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SWB 256 Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks 30 Hz to 6000 Hz  

C=512 Tuning fork


Brand new, aluminum, 1.8 oz tuning fork calibrated to 512 Hz. Excellent for music, including strings, chorus, vocalists, as well as for scientific, medical, laboratory and classroom work. Engraved C 512.

Verdi's La is based in C=256 Hz, and this is C one octave above middle C at 256 Hz.

Only $16 each  
Additional $7.50 to make it a weighted tuning fork. 

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$ 7.00 in the USA (plus $1.00 each additional)
$ 24.00 to Canada PRIORITY MAIL (per order up to 5)
$ 30.00 to Europe PRIOITY MAIL ( per order up to 5)
$ 65.00 Other Countries EXPRESS MAIL International (per order up to 5)

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-- You may order first class mail to International destinations, but SWB 256 will not be responsible for delivery problems after your package leaves the USA. 

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