UPDATE 11/10 -  URGENT! DOG INTAKE IS NON-STOP! PLEASE HELP IF YOU ARE A RESCUE!  Dogs and cats can simply “disappear” at any time to make space.  Pull and some transport help available! 

CONTACT: Email Holly Cichelli at, call the shelter at (206) 571-8287 or please stop by the shelter,115 Adena Dr. Mount Sterling KY.




FOSTERS WANTED! NEED short and long term standby dog and cat fosters. A foster gives them a place to stay, out of the shelter environment, until transport can be arranged.  CONTACT: Email -

#443 Kennel 22 Ace American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Adult Male URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! NEEDS BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION! LONG TIMER! HAS $313 in PLEDGES! 2-3 years old. About 50lbs  Ace was left at MCAS when adopted from another shelter and didn’t fit in with the family. This is his 2nd recent shelter experience. Ace was a real gentleman for his pictures. Well mannered on the leash.

 #681  Kennel 20 Paris American Staffordshire Terrier Adult Female URGENT! HAS $290 in PLEDGES! 2-3 years old, about 50lbs. Friendly with the staff and volunteers. Paris is scared in the shelter with all of noise but opens up quickly. She is a very pretty and sweet girl. She is very smart and eager to please the people working with her. She needs someone willing to love her and spend time playing with her.

#718 Kennel 8 Bentley Lab/American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Adult Male URGENT! HAS $130 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 50lbs. He is very excited when working with the volunteers. He is energetic and loves to run and play. He walked well on the leash. He is a beautiful dog with amber colored eyes. He is interested in learning how to please anyone that is working with him. Please open your heart and give this young boy his forever home!
 #758 Kennel 13 Ben Pointer Mix Young Male URGENT! HAS $132 in PLEDGES! 1 year old, 40lbs. Handsome and friendly. A great bundle of fun!

#802 Kennel 18 Pookie Chocolate Lab Mix Young Male URGENT! HAS $10 in PLEDGES! 1 year old, 45lbs. Beautiful, well mannered young fellow. Enjoyed being outside and with people. Friendly. A little on the thin side.

#804 Kennel 27 Matt Yellow Lab Mix Young Male URGENT! 1 year old, 45lbs. Kind, well mannered young male. Friendly.
Cage 7 Talia Young Female URGENT! HAS $17 in PLEDGES! 1 year old.   Very friendly girl who likes the camera and being the center of attention.

Cage 11 Oscar Domestic Short Hair Orange and White Adult Cale URGENT! 2 years old. Oscar is a big boy who is full of sweetness and light. He loves to be played with and petted. He is strong and muscular.

Cage 12 Neo Calico Mix Adult Female URGENT! 3 years old. Neo is a sweet and loving girl she is affectionate and likes to sit in your lap to be petted. She is also a full figured girl who loves treats.

Cage 14 Janette Abyssinian Adult Female RESCUED & Galinda Tortoiseshell Young Female URGENT! HAS $20 in PLEDGES! Galinda is 6 months old. Super friendly and very beautiful.

Cage 15 Estell & Meriam Domestic Short Hair Black Young Females URGENT! COMBO TESTED NEGATIVE! HAVE $40 in PLEDGES! 3-4 months old. These cuties are friendly and love to play.

Cage 18 Diddi Domestic Short Hair Young Female URGENT! HAS $10 in PLEDGES! 9 months old. Super affectionate girl. Very sweet in nature.

Cage 19 Onyx Domestic Short Hair Black Adult Male URGENT! 2 years old. Neutered & microchipped. Onyx is a friendly boy who loves to be petted and sit in a lap or beside you on a chair--affectionate and a little chubby.

Cage 20 Bisquit (buff) and Tangerine (orange)  Young Genders Unknown URGENT! 4 months old. Feral.

Cage 22 Betty (Tabby) and Jinx (Black and White)  Young Females URGENT! 6 months old.  Cage 22 Betty (Tabby) and Jinx (Black and White)  Young Females URGENT! 6 months old. This is a bonded sister pair who are sweet and affectionate. Jinxy is the more forward of the two; demanding affection and petting. Betty is a little timid compared to her sister, but loves affection and petting.

 Cage 2b Camelia Young Female RESCUED! 1 year old. She is an absolute sweetheart, but she is scared.

 Cage ss2 Dottie Calico Adult Cale URGENT! 2 years old. Friendly, affectionate and loving.





CONTACT: PH: (606) 387-0943 

More cats are on their way to the shelter which means they will have to euthanize if some of these don't find rescue or homes. Please!!!! Help if you can. LINK TO THOSE IN DANGER:

Jase Lab/Hound Mix Young Male - 34lbs. Almost starved to death. Very scared in the shelter. Dog friendly. Jase is so seeet and loving! So thankful to be found from starvation and being alone....Please help help to not feel alone any more. He hears his kennel mates to know he's not alone in his prison but this baby is desperate to be RESCUED. Someone please save him!

Evie Adult Female - 34lbs., 1-2 years old. Evie is very smart, well mannered, dog friendly and loves earning treats! Please help her! By simply sharing you could help to give this poor girl a chance.

Sugar Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! ON BORROWED TIME! HAS BEEN IN THE SHELTER FOR 88 DAYS! SHE IS INJURING HERSELF AT THE SHELTER!  3 years old, 64lbs. Even though she doesn't like other dogs, she's very gentle with people. Loves to have a running partner, loves to play in the fall leaves and roll around on her back in the tall grass. Such a giant goof. Sugar doesn't deserve to be given up on just because she's on borrowed time. Please help save Sugar.

Drake Adult Male EXTREMELY URGENT! RUNNING OUT OF TIME! 3-4 years old, 51lbs. Acts like a little puppy around people. He is not dog friendly. Drake desperately needs a foster or adopter to take a chance on him.
Rebel German Shepherd Mix Adult Male URGENT! 2 years old, 41lbs. Rebel is so unhappy in his secluded small kennel space. He is very sweet, loves walks, treats, & rawhides. Especially the rawhides. Rebel is learning manners on a leash and is kennel trained. Friendly with other dogs. Cat curious.
 Midnight Black Lab Young Male - 3 months old, 25lbs. Super sweet.   Midnight is growing up in the shelter with limited interaction and having constant noise to haunt his dreams at night. Please help this baby find a peaceful nights rest and a warm room to wake up to every morning.
Harley Large Young Female  URGENT! NO UPDATE...  1 year old, 60lbs. Harley was raised as someones only baby in a small space... now she's scared to death and very distrusting in her small space without her human. Such a sweet baby. Harley is a sweet and scared giant baby who is afraid of her own shadow. She loves treats and earning them. She uses her growl to show her fear, but has never showed any signs of true aggression. Harley hasn't been raised with social skills and since she vocalizes her fear so easily in this environment, she has been deemed NOT DOG FRIENDLY.
 Leroy Large Adult Male RESCUE PENDING! 6 years old, 76lbs. Owner surrender. Wants to learn with treats. Big thick sweet boy. LeRoy loves walks with his human friends, but he hates being on a lead. He was raised in a kennel with the chance to only socialize with female dogs. He's very intimidated with these unfamiliar surroundings and even though he has not been labeled as dog aggressive because he is okay with being in the same room as another dog, we have to make it known that he does not like other dogs in his face and will voice as much if he feels his personal space is being threatened. Needs someone who can show him trust, loyalty, and obedience.
Abby Adult Female RESCUE PENDING! 2 years old, 42lbs. Owner surrender. Her puppies are also in need of adoption/rescue! Male dog friendly and not friendly with cats.  Abby has been raised in a kennel or on a chain and desperately needs an approved adopter or a rescue to take a chance on this sweetie.
Tank Mountain Cur Mix Adult Male URGENT! NO UPDATE...2 years old, 37lbs. Owner surrender.

Jade German Shepherd Dog Adult Female URGENT! NOT FRIENDLY WITH SMALL DOGS OR CATS! NO UPDATE...2 years old, 59lbs. She is afraid of dogs her size. UPDATE: Jade is currently receiving antibiotics for her infected dewclaw. It was also trimmed and is no longer embedded into her paw pad. She seems to be doing well with the soreness of walking now.

Sadie German Shepherd Dog Young Female RESCUED!  1 year old, 50lbs. Very underfed. Learned sit and very easy when accepting a treat.





CONTACT: PH: Julie Zine - PH:  (317) 327-1397  Email:

#268178 Snookie Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Female EUTH ALERT! HAS $100 in PLEDGES!  8 months old, 34 lbs. Snookie has been waiting longer for rescue than any other dog on our page. She is just a pup who needs some training. She hasn't done well with other dogs here, so that makes it challenging to find her a rescue. Snookie was found as a stray and kept for a few weeks. Then, brought to us because of landlord. She is easy to handle and likes attention. She was tested for our adoption floor and doesn't seem to have good skills meeting other dogs. She became vocal and nervous and frustrated, but seemed to want to interact. She is gentle with treats and food. Nice, young playful gal.

 #268743 Shayley Hound Mix Young Female EUTH ALERT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $60 in PLEDGES! 1 year old, 45 lbs. Shayley arrived as a stray. She was extremely fearful when she first came in and was difficult to leash. She has become very friendly with several staff and volunteers, but still nervous around some of us (including me!). I see how she is with others, and she is so sweet and friendly and seems to really prefer women. She will come around in the right environment but certainly foster-based would be a better spot for her. Shayley met another active, playful dog. She was timid but did well. The other dog put his paws on her head at one point, in play, and just backed up a little and didn't react.
  #268402 Chapo Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male EUTH ALERT/MEDICAL URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $105 in PLEDGES! 5 years old, 52 lbs. Chapo arrived as an injured stray. We have taken x-rays and discovered he has a pelvic injury and may need right rear amputation or an FHO surgery. We have him on pain meds but he should be considered urgent. I haven't spent much time with him as he was sedated for x-rays and was just coming around when I took his picture.
Yoshi Adult Male RESCUED! Neutered, 4 years, 70 pounds, heartworm negative. Yoshi is a dog from our adoption floor. He started showing some behaviors when being placed back in the kennel, so we had to pull him from the floor. He is easy to get out of the kennel, leash walk is fine, and he is wonderful visiting with us around the shelter. He loves belly rubs and affection. He is treat motivated and knows sit and shake. When you go to place him back in his kennel, he turns and lunges at cage front and has become a safety issue for our staff and volunteers here at the shelter. Handling him anywhere else is no problem at all, so we think he just hates going back and is showing us how much he really doesn’t want to go. He will need a spot in rescue where this behavior can be managed or there can be some training. Yoshi passed his temperament test. He can be forward when meeting other dogs but did fine overall.
#268568 Gunner Hound Mix Young Male HAS RESCUE COMMITMENT! 1 year old, 33 lbs. Gunner arrived as a stray. He was limping, and x-rays revealed one of his legs is shorter than the other. Though it doesn't seem to cause him pain, it may be something that would require amputation down the road. He is an energetic pup. Loves to play and is super friendly and social. He did great when meeting another dog! He was playful and friendly.

 #269633 Orville Mixed Breed Young Male MEDICAL URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $135 in PLEDGES! 1 year old, 52 lbs. Orville was owner surrendered. He was bitten by another dog more than a month ago, and owner never got him any treatment. Orville has been very easy to care for here and super nice with the vet staff. He loves attention. He has been quiet when staying in the med room and doesn’t seem to be noisy now in the kennels. Here are vet notes: radiographs reveal extensive osteomylitits of the radius and ulna.. unsure if there was originally a fracture due to extend of osteolysis. This injury is old and has been left untreated. He should be considered URGENT and in need of rescue very soon!

#267265 Blue Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male RESCUE ONLY! UNDERGOING TREATMENT FOR RINGWORM. HAS $50 in PLEDGES!  3 years old, 50 lbs. Blue was owner surrendered when his owner became unable to care for him any longer. He passed our temp test for the adoption floor, but we think he has ringworm. We are waiting for results, which are several days away, so posting him here in case a rescue might be able to pull him. He is shy and scared but very sweet.
 #269389 Clementine Shepherd Mix SENIOR Female RESCUED! 10 years old, 69 lbs. Spayed. Clementine was a stray. She has very itchy, yeasty skin and is missing quite a bit of fur. Our vet thinks she has chronic allergies and also secondary skin infection. She is going to need time to heal and some TLC. She was found under a stairwell at an apartment community, trying to stay dry from the rain that night. Sweet gal who walks well on leash and seems to have a very easy and gentle personality.
  #269526 Roscoe Redbone Coonhound Adult Male MEDICAL HAS RESCUE COMMITMENT! 6 years old, 63 lbs. Roscoe arrived as an owner surrender because family was moving. Roscoe is a friendly, social guy and loves to be outside and go for walks. He does have the large hound dog bark and he has lots to say. He would not be good for apartment living. But, if you love that bark, Roscoe is your man! 😁 He has some chronic skin allergies and thickened ears. He is missing fur on his rump and is very tender in places. He may have blood in his urine and is becoming depressed. He should be considered URGENT and in need of rescue very soon!

#268589 Ben Pit Bull Adult Male MEDICAL URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $80 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 52 lbs. Ben arrived as a stray and has taken a bit to become comfortable with the kennel. He was injured upon arrival. X-rays show he has several displaced pelvic fractures and may also need an FHO. He is nervous but was very gentle and cuddly when I had him out. I was petting his head, and he just leaned into me and closed his eyes like it was the best thing in the world. This boy seems to really want to be loved. He did well with another dog. He met Chapo, and he tolerated Chapo's high energy play style very well. He should be considered URGENT and needs rescue ASAP!

  #269582 Pluto Mastiff Mix Adult Male RESCUE ONLY!  SHUT DOWN! 4 years old, 75 lbs. Pluto arrived as a stray. He was reported to be guarding a female dog at a shopping center. We were able to contain them both. Pluto has been very shut down here. A few staff and volunteers have been working with him. He will come out of his kennel on lead but, as you can see from his picture, is very scared. He allows affection but doesn’t seem to want to relax with us yet. He hasn’t been aggressive here, just so very fearful. He met another dog and showed no real response.
#154961 Jammer American Bulldog Mix SENIOR Male RESCUE ONLY! HAS $40 in PLEDGES! 10 years old, 58 lbs. Neutered. Jammer is a nice boy. Friendly with staff and calm in his kennel. Jammer was here many years ago and then surrendered back in May. He was adopted again-and now returned. Owner said he was not house-trained. I had Jammer out to meet him and test with other dog, and he whimpered and pulled towards door. He wasn’t interested in meeting dog or me…..until I took him outside where he eliminated right away at the nearest outside spot he could find. He then walked a bit and left another gift. If I had to guess, I would say he is house-trained. Jammer did okay with meeting other dog but just seemed disinterested. He does have a history of not liking cats. We hope to find this senior boy a rescue who will help him finally find a FOREVER home!

 #269552 Nigel Pit Bull Mix Adult Male MEDICAL URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $90 in PLEDGES! 5 years old, 47 lbs. Nigel arrived as a stray and has not been claimed. He has a very bulging eye and will need medical care. Our vet has not examined yet, so I am unable to provide more info. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain. Nigel is an active and social dog. He lacks some leash manners. He is not jumpy but rather pulls this way and that way. He is a happy dog with lots of personality. He was introduced to another dog and was forward when meeting but seemed okay.

  #269524 Samantha Mixed Breed Young Female RESCUE ONLY! HAS $230 in PLEDGES + $100 extra if pulled with Bonnie! 1 year old, 28 lbs. Samantha and Bonnie were surrendered by owner this weekend when we went out to check on report of care. The owner was unable to properly care for them, so they were brought back to the shelter. They both have demodex mange and have been treated with Bravecto. We are not requiring they go to rescue together. Both are going to need time to heal before being adoption ready. Samantha is the more fearful of the two. She trembles and stays all tail tucked but wants to be very close to us. She has almost no fur and must be so uncomfortable and itchy. 😥 Very soft and gentle personality. There was also a cat in the house with Samantha and Bonnie, and they were all fine together.

    #269525 Bonnie Mixed Breed Young Female RESCUE ONLY!  HAS $230 in Pledges + $100 extra if pulled with Samantha! 1 year old, 36 lbs. Bonnie and Samantha were surrendered by owner this weekend when we went out to check on report of care. The owner was unable to properly care for them, so they were brought back to the shelter. They both have demodex mange and have been treated with Bravecto. We are not requiring they go to rescue together. Both are going to need time to heal before being adoption ready. Bonnie seems to be less painful than her sister, and still has a good portion of her coat but still a pretty severe case of demodex. She is a little more confident and seems to feel more comfortable here. She is easy to handle and friendly. There was also a cat in the house with Samantha and Bonnie, and they were all fine together.

#268821 Anabelle Domestic Short Hair Black and White Adult Female RESCUE ONLY! HAS $85 in PLEDGES + $50 toward vet bills!  5 years old.Anabelle was surrendered by her owner. Note says “aggressive” but we have found her to be quite friendly. She is dehydrated and has been receiving fluids from our vet techs-and takes them like a champ. She came right out to visit me today for some head scratches. According to the vet notes, Anabelle has had severe eye infections previously, which appear to be chronic and likely to require eye ointment periodically. She hasn't been eating well, so we hope to find rescue ASAP.

#267856 Myla Domestic Short Hair Adult Female RESCUE ONLY! HAS $20 in PLEDGES! Spayed. 6 years old. Front declaw. Myla arrived as a stray and has an abdominal hernia. May/may not need to be repaired. It would be up to the rescues vet to determine plan. Myla is a social kitty who wants affection. Very nice cat!

#268172 Hanna Domestic Short Hair Adult Female RESCUE ONLY! HAS $20 in PLEDGES! HAS HEART MURMUR! 8 years old. Hanna was on our adoption floor for a very short time. We sent her to be spayed and the vet would not do so based on body condition and heart murmur. She will need some diagnostics and may do well with a blood panel. Hanna is friendly and easy going.
Indianapolis Animal Care and Control Services
Indianapolis, IN
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CONTACT:  Kristie Jones PH: (502) 331-3644 for Rescue or Adoption or Shelter PH: (859) 734-5154

Newton Treeing Walker Coonhound Adult Male EUTH LIST! 4-5 years old. Stray. Friendly.

Mercer County Animal Shelter
Harrodsburg, KY



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