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Sing With Beauty at the Verdi Tuning 432 Hz

Sing With Beauty 
Sing-2 Verdi's Tuning
 Natural and Artistic Beauty  
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Music is rightly considered a "universal language," which ties the most noble of human emotions to the clearest declarations of truth available to the soul. Just as the orbits of the planets in our solar system, and as biological and physical processes are governed by lawful, harmonic, universal principles, so is classical musical composition governed. We must return therefore to the Verdi scientific tuning, to reunify art and science and to promote the principle of classical Beauty and harmony.
          SWB 256 Tuning Forks will help you Sing With Beauty - as Verdi insisted.
          In 1884, composer and statesman Giuseppe Verdi had the Italian government issue a decree establishing A=432 Hz (432 cycles per second, corresponding to middle C = 256 Hz) as the "scientific standard pitch," correctly stating in a letter to the government Music Commission that it was absurd that "the note called A in Paris or Milan should become a B- flat in Rome." (Read the report an 11 page PDF fom the wonderful 1988 Schiller Music Conference on Tuning here: )
         Verdi called upon the "entire music world"  to adopt this tuning. 
         Read more about well tempered tuning and the work of Johannes Kepler, whose Harmonies of the World was the basis of much of J.S. Bach's work, here and more on the Verdi pitch here.     
          Today, for the human singing voice, and for many instruments, among them the Cremona violins, ancient organs, and even the piano, modern high tuning is deleterious, in that it does not take physical laws into account. Thus, for more than 2 decades, bel canto artists and other musicians have insisted on the lower, natural tuning, to protect voices, and to realize the true poetic intention of the classical composers beginning with J.S. Bach.
           And what is good and natural for the beautiful (bel canto) human singing voice, may help keep the rest of the harmonically ordered universe in tune as well. 
           Our brand new, aluminum, naturally vibrating tuning forks are calibrated to the Verdi pitch of 432 Hz, or 256 Hz, or any frequency Hz you want, and you can order them with or without (permanent )weights.  Our tuning forks are perfect for medical professionals, in the science lab, for healing and sound and therapies, in the classroom ,and for calibration, as well as for musical tuning.

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