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"Health, Wealth, Peace, Higher Consciousness and Success 
are the birthright of every man and woman." 
                                                                 -- Saramen


It has been proven since time immemorial that sincere prayers have protected people from diseases, disasters and unnecessary death. This is common in all spiritual and religious traditions. So if you pray, utter your prayers either verbally or mentally, with sincerity, humility and complete faith and surrender to God. These you must feel with honesty in your heart and your prayers are sure to be answered and manifested in your life. 

Here are some samples of Prayers:

For Forgiveness and Healing - Psalm 32.

For Peace and Prosperity -  Psalm 23.

For Protection from all plagues, pestilences, disasters and wars, and for protection from unnecessary injuries and death -  Psalm 91.

For Attunement and Communion with God and the Glory of His Creation - Psalm 104.

You can even pray with your own words and thoughts as long as you feel the aforementioned virtues. It is best to pray in secret without anybody seeing you- you and God alone.

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