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Tony's tips on suds lock.....

Suds lock is the blocking of water evacuation by soap suds. In washing machines frothy soap partially links the two bowls together, that is the revolving spin bowl and the outer fixed tank or water jacket,placing a huge load on the motor and drive mechanism. Front loaders are affected particularly because there is a direct drive from the motor without a clutch for slippage. Brush type motors fail quickly if too much load is placed on the drive consistently.Think of it as a bit like walking through water when immersed up to your waist. It's hard work isn't it. Suds lock is caused  by over soaping. More is not always better. Suds lock can also occur when the drainage system from the bowl to the outlet becomes partially blocked, (clean your drain filter regularly) or the pump is prevented from ' breathing' if the pump cavitates from lack of air. If your machine 'froths' take notice of this. Overcoming the froth could, and surely will, save you from unnecessary expense. Also your clothes could contain irritating soap too

If you see froth coming from your laundry grille in the floor, check on the type and amount of soap used. It may be wise to change to a lower sudsing soap. Front loader soap is OK for  top loaders and front loaders  in most cases. Ask Tony. Froth from over soaping blocks the evacuation holes in the bowl and overloads the drain pump as well as the main wash motor. Like pulling an overloaded caravan behind a little car.

To neutralise too much froth in your machine click here


┬ęTony Pike 1/1/2004

A suds locked machine to the extreme

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