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POSTED 2/15 - NEED RESCUES/ADOPTER!  SHELTER HAS 50 CAT LIMIT!   Transport help is available to rescue groups.  Owner Surrenders, Russell County Dogs and Cats HAVE NO HOLD TIME! Offers of sponsorship are greatly appreciated and may make it possible for rescues to step up for animals that they wouldn't otherwise be able to help. 
CONTACT:  PH: (606) 679-6432 - Email -  -   If you would like to be a foster until a permanent home is found, please email Ellie Grant at
Samson Shepherd Mix Adult Male EXTREMELY URGENT! HAIR LOSS & POSSIBLE EAR INFECTION! 65lbs, 2.5 years old. Samson is a little timid, but has sweet, soulful eyes. He has some hair loss most likely due to fleas and a possible ear infection. Sweet boy.
#213 Latoya Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT!  HAS $25 PLEDGE! 2 years old, 55lbs. Latoya has lots of love and loves to kiss. She will need to meet other canine family members. No cats.

 #68 Blue Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male NOW AT PULASKI HUMANE SOCIETY!  4 years old, 40lbs. Blue is a sweet big boy who has some healing skin issues and a cherry eye that needs to be treated.

#59 Martin American Bulldog  Mix Adult Male RESCUED 3 years old, 60lbsMartin is very sweet with people. He is dog selective with other male dogs, but that might improve when he is neutered.

 #79 Blue Pit Bull Terrier Adult Male - NO UPDATE... 60lbs 3 years old. Blue is a sweet big boy and very talkative. He will need an experienced handler as he is strong-willed.

#69 Wiley Boxer Mix Young Male RESCUED! 1 year old, 45lbs. Wiley is a playful and sweet boy. He needs some groceries. Likes to play with other dogs who want to play with him.
  #96 Bandette Bull Terrier Young Female EXTREMELY URGENT! 45lbs, 9 months old. Seems to be a sweetheart. We think she might be pregnant. She will either be rescue only or need to be spayed prior to local adoption.
 #103 Allie Husky Mix Adult Female -  NO UPDATE... 32lbs 3 years old. Allie is a little shy but will warm up. This baby has been very neglected and will need weeks of special care to get her where she needs to be.
 Denny Feist Young Male - HAS INJURED LEG! NO UPDATE... 25lbs, 1 year old. A little shy but very sweet.

 Betsy Mixed Breed Adult Female - HAS INJURED LEG! 38lbs, 1 year 9 months old. Very sweet lady has a hurt left back leg.

Adorable Young Female - About 15 months old.  Loves playing and laying around. Lacy is her littermate.
Lacy Young Female - About 15 months old.  Very sweet. Loves to cuddle and play. Adorable is her littermate.


2. Greenup, KY: URGENT! Available Dogs/Puppies/Cats/Kittens!


POSTED 1/15  -  SHELTER FULL!! Please SHARE this album so that a forever home can be found for each of the innocent animals. Very rural shelter. Adoption fee is $10! Limited transportation assistance is available. No pull fee available to reputable rescues.

CONTACT:   PH: (606) 473-5711  Email: Transportation assistance is available to rescues by contacting Bev at PH: (304) 962-0067



Greenup County Animal Control
Greenup, KY




POSTED 2/15 -  Saving one means saving the life of another who needs space to buy them some time! VERY rescue friendly and can recommend transport if you are not local. Please share this with everyone you know! 

For a complete list of available dogs, check out the shelter's Petango site  - (dogs)  -  (cats)

CONTACT: PH: (270) 685-8275  Email:

 The shelter just announced that between Oct. 16th, and Oct. 31st, adoption fees are waived, with an approved application, for pit bulls and pit bull mixes.
Offering free spay/neuter for all Pit Bulls Through Oct 31st! Call (270 685-8275! INCOME GUIDELINES APPLY.

To see our available dogs, please check our petfinder link ~  ~ as well as the "available dogs" album under "photos" on our Facebook page. PLEASE SHARE!!!!! THIS IS URGENT!!!!

   Buck Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Adult Male EXTREMELY URGENT! NO CATS!  This sweet 5 year old needs to find a new home ASAP! He lived with 2 small breed dogs, did great with them but needs to learn not to play rough with them. He has been around a larger dogs and did well with them also. Buck has never been around cats. He has been around children ages 3-6 and wants to play with them, but he is so big, he knocks them down but wants to give them lots of kisses. Buck had the run of the house and was not ever crated. He does well even alone, walks well on a leash, doesn't pull very much and loves riding in cars, He is already neutered and up to date with vacs and is also heartworm negative. Just an all around SWEET BOY!!!

 Bruno Pit Bull Terrier/Shar Pei Mix Medium Adult Male URGENT!  Bruno is quite the handsome and unique little tonka truck! In person, you can see the Shar-pei in him, and weighing in at only 47 lbs, he's short and stocky! Bruno came in as a stray, so we have no background information available on him. He is very energetic, hates being cooped up in his kennel here, and LOVES to run and play fetch! Bruno would love a home with older kids who can handle his rough and tumble energy, and regular walks will definitely be required!  Playful pup!

Lucas Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Adult Male URGENT! 2 years old, 50lbs. Lucas loves to run and play. Because he is little more than a puppy, he has a fair amount of energy, so he would love to have a home where he will get nice long walks, plenty of play time, and of course, lots of toys. Like all young dogs, Lucas will benefit from training and structure. Lucas is good with other dogs and loves people!
Delbert Bluetick Coonhound/Bloodhound Mix Large Adult Male URGENT! Light Heartworm Positive! 2 years old. Majestic definitely applies to this gorgeous hound! Delbert will need a home experienced with the hound breeds, and one that goes on lots of hikes, daily walks, and keeps a stock of chew toys readily available!

Rosie Beagle Medium Adult Female URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! (NOT available for adoption!) We've renamed her Rosie (think Ring around the Rosie nursery song) - and we believe her issues may be 2 fold. Not only has she lived her entire life (2 years) confined to an above ground beagle pen, but the vet thinks there may also be a brain quirk contributing to her issues as well. She is often unsure of her footing, acts like she can't stand fully upright, and will break into repetitive spins quite often. With several weeks in a loving home with access to a fenced yard, our vet believes most of her issues will resolve. However, further medical testing would be beneficial as well!

 T-Rex Pit Bull Terrier/Mastiff Mix Extra Large Adult Male URGENT! Gentle, big teddy bear. You can't tell in the photo's, but T-Rex is a VERY large dog! He weighs in right around 100 lbs. But don't be fooled - he's just an overgrown gentle teddy bear! T-Rex wants a home with lots of room for him to stretch out those long legs, a large, fenced back yard for romping, and lots, and lots, of chew toys! Rex is calm, quiet, LOVES to go for walks, and thinks he's a lapdog (you have been warned...he WILL squish you on the couch!) Rex needs a home to call his very own, is it yours?

  Hope Labrador Retriever SENIOR Female URGENT RESCUE NEEDED FOR THIS SWEET, SWEET SOUL! HEART WORM POSITIVE! 8 years old. She is not a stray after all... This old dog has had a HORRIBLE life, and she deserves a retirement home filled with love, comfort and the soft inside comforts of a loving home! We named her Hope immediately upon her arrival, because she DESERVES hope to fill her remaining years! Hope has had numerous litters of puppies, is covered, literally, head to toe with mange, her ears are so thick you can barely see her ear canal...even her muzzle is covered with thick, red, inflamed skin! (We have started her on antibiotics, medication for the mange, and pain meds. She also received a soothing spa treatment, which nearly put the old girl to sleep on her feet!). And to top it all off - she is a very high heartworm positive!
Bear Pit Bull Terrier/Australian Shepherd Mix Medium Adult Male URGENT! Big Baby!  Bear is a big boy, weighing in at 70 lbs. He is all puppy at heart, and forgets that he's a big dog! But he doesn't mean any harm; he just needs to be taught some manners! Bear would love a home with older children (over the age of say 10), lots of regular walks, and the more toys, the better! If you have a house full of collectibles, be warned that his tail is stout and always in motion!
Tiny Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Female URGENT! Tiny is an adorable 9 months old puppy who is spending her baby days locked up in a kennel, which is not the right place at all for a nine month old puppy! She is a little stressed in the kennels, but warms up quickly when people get her out! She is good with other dogs and with kids -- and scared to death of cats! This baby loves to play, gives kisses, and is hoping with all her heart that she will soon have a loving, forever home, with lots of fun toys and time to play! Like all puppies, Tiny will benefit greatly from positive training. She came into the shelter with her mom, Leah, so we do not know anything about her background.
  Scooby Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Adult Male URGENT! 2 years old. Scooby was given away to an outside home. He kept jumping out of his dog pen at his new home so the owner felt it best to bring him to the shelter. They only had him for two weeks and did not provide any information about his personality so we will work on getting more info soon. He seem find with others dogs and kids he hasn't been cat tested yet but can be!


4. Hawesville, KY:  ADOPTABLE DOGS!



CONTACT: Email: or  PH: (270) 927- 8544 - the shelter line (not staffed 24-7). Please leave a message if there is no answer and we will return your call.
Elvis Great Dane/Husky Mix Large Adult Male - Elvis is in the house! Or more to the point, he wants to be in yours! He's ready to impress you with his tricks and good manners. About 2- to 3-years-old, Elvis seems to already know 'sit' and 'paw.' Mr. Long Legs has done well with other dogs at the shelter, and we can cat-test him, if needed. Gorgeous, goofy guy!
 Snuggles German Shepherd Dog Mix Medium Adult Female - About 2 years old, 45 pounds. Snuggles is a spunky, medium size, young girl waiting for you to take her home! Her compact build is almost too small to hold all of that personality! This girl absolutely loves to meet new people and get attention. She is very friendly and outgoing, ready to give affection with the first pet.  This girl is quite the people pleaser and seems like she will be fun to train. She enjoys playing tug, squeaky toys and going for walks
Pongo Pointer Mix Large Adult Male - About 5 years old. Pongo impressed our shelter visitors with his leash manners and eagerness to learn. He has done well with other dogs at the shelter, and we can cat-test him, if needed.

Haley Boxer Mix Medium Young Female - About 1 year old. Haley enjoys toys and scavenger hunts for treats. She has done well with other dogs at the shelter, and we can cat-test her, if needed. 





CONTACT: PH: 901-636-1416 (ext. 2) Email: MAS.RESCUE@MEMPHISTN.GOV

#A302046 Black/White Adult Female URGENT! HW POSITIVE/PREGNANT! 2 years, 63 lbs. Stray.

#A274268 Labrador Retriever Adult Female URGENT! L-7 BACK FRACTURE! 3 years old, 30lbs. Stray. This baby was hit by a car, lying immobile on the side of the road. Please someone get this baby out and take to a vet to get an evaluation. If her injury is too extensive, let's please show this baby some love before she starts having any neurological issues and has to be PTS without being shown compassion and love.
#A302003 Brindle Female Adult Female URGENT! HAS RADIAL NERVE DAMAGE! 2 years, 46 lbs. Litter #K18019453 (came in w #A302005). Stray.
#A302079 Brindle/White Adult Male URGENT! HAS NECROTIC TUMOR ON FOOT! 6 years, 43 lbs. Litter #K18019545 (came in w #A302080). Stray.
 #A301698 Chiquita SENIOR Female - HEARTWORM POSITIVE! 8 years old, 68lbs. Spayed.  I’m a gentle, affectionate dog who walks nicely on a leash. I like being petted and seem to bond to anyone I interact with in a few minutes. I went back to my kennel obediently and tried to follow the volunteer out again. I want and need a loving family.
 A301697 Smoke Large SENIOR Male URGENT! 8 years old, 74lbs. Neutered. Came in w/ #A301698.  I’m a gentle attentive laid back dog that walks nicely on a leash. I’m a little reserved and apprehensive at first, but I slowly warm up to you as we interact.
A301638 Mixed Breed Large Adult Female URGENT! 2 years old, 67lbs. Spayed. HW negative. Stray. https://

 #A301736 Brown/White Adult Female & Puppies SAFE! HAS CHRONIC FRACTURE LEFT REAR LEG! 2 years old, 36 lbs, HW NEGATIVE. Litter #K18019149 (pups #A301737 & #A301738)

#A301757 Bessie Black/White Adult Female URGENT!  5 years, 73 lbs, HW POSITIVE. Came in with five puppies. They are safe, Bessie is not.

#A301662 & #A301663 Black and White Young Females SAFE! SPECIAL NEEDS - SISTERS WITH DEMODEX MANGE! 7 months old, 42 lbs., HW NEGATIVE.
A301777 Domestic Short Hair Brown Tabby SENIOR Female -

Memphis Animal Services

Memphis, TN