka The Pegasus Research Consortium)

John Lear on The Living Moon website

Andrew Basiago: Government Time Travel and the Mars Program Secrets Exposed! 



Best source on the Philadelphia Experiment

https://www.de173.com/ by Andrew H. Hochheimer


The Montauk Project


For those who know little of the proverbial "Montauk Project", it was located on the Northeastern tip of Long Island and is where an actual time tunnel project was located until 1983 when the base was effectively destroyed by way of sabotage from within. The whole story is a very long story which is the subject of a number of websites.

Fukushima Radiation....and Aliens


A website that monitors the ongoing radiation situation in St Louis, Missouri, USA:

St Louis outdoor radiation monitor:


Working against the state run lamestream media blackout to cover the Fukushima radiation situation:

Here is the Raw URL in case the link on the banner isn't working:



Additional websites that focus on Fukushima:








The Kingdom of Brantonia

This website is perhaps the most unrecognized negative alien websites around. Alan Walton, the owner, may be one of the earliest originators of negative alien conspiracies. This site should not be discounted or summarily dismissed.

The book-link is to The Secrets of the Mojave 

Raw URL: http://www.angelfire.com/ut/branton/

Branton's online books are available here:

MIND CONTROL and 'SUPER-MEN' PROJECTS http://www.angelfire.com/nm2/aona/branton3.html


Illuminati News

This website is another well done, but somewhat unrecognized website about the Illuminati on the web. Wes Penre, the owner, established this site way back in 1998.

Raw URL: http://www.illuminati-news.com/index.htm

also see:  http://wespenre.com/


                 R.I.P. Lloyd Pye --Sept 7, 1946 - Dec 9, 2013               

Also see www.lloydpye.com

A YouTube video regarding DNA testing on the alien skull:



Two BIG GUNS of the Truth Movement going way back!

This is the website of one of the original great conspiracy realists, Jordan Maxwell:



Here are some websites of another one of the original great conspiracy realists,       Jon Rappoport:

The banner above is linked to Jon's Wordpress Blog, which is no longer in service! Sometime in May, 2019, it was taken down for presenting too much truth! The raw URL was http://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/ (now defunct)

Jon's blog is now here:    https://blog.nomorefakenews.com 

Jon started his days on the Internet at: NoMoreFakeNews The raw URL is http://nomorefakenews.com/index.html This website is still functioning in 2019 so far.

He has an interesting bio on this page here: http://nomorefakenews.com/aboutjon.html


Some more ET/Alien, UFO disclosure, and ET/Alien contact issue websites

Cosmic People

I have on occasion been perusing the Cosmic-People website for years. I know it appears to be flaky to purists but the artwork is undeniable! It's run by a certain Ivo Benda of the Czech Republic. I don't know if he does the artwork or has friends helping out. I suspect he has some sort of quasi-contact situation going on. 

Here is the raw URL in case the photo-link is not working:                       http://www.cosmic-people.com/english/default_en.htm






Misty's Reality Bending Stories website: http://www.angelfire.com/nm2/aona/index.html



 Alleged Secret Apollo Moonshots after Apollo 17 








 Neil Gould's Exopolitics website:


Free online UFO related books can be found on Neil Gould's site here:







 Alec Newald's Coevolution website:  https://coev.webs.com/


Hodgepodge of other esoteric paranormal websites





http://cheniere.org/index.html (Tom Beardon's website)


Mind Control Issues

Want To Know http://www.wanttoknow.info/mindcontrol                           

Masonic Hazing: http://www.henrymakow.com/hazing.html     


Some of Kay Griggs' story: http://www.whale.to/b/griggs.html

YouTube video interviews of Kay Griggs start here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQNitCNycKQ

Pseudo-Occult Media pseudoccultmedia.blogspot.com



Devaron is a self proclaimed alien/human, i.e., a "changeling" (children who are surreptitiously substituted for another by ETs). He was on the Coast to Coast AM radio show on Feb 20, 2013. This is a very good website, and the primary focus is on the Ancient Aliens issue.




http://beforeus.com/ Jonathan Gray's archaeology of ancient unknown artifacts



By an unknown author has many interesting articles on conspiracy and paranormal issues.



John Jensen's former website has since been converted to a summary PDF which you can download. His work pertains to his discovery using Google Earth to find robust scientific evidence of remnant canals and harbors that existed along the east coast of the United States running down perhaps to Mexico as far back as 7,100 to 7,400 years ago. (Helirods editor's note: These are probably remnants of Atlantis!)



Unknown gentleman who does a lot of weather and geological analysis along with certain other touchy subjects 


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