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After I had made the decision to enlist into the Navy, I decided I needed to get into shape for boot camp. Not only did I want to be able to pass boot camp, I wanted to dominate.  So I went to Ken.  My buddy went to him a few years back and his transformation was stunning to say the least.  So I knew Ken was the guy to go to,  and boy was I right.  Seeing Ken for my first workout was a wake up call. I could barely get through the first workout, and had to take many breaks to do so.  By the end of my time with Ken, I was crushing workouts.  As he would say, the workouts don’t get easier, you just get better.  Ken introduced me to a diet and fitness regiment that worked numbers for me.  Ken is inspiring, and a no BS guy.  He will help you get to where you need to be.  But he leaves a lot of trust with you to make sure you follow your diet plan, and show up to every appointment on time and ready to go.  And if you don’t, he will surely let you know. He is supportive, and genuinely cares about your desire to change your life.  Needless to say, I did end up dominating boot camp.  Never would I have imagined myself to be in better shape than 90% of recruits at military boot camp; but I was.  And I owe a lot of that to Ken.  If you want quick, effective, and sustainable results, Ken is 100% your guy.  Thank you Ken for everything.  You have changed my life.

Chuck Boyle - Navy Enlistee
Dominated Boot Camp

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I have defined myself in many ways through my life: as a mother, a wife-and, among other things, as someone who works out. I've never led a team to greatness or achieved anything physically noteworthy. But, I have believed we are all better when we try to improve, and, in a gym, I could measure growth and progress among weights and mats and bands. That is, until a ruptured disk in my back resulted in two doctors breaking the news: I would never run or lift again. Eventually and stubbornly, I tried a session with Ken. I explained I could not hold a weight because it would compress my spine. I explained I could not lean forward or back, I couldn't jump or push or twist. Ken carefully listened and said, "Trust me." With that, Ken gave me back my life. We are a team: him, carefully watching and evaluating the risk of my every move; me, giving feedback, admitting when my pain starts, adjusting my routine to accommodate my issues. CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

Laura Byrne

Want You Life Back or a New Approach to an Old Routine?

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Ken Brunskill = Results! I started working out with Ken 2 years ago after he trained my son for high school football. I was tired of classes and large gyms not getting the results I wanted. I was very pleased to find that Ken created my own customized workout, taking into account my bad knees. I have never felt better and am in the best shape of my adult life. Even when I was in a car accident, broke my foot, and sprained my hand Ken modified my workouts so I could continue getting the results I wanted, without skipping my training sessions. My 11 year old athletic daughter now works out with Ken too. He has made her strong, agile and has built her confidence. She is now a better athlete and is able to perform amazingly on the field and court. Both of our results are amazing. We are so pleased!  

Cindi Ernst

You Can Still Workout While You're Injured

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I wanted to start off by thanking Ken for everything he has done for me so far in my weightlifting experience. From the day I stepped into Ken's gym, to where I am now, there is not a doubt in my mind that I would not have been so successful without the help of Achieve Personal Training. I am currently a 17 year old sophomore who was held back freshman year in the attempt to play Division 1 lacrosse. The main reason why I decided to stay back was that I was too short and small for my grade and most likely didn't have a shot to play lacrosse in college at the level I wanted to play. I went to multiple doctors throughout the year and all of them told me that my bone age was not the same as my current age. This frightened me because as I got older, kids were getting faster and stronger, but I would stay the same.

Matthew Graziano

Delayed Growth/Small for Age: Eating and Training Can Help!

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I wanted to thank Ken for all his dedication and all he's done to get me back in good shape. Four months ago (July 2013), I started back with Ken at Achieve Personal Training and since then I have lost 23 pounds and I am feeling much healthier. Thank you for introducing me to the Paleo Diet - it has been an amazing "life style" change for my wife Ricki and I. We highly recommend Ken's fitness program and nutritional counseling to all those looking to improve their health and fitness level. We have been recommending Ken to all our patients.  

Julio C. Guerra, MD, FAAP - Hackettstown Regional Medical Center

Medical Director of Pediatric Hospitalist Program

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My whole life, I have struggled with my bad eating habits. I have starved myself, binged and purged and have been an emotional overeater. I had always enjoyed excersizing when I was younger, but as I got older and had 3 children the weight stayed on and the excersize was very sporadic at best. After the birth of my fourth child, I continued to gain weight and had enough when the scale tipped at 220 lbs. I told my husband I wanted to go to a personal trainer as my Christmas present, and he found Ken in Randolph, NJ. Ken has helped me stay focused and disciplined and not to beat myself up when I make mistakes along the way. He taught me how to eat healthy, be aware of what I am eating and why, and how my body works. Basically, there has been a total change in my eating habits, excersize routine and relationship with food. No more beating myself up for bad choices! His training methods are great! He pushes me to reach my potential... CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY


Mom of 4 Children

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I have been working out with Ken at Achieve Personal Training near Mendham, NJ for almost 6 years. Having played for Coach Jim Baglin at Mendham High School, I was no stranger to hard work on the court, but off the court, in the weight room was something I was unfamiliar with. I began working out with Ken the beginning of my senior year of high school and saw results almost instantly. The 2003-4 season was, personally, the best season of my career at Mendham. As co-captain I averaged 18 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists per game along with a 54% field goal percentage. I was a 1,000 point scorer, top 3 leading scorer in the county, made 1st team All-Iron Hills Conference and was a member of the Morris County Tournament All Tournament Team... CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY  

Robert Thomas, Jr.

High School to Pro Athlete

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step", that step was the first day I walked through Ken's door. Over the next few years, my experience at Achieve placed me upon a path that would of previously been considered unconceivable. When I first walked through the door, I was an overweight middle-schooler with a speech impediment. I was having a tough time in school, and was lacking some much needed self-confidence. Over the next year, the results I saw and felt were impressive. I had acquired so much self-confidence, that my speech impediment had vanished. The transition from going to the class "zero", to being the big confident guy was so sweet. Over the course of my high school career, I was able to accomplish all of my goals because of the foundation I had built at Achieve. I went from being a back-up on the freshman football team to being a decorated varsity captain my senior year.

Matthew Kuhn

Strongest High School Athlete in the Country | College Football

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When I decided to call Ken Brunskill several months ago, I could not have imagined that my life would change so much for the better. As a full-time professional and mother of a toddler, I had conditioned myself to prioritize nearly everything else before my own health and happiness. I was constantly exhausted and increasingly depressed, and I knew something had to change for my sake and for the good of my family. Calling Ken was the beginning of innumerable positive changes for me. With empathy and wisdom, Ken has skillfully guided me to a much healthier way of life both physically and mentally. Ken is an amazing person to have on your team because he focuses on basics and leads (rather than coerces) you to take better care of yourself. Unlike a lot of "trainers", his credibility stems from the fact that he follows his own advice and strategies for being fit. He also happens to be one of the savviest and most honest business people I've known.  

Stephanie Wolfe

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From the moment that I first walked through the doors at Achieve, as a 380 lb. junior on the Mendham High School Football team, I could tell that Ken was different from the previous trainers who I had worked with in the past. Coming off my junior year season of football, which had ended early due to a knee injury stemming from my weight, I knew that serious changes in my life were needed. But at that time, I didn?t have the right knowledge and drive to get there. After seeing the great results from my teammates working with Ken, I decided to join Achieve. Ken provided the knowledge and taught me the drive, which I have used to lose over 100 lbs. and change my life. CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

Jack Petrella

100+ Weight Loss | College Football Player

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Ken is a perfect representation of the words "personal trainer." After playing collegiate lacrosse, I took a year off from working out and wanted to get back into shape. I started working out with Ken and he completely understood what I wanted out of my workouts. He customized the workouts to meet my needs and wants and was able to get me back into a toned shape after my year off. Ken is so knowledgeable about how the body works and how to fuel it properly. He educated me on food choices and eating habits. Even though I had a nutritionist in college, I learned way more from Ken about my body and food. He made sure that I always had perfect form and learned each exercise really well, so I could achieve the highest numbers. We would work hard, especially with pull-ups, by the end I could do two sets of 12! I never thought I'd be able to do that many, but Ken had a variety of techniques that strengthened my arms...

Michelle Kelly

3 Time All-American Lacrosse Player

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I started working out with Ken at Achieve Personal Training in Morris County, NJ when I was 12 years old. I was a tall lanky kid and weighed 100 pounds. One of the first things Ken taught me was that eating and consistency was key for progress. If I really wanted to get stronger and bigger, I needed to buckle down and get serious about my body. No more eating random crappy food or sleeping in till twelve in the afternoon. Ken taught me responsibility. I started training with my older brother twice a week without fail. The only time I missed a workout was if I was deathly sick or out of town. I didn?t make excuses and forced myself to get all my work done so I could go workout and better myself... CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY 

Noah Miller

College Student | Athlete

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Six weeks ago our lives changed for the better. I took my son to train with Ken on the recommendation of close family friends. I had no idea that he would literally change my son's whole outlook on life. Since beginning his training with Ken, my 13-year old son has gained strength, lost weight, drastically improved his eating habits and is more disciplined and focused in all aspects of life. He is committed to staying on track to continue his overall physical improvement. He wants to excel in school and on the ice, (he has been an ice hockey player since the age of 4), and most of all, he says that Ken has helped him feel better about himself. My husband and I began training with Ken as well to improve our own health and support our son. My husband, who averages 90 hour work weeks in a high-stress field, has been in declining health recently, but has already seen drastic improvement in the last few weeks working with Ken and improving his eating habits. CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

Laurie Weinberg Constantinides & Family

Family | Hong Kong SAR, China

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I am a typical working mom; running in a million directions trying to accomplish too much in too little time every day. When my twins turned five years old, I felt it was about time I put myself first. I still had not lost all of my baby weight and needed time to focus on me. Through Ken at Achieve Personal Training in Randolph, NJ, I not only lost the baby weight; I gained a new outlook. I realized that my health needs to be a priority in order to be a good mom and wife. If I am happy, strong, and can control my stress through proper eating habits and exercise; my whole family benefits! I am providing a good example for my children; especially in today's world of internet and video games. Last but not least, I have gained a friendship with Ken. And I feel great!  

Ashley Fitzpatricks

Satisfied Mom of Twins

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I have used Ken as my personal trainer for nearly 6 years. I initially began to train with Ken when my daughter got engaged and I wanted to shape up for the wedding. I enjoyed training with him that what started out as a short-term program, turned into a long-term personal trainer / client relationship. I have remained with Ken over the years for many reasons. First, he always maintains a level of professionalism, and is always willing to modify a routine at any time to accommodate certain changes in my physical abilities. Ken is also very good at determining when to increase the complexity of a workout and does it in a fashion that is right for me... CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

Louetta Shioleno

Satisfied Mom | 6 Year Client

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Training at Achieve Personal Training for several years, helped me develop and maintain a healthy and physically fit lifestyle. The hard training also allowed me to perform at the highest level of soccer at a D1 university and help turn me into a stronger and all around better player. I've remained one of the top 5 strongest players on the field and off in our team gym. What's best about training at Achieve is the support from Ken, not only is he encouraging when I work out there, but he's managed to come support me at my soccer games too.  

Kimberly Reichel

Student | Division 1 Soccer Player

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Working with Ken Brunskill, Owner of Achieve Personal Training in Morris County, NJ, has proven to be the best gift I have ever given myself. I have worked with Ken for well over 5 years and, at 58 years old, am now in the best physical condition of my life. Ken is professional, personable and very knowledgeable about every aspect of physical training. He customizes the program to fit your personal goals and serves as both cheerleader and coach. He encourages, pushes when needed and is always supportive, flexible and fun to work with. When job and family are very demanding, personal training with Ken helps relieve stress and keep me (relatively) sane. I prioritize my time with Ken because I see the results, I feel good about myself and it's fun.  

Ann Harmon

58, Mom | Executive Vice President

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